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4iP Investment Workshop Andy Pembridge 4iP Investment Workshop Andy Pembridge Presentation Transcript

  • Screen Yorkshire and 4iPInvestment Workshop10th July 2010Andy Tait – Partner - Pembridge Partners LLPandy@pembridge.net
  • Pembridge Partners
    • Provide advice and investment to businesses, helping to build and realise their value
    • Work across; digital, creative, media and related technology sectors
    • Apply our ‘been there, done it before and still doing it’ experience of growing and selling numerous businesses
  • Your Business – Ideas are Commodities
    Its all about execution
    Don’t be stuck on an idea:
    Have you thought through the rest of the idea, market etc
    Listen to the market – we will
  • Customers are King
    Clear targeted products/services that solve real pain
    Real validation of your market is vital
  • Find & Know Your Competition
    Think laterally
    Not just companies
    Consumer behaviour:
    Other products/services
    We need to know that you know!
  • Team TeamTeam
    Investors do not fund business plans or great ideas
    Ability to execute
    Sector experience
    Your CVs?
  • “I need £1m to start with”
    Sure way to dilution – now and in the future
    Start with smaller amounts and use the cash to further validate your proposition
    Increases your valuation each time by setting clear inflection points
    A New Co Ltd
    One Million Pounds only
    U N Likely
  • Other Things We Don’t Want to Hear
    “I have a killer product – the customer will come”
    “We will reach our customer by viral marketing”
    “I will use partners to sell my product”
    “Our quality is superior”
  • Investors are Not Risk Takers
    The higher the risk – the higher the % you will have to give away
    Your job is to prove you have mitigated the risk
  • Adhere to the Fundamentals
    Validate the market
    Assemble a great team
    Develop a profitable business model
    Execute as perfectly as possible
  • Games Company Case Study
    Founding director funding, growing, profitable, new 3D technology developed
    Business angel investment, high growth software and exit experience, not sector
    Further growth, new market developments, IBM venture funding
    ARM Holdings investment + licence for mobile
    Sold to Glu Mobile 2008
  • Lessons Learnt
    Proven business and developed new technology de-risked investment
    Angels enthusiasm and contacts can be incredibly valuable
    Many avenues for investment, killer differentiators can be strategically important
    Taking money in will change your business and the people involved
  • Games Investing Today
    Many opportunities in games and online entertainment
    Look at the macro picture, digital distribution? Build for it
    What other skills or understandings, new proven business models?
    What support or other offerings are there that could even out the hit based nature of the business
    Differentiate, differentiate, differentiate (not another iPhone/Facebook developer, please.....)
  • Thank You!
    Andy Tait - Pembridge Partners LLPandy@pembridge.net