Culture Case Study: Video Gamers
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Culture Case Study: Video Gamers



Insights into video gamer sub-cultures, with a focus on Sydney-based DOTA 2 guild DYRM.

Insights into video gamer sub-cultures, with a focus on Sydney-based DOTA 2 guild DYRM.



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    Culture Case Study: Video Gamers Culture Case Study: Video Gamers Presentation Transcript

    • Culture study: video gamers Developed by Sarah Creelman (1118-4470) and Sarah Gillham (9906-8645) 57025 Intercultural and International Communication
    • THE brief •  Better understand a community or culture that is not your own •  Identify the unique concept notes and signifiers that are common to members of this community •  Provide analysis •  Reflect on the learning experience, offering recommendations for a communications strategy
    • Living in a fantasy world nerd Predominantly male Anti-social geek basement GAMER Living at mum and dad’s house loner addicted single angry unhealthy
    • Gamer stereotypes Source: MUD2MMO : Gamer Stereotypes
    • It’s time for a reality check
    • Source: Digital Australia Report 2012 Interactive Gaming and Entertainment Association (iGEA)
    • CASE STUDY: DOTA 2 GUILD Source: The Noobs Guide to DOTA 2 (IGN)
    • Who we spoke to… Zorine Chris DYRM David
    • The beginnings •  All identify as gamers from a young age •  Played a variety of games before playing DOTA 2 •  Connected through broader gaming community Source: The Noobs Guide to Dota 2 (IGN)
    • Community: An academic definition Peck (1987) identifies characteristics of community generally as comprising of ‘inclusivity, commitment, contemplation, consensus and graceful fighting’.
    • What connects DYRM today •  Connections are strong both online and offline •  Social capital built through gaming experience and achievement – continuing to grow •  Tech trends – multiplayer, experience sharing
    • Speaking geek – community concept notes Source: South Park Make Love Not Warcraft R Tard
    • n00b pro omg MOBA gamertag Smack talk Geek speak quest Level up feeder GTFO + L2P! trolling guild clan avatar
    • Joining the clan •  Skill and achievement based community •  Access determined by capabilities •  ….but membership is reflective of real world friendships •  Curated entry – it’s who you know AND what you know
    • How do you connect with gamers? •  Start a genuine conversation – on gamer terms •  Brands and orgs are already working (some successfully!) to connect with gamers: –  SIMs case study – good –  Medal of Honor case study – bad –  Australian defence forces – getting in the game
    • reflection “Research consistently shows that activation of a stereotype can influence behavior, typically resulting in an increase in stereotype-consistent behavior, even when the stereotype and related behavior are somewhat negative” –  (Campbell and Mohr 2011).
    • What next for gamers? •  Gaming is becoming more accessible – Tablets, PCs, smartphones, consoles •  More people are “gamers” than ever before •  Tech innovation – PS4 share button •  Future of online gaming communities is bright!
    • Think again – this is the real gamer connected grown up creative balanced Gamer 2.0 friendly Guys AND girls normal passionate Employed! competitive social
    • Thank you Any questions?