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  • Born on July 21st, 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois.Second of six childrenCub Reporter at the Kansas City Star – learned to write simple sentences.Later became a journalist – adding to “simple” and “straight forward” writing style
  • He learned that the truth usually lies below the surface of a story, therefore he would only write about the significant events. He thought that the omitted (important) parts of a story would strengthen it, but the story would be meaningless if something was omitted due to lack of knowledge. Hills Like White Elephants – strips all emotion from the storyReader has to “read between the lines” to properly interpret characters conversation
  • Hemingway’s characters in his novels were known as Hemingway Code Heroes. According to Hemingway, there are several traits of a Code Hero: “(1) Measuring himself against the difficulties life throws in his way, realizing that we will all lose ultimately because we are mortals, but playing the fame honestly and passionately in spite of that knowledge. (2) Facing death with dignity, enduring physical and emotional pain in silence (3) Never showing emotions (4) Maintaining free-will and individualism, never weakly allowing commitment to a single woman or social convention to prevent adventure, travel, and acts of bravery(5) Being completely honest, keeping one’s word or promise (6) Being courageous and brave, daring to travel and have beautiful adventures, as Hemingway would phrase it (7) Admitting the truth of Nada (Spanish, nothing), i.e., that no external source outside of oneself can provide meaning or purpose” (“Entertainment / Literature / Hemingway Code”).
  • The “all-woman” is completely committed to and succumbs to the hero. She loves her life with the hero and allows him to dominate her, which allows him to confirm his manhood. The “femme fatale” does not allow the hero to dominate her completely, which makes her the more complicated woman. Hemingway takes a masculine approach to women in his novels. Regardless of their personality, Hemingway still has them to follow the code hero as if they were men. They are required to be adventurous, realistic, and stoically.
  • Ernest Hemingway’s style of writing is plain and modest. His approach to writing was to set out on an adventure, and obtain that information and put it in a book. Ernest Hemingway’s distinctive style of using vivid language and exact descriptions brought about comments from critics. It is this particular writing style that separates Hemingway from other novelists.
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  • Hemingway slide show with notes

    1. 1. ErnestHemingway’sWriting StyleA Presentation by:Stephanie Crawford
    2. 2. History of Hemingway Cub Reporter Novelist Journalist
    3. 3. “If a writer of prose knows enough of what he is writing about he may omit things that he knows and the reader, if the writer is writing truly enough, will have a feeling of those things asstrongly as though the writer has stated them.” - Death In the Afternoon, Scribners, 1932, Chap. 16, 192.
    4. 4. Iceberg Theory“The dignity ofmovement of anice-berg is due toonly one-eighth ofit being abovewater.”- Death In theAfternoon, Scribners,1932, Chap. 16, 192.
    5. 5. Hemingway’s Characters “Code Heroes” 1. Measure oneself against life. 2. Facing death with dignity. 3. Never showing emotion. 4. Maintaining free-will. 5. Honesty. 6. Courage. 7. Truth of Nothing.
    6. 6. Hemingway’s Women“All Woman" “Femme Fatale”
    7. 7. Hemingway’sWriting StylePlain and ModestVivid LanguageExact Descriptions