Social Networking Throughout The Generations


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For many Social Networking is something new, I argue this and state Social Networking has been around forever. Communicating with colleagues, keeping in touch with friends and sharing useful information with those around us has been with us since the beginning of time.

Why is this something new?

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Social Networking Throughout The Generations

  1. Social Networking Throughout The Generations<br />Stuart R. Crawford<br />Vice President, Business Development<br />Bulletproof InfoTech<br />403.206.2233<br /><br />
  2. Is Social Networking really new?<br />Why is there a buzz around Social Networking?<br />What is so unique?<br />Haven’t we been socially communicating all along?<br />What is the difference between now and then?<br />Why is now so important?<br />What are you doing?<br />What is your plan?<br />
  3. In the beginning…<br />An Early Look<br />
  4. It started in the caves<br />Cave drawings were early forms of social networking<br />Used to tell stories<br />Used to pass along messages<br />Leaving a legacy<br />
  5. How about smoke?<br />Chinese soldiers on the great wall used smoke to alert others of enemy attack<br />College of Cardinals use smoke even today<br />North American Indians used smoke to communicate<br />Used to: <br />Transmit news<br />Warn of danger<br />Signal meeting spot<br />
  6. How my Grandpa networked?<br />My Grandpa was an expert social networker<br />He didn’t even know it<br />It just occurred naturally<br />People followed in, not online but in person<br />Why?<br />He offered value<br />He was authentic<br />He enriched people<br />He was funny<br />
  7. How about your church group?<br />Communities met to share ideas, stories, common interests<br />United around a cause, hobby or burning desire<br />Travel was involved<br />Deep personal relationships were formed<br />Some stood the test of time<br />
  8. Soccer Moms and the Mini-Van<br />A community of women, sharing a common interest<br />Viral<br />Keeping up with Jones<br />Marketing to a particular community of interest<br />
  9. Moving to modern day…<br />How things have changed<br />
  10. The web time forgot…<br />
  11. Was Paul Otlet the Grandfather of Social Networks?<br />Belgium, 1934<br />Otletvision included wired access to cards, audio and video using “electric telescopes”<br />Index cards and teletype machines<br />Anticipated the “Hyperlink”<br />City of knowledge<br />Destroyed by Germans in 1940<br />
  12. Do you remember this?<br />People actually spoke to others using telephones<br />Business struggled to the find it’s use<br />“You Voice Is You” – SouthernBell Ad 1929<br />“Will the telephone break up home life?”<br />“Will it make people lazy?”<br />Hasn’t the phone brought us together?<br />It is now part of life<br />
  13. Email – the first and largest social network<br />Long before Facebook<br />People still trust emails from friends<br />Hotmail has over 375 million users<br />Email has a profile (signature)<br />Ability to connect (send and receive)<br />Share something useful (the act of emailing)<br />Isn’t email just like a telephone<br />People expect it to work<br />
  14. The move online…1994<br />Listserv<br />BBS<br />Newsgroups<br /><br />All early examples of online communities<br />The goal…<br />Create communities of interest, what has changed?<br />
  15. Fast Forward 2008<br />The Presidential Election<br />President Obama leveraged Social Mediato win the 2008 Presidential election<br />Obama blogs<br />Obama has YouTube video<br />Encourages citizens to sharetheir stories and share their goals<br />crowdsourcing<br />
  16. Leaders – Shaping and Influencing<br />Obama set the stage<br />Share insight, opinions and views<br />Create a following<br />Marketing their business<br />Warning – Imposters and those unwilling to share who they are lurk around us.<br /> - Steve Jobs<br /> - Southwest employees<br />
  17. How will Social Networking play in today’s world?<br />Learn from the past<br />Leaders will embrace social networking<br />Becomes transparent<br />Influencers sharing ideas, tips and lessons<br />“The new PR machine”<br />Crowdsourcing<br />
  18. Welcome to the Community<br />Online communities are popping up everywhere<br />Business<br />Common and Specialty Interests<br />Faith and Beliefs<br />Cultural<br />Health and Wellness<br />Politics<br />People, Small Business and Big Business are building online communities<br />Reach across boundaries<br />
  19. Where are we going?<br />Whatever technologies are introduced, wherever we go and however we communicate, social skills are still at the root:<br />GPS?<br />Star Trek Transporter?<br />Brian wave posts?<br />Use your imagination, how can you leverage it?<br />
  20. “Your Voice Is You”<br />How about…<br />Your Profile Is You!<br />
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