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Blackberry Tips from Bulletproof InfoTech
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Blackberry Tips from Bulletproof InfoTech


Published on

Bulletproof InfoTech, a leader in providing IT services to business throughout Calgary and Red Deer also supports Blackberry smartphones for our clients.

Bulletproof InfoTech, a leader in providing IT services to business throughout Calgary and Red Deer also supports Blackberry smartphones for our clients.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Bulletproofing Your Blackberry
    Time and Money TipsBulletproof InfoTech
  • 2. Our Goal
    Save you a few minutes each day
    Put money back into your pocket
    Average employee cost savings
    5 minutes/day x 5 days/week x 50 weeks/year = 20.83 hours
    $50/hour (average employee cost) x 20.83 hours/year
    The result: $1,041.67 savings/person/year
    Calgary-403.206.2233 Red Deer-403.340.1011
  • 3. Calgary-403.206.2233 Red Deer-403.340.1011
  • 4. Why Bulletproof InfoTech
    Practice what we preach
    Our staff use Blackberries daily
    Blackberry is mission critical
    Blackberry keeps us connected
    Effective mobile communications is essential
    Provides us with a platform to better serve our clients
    Calgary-403.206.2233 Red Deer-403.340.1011
  • 5. What is a BlackBerry?
    A Blackberry solution is your access to all your information on the go
    Internet browsing
    Business applications
    Calgary-403.206.2233 Red Deer-403.340.1011
  • 6. What are Voice and Data Plans
    What is voice?
    Text Messaging or SMS
    What is data?
    Texting but only with BlackBerry Users
    Blackberry Messenger
    Instant Messenger but only with other Blackberry Users
    Calgary-403.206.2233 Red Deer-403.340.1011
  • 7. Starting in the Inbox
    You don’t need to use the Menu
    To move down the screen, press SPACE
    To move up the screen, press SHIFT + SPACE
    For the top of the list press T
    For the bottom press B
    To move to the next day press N
    For the previous day press P
    Calgary-403.206.2233 Red Deer-403.340.1011
  • 8. Starting in the Inbox
    You don’t need to use the Menu
    Press C, to compose a message
    Press ALT + I, view only received messages
    Press ALT + O, view only sent messages
    Press ALT + V, view only voicemail messages
    Press ALT + S, view only SMS Text messages
    Press ALT + P, view only call logs
    Press U, To go to the next Un-Read message
    Press S, Search; Name (In / Out / All)
    BB Button; Reconcile Now
    Calgary-403.206.2233 Red Deer-403.340.1011
  • 9. While in a message
    Press R to reply
    Press L to reply to all
    Press F to forward
    Highlight the Message, and press I to file it
    Same folders as in your Outlook Inbox
    You could make a folder called ‘2B Read’
    To view email address of contact
    Highlight Contact and press Q
    Repeating this will display the name again
    Calgary-403.206.2233 Red Deer-403.340.1011
  • 10. What about your calendar?
    Note: You must have “Enable Quick Entry” disabled in your Calendar options
    Press C, to schedule an appointment
    Press A, to switch to agenda view
    Press D, to change to day view
    Press W, to change to week view
    Press M, to change to month view
    SPACE to switch to the following day, week, or month
    ALT + SPACE to go back a day, week, or month
    Press T to go to the current date
    Calgary-403.206.2233 Red Deer-403.340.1011
  • 11. Creating Your Signature
    While on a message, hit MENU
    Select OPTIONS and click EMAIL SETTINGS
    enter your desired signature
    Click MENU, SAVE
    Tip: Add (mobile); Change (mobile) to the city you are in when travelling (Vancouver); even (on vacation)
    Calgary-403.206.2233 Red Deer-403.340.1011
  • 12. Fill in words automatically
    Increases efficiency by auto completing words for you
    ex: type ‘bc’  ‘because’
    ex: type ‘bb’  ‘blackberry’
    There are many defaults in there to correct common typos. For example, replacing ‘snd’ with ‘and’
    Go through your Sent items, looking for words you type often, and make an AutoText entry
    Calgary-403.206.2233 Red Deer-403.340.1011
  • 13. AutoText
    If you text a lot, AutoText phrases as well:
    lmao  ‘Too funny!’
    wtf  ‘What’s up with that?’
    Imo  ‘In my opinion, ’
    AutoText settings transfer when you get a new BlackBerry!
    Try these defaults, when in the body of an email: ‘sig’, ‘mypin’, ‘mynumber’, followed by ‘space’
    Calgary-403.206.2233 Red Deer-403.340.1011
  • 14. Setting up AutoText
    To add new entries, go to options, followed by AutoText. Hit the Menu button and select New
    From there you can enter words you want to replace with the desired word. It also gives you the option to use smart case
    Click the trackball and save your changes
    These will work in all BlackBerry Applications
    Email, Calendar, BB Messenger, Notes, etc.
    Calgary-403.206.2233 Red Deer-403.340.1011
  • 15. Maximize Life/Work Balance
    Setting up Auto ON/OFF
    Press the BB Menu key and select options, select AUTO ON/OFF Function
    Allows you to set the desired ON/OFF times for weekends and weekdays
    After you’ve set it, press the menu key and select save
    Calgary-403.206.2233 Red Deer-403.340.1011
  • 16. Houston…we have a problem
    Troubleshooting 101
    First things first – always remove the battery first.
    You will not lose data
    ROGERS – reseat your SIM card
    TELUS – Try reseating your SIM card on the World Edition
    Is the battery strength sufficient
    Calgary-403.206.2233 Red Deer-403.340.1011
  • 17. Restarting your Blackberry
    Press ALT, rightSHIFT, and DELETE
    Calgary-403.206.2233 Red Deer-403.340.1011
  • 18. Securing Your BlackBerry
    Important to keep your information secure
    Setting up your password
    Each model is different
    Password under options or Security Options
    Keep password attempts at 10
    Set timeout to meet your requirement
    Watch numbers and letters (wersdf)
    Keep passwords simple (alt key)
    Calgary-403.206.2233 Red Deer-403.340.1011
  • 19. Questions
    New steps
    Sign up for Blackberry tips at
    Want a copy of these slides, we need your business card
    Calgary-403.206.2233 Red Deer-403.340.1011