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New world
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New world


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  • 1. New World Empire● Expeditions: – Conquest – Exploration● Organization – Council of the Indies – Viceroyalties – Casa de Contratación of Seville
  • 2. Pre-Columbian America● There were many different native cultures in America. They have called Pre-Columbian because they existed before Columbus arrived there● There were three famous civilizations: – The Mayas – The Incas – The Aztecs● However many other people also lived in America
  • 3. ● Find out about the Mayas, the Incas and the Aztecs – Where did they live? – How was their society organized? – What were their main economic activities? – What kind of food did they eat? – In what ways were the three civilizations similaror different?
  • 4. Expeditions● Conquest in Central and South America – Hernán Cortés conquered the Aztec Empire – Francisco Pizarro conquered the Inca Empire● Exploration – Francisco de Orellana discovered the Amazon rainforest. He was the first to sail down the Amazon River – Expeditions to the Pacific: Miguel Lopez de Legazpi left from Mexico to conquer the Philippines
  • 5. Hernán Cortés F. Pizarro Orellana López de Legazpi
  • 6. Organization of the New World Empire● The kings treated America as an extension of Spain and applied the same laws.● Charles V created the Council of the Indies (Consejo de Indias), which advised the king on matters of goverment● The conquered territory was divided into the – Viceroyalty of New Spain (Virreinato de Nueva España) – Viceroyalty of Peru (Virreinato del Peru) – The viceroys came from the Spanish Aristocracy and were very powerful
  • 7. Economy● Large amounts of precious metals, especially silver, were discovered in America and this helped the kings to finance their empire● Trade with America was carried out through the Casa de Contratación, or trading house in Seville.● The Spanish also set up large haciendas in America for stockbreeding and agriculture
  • 8. Society in the New World● Spaniards occupied the highest positions in society in the Indies● Mestizos were the children of Spanish men and Native American women, and occupied the second highest positions in society● Indians performed manual work, largely in agriculture● Negroes were in the worst situation. They were slaves brought from Africa to do the hardest work, and they had no rights at all
  • 9. Main vocabulary● Launched ● Prince Henry the Navigator● Take over● Portulan chart ● Cape of Good Hope● Compass, astrolabe, quadrant ● Genoese● Caravel● Trading post ● Catholic Monarchs● Circumnavigating ● Cipango● Crew● Took command ● Ferdinand Magellan● Headed● Acquire ● Spice Islands● Accurate ● Strait of Magellan● Diseases● Sail down ● Philippines● Starting point● Council of the Indies● Viceroyalty● Viceroy● Haciendas