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On the EnhanceTV website you can find out about upcoming educational programs, get copies of broadcasts, and discover new teaching ideas and resources to inspire and engage students of all ages. EnhanceTV is brought to you by Screenrights, the non-profit organisation that licenses educational institutions to copy from TV. Nearly all schools, TAFEs and universities in Australia have a Screenrights licence.

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EnhanceTV - Teach with TV

  1. 1. Getting the most out of film & TV in the classroom A guide for teachers
  2. 2. What is EnhanceTV? Your online resource centre for teaching with TV.  www.enhancetv.com.au
  3. 3. What is EnhanceTV? Find out: what’s on TV how to use it get copies of programs connect and share with other educators and more…
  4. 4. Spanning 19 subject areas  Business & Economics  Legal Studies  Current Affairs  Mathematics  English  Media Studies  Geography & Nature  Performing Arts  Health PE PD  Politics & Government  History  Religious Studies  Hospitality & Tourism  Science & Technology  Indigenous Studies  Society & Culture  K–6  Visual Arts & Design  Languages
  5. 5. What’s on TV Plan your recording schedule using these tools:  Subscribe to our free weekly email guide  Browse Daily TV Highlights by teaching subject area  Browse by capital cities, regional, PayTV  Customise your search by choosing from 40 RSS feeds
  6. 6. How to use TV in the classroom Download free pdf study guides and feature articles  Over 600 guides and articles  Mostly produced by the Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM)  Cross curriculum references  Study activities and analysis techniques  Saves time with lesson planning
  7. 7. How to use TV in the classroom Study Guide examples
  8. 8. How to use TV in the classroom Download free Teaching Topics  Our selection of programs, study guides and articles to support a particular theme.
  9. 9. Get copies of programs Over 7500 hours of broadcast television available:  Individual programs start from $21.95  No advertisements  High quality DVDs  Delivered within 7 days  Extensive collection of series  Theme Packs – a selection of popular programs related to a topic  Pay by credit card or school Purchase Order (PO)  Free DVD covers to download and print  Or if you need something copied, we can do it for you
  10. 10. Connect and Share http://community.enhancetv.com.au The place to network, share resources, educate and learn about teaching with TV.  Blogs  Forums  Podcasts  Video  Polls
  11. 11. Join EnhanceTV – it’s free Brought to you by Screenrights (www.screenrights.org) – the not for profit organisation that licenses nearly all Australian schools, TAFEs and universities to copy from TV and radio.
  12. 12. You can copy from TV and radio as much as you like. EnhanceTV makes teaching with TV easy. www.enhancetv.com.au