Using twitter to build your pln


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Using twitter to build your pln

  1. 1. Using Twitter to Build Your PLNScot Wright, PrincipalOre City High School
  2. 2.  Rita Clawson – Art, Student Council Advisor@RitaClawson Sally Cariker – Biology@carikers Jennifer Rogers – Principals of Information Technology@rogersjochs
  3. 3. Why Twitter?Today’s Goals:1. Examine your individual ProfessionalDevelopment needs2. Use the power of Twitter to build your PLN
  4. 4. Personal Learning Network What is a Personal Learning Network? (PLN) A Personal Learning Network (PLN) is about using social networkingtools to interact with people who have a passion for something similar toyou, and/or who can provide you with necessary information. Throughtheir PLNs, people share ideas, lessons, websites, etc. PLNs also serve tomotivate you and challenge your thinking.
  5. 5. Personal Learning Network (PLN)interactions with otherswhere learning occurs
  6. 6.  Huntsville, Texas Melbourne, Australia Langley, BC Texas A&M Commerce Scottsbluff, Nebraska Auckland, New Zealand Brenham, Texas Houston, Texas
  7. 7. The Networked Teacher: Connected!
  8. 8. Why Twitter? Access to ProfessionalDevelopment 24/7
  9. 9. PERSONALProfessional Development
  10. 10. Why Twitter?It’s
  11. 11. C-Scope ConferenceRegularRegistration$300 $300Pre -ConferenceRegistration$150 $150HotelParking$150 x 3 days$25 x 3 days$450$ 75Meals $30/day x 3days$90Total $1065(per person)
  12. 12. Twitter Basics Tweet = message in Twitter. 140 characters MAX Username or Handle = @scot_wright Think … simple Think … easy to remember Think … about your professional connections-- @principal123elem, @xyztech, @AbcIsdSupt
  13. 13. Twitter Basics Twitter Profile – descriptive of your position Add a Link to your blog or website Add a picture – Default picture is an egg.It’s always nice to see youare a real person …………..and not an egg.
  14. 14. My Twitter Profile
  15. 15. Twitter Basics Following people Look at who others are following Read their tweets You don’t have to follow everyone whofollows you.
  16. 16. Twitter Basics Re-tweet - re-sending someone else’s tweet Hashtag (#) – A word or phrase included ina tweet that makes it appear in a stream oftweets on that subject (#txed)
  17. 17. Twitter Basics Chats – different subjects on different days /nights. This is a great way to get subject-specific information or ideas.*** Google Doc – Weekly Twitter chats listed by Hashtag***Lists of educational related chats
  18. 18. Twitter Chats #txed – Wednesday, 8:30 PM #satchat – Saturday, 6:30 AM, 9:30 AM #edchat – Tuesday, 6:30 PM
  19. 19. What do teachershave to say about Twitter?Rita Clawson -- @RitaClawsonSally Cariker -- @carikersJennifer Rogers -- @rogersjochs
  20. 20. Twitter Fast FollowFast Follow. Anyone in the US can receive Tweetson their phone even if they haven’t signed up forTwitter.This is a simple way for people to get information inreal-time. in the twitter username for whoever youwant to get a text from every time they tweet.This is great for reminders!
  21. 21. Final thoughts: What new connections can I make today? What can I learn to make learning better for kids? Questions? Sign up and get started on Twitter!
  22. 22. Resources:- Twitter 101 - Twitter by Texts (Twitter Fast Follow)- Video Tutorials on Twitter in Education -
  23. 23. Resources, continued: Jerry Blumengarten – AKA Cybraryman - @cybraryman1 Cybrary Mans Educational Web Sites - Twitter from Cybraryman - Twitter Chats page -
  24. 24. Resources, continued: Twitter Hashtags – An Unofficial Guide
  25. 25. Resources, continued: Everything We Need To Know We Learnedon Twitter Twitter For Teachers: Erin Klein’s Awesome 10-Minute Video Tells All How To Join Twitter – A Step-by-Step Guide
  26. 26. @scot_wright Blog  Blog  Blog  Blog 
  27. 27. Contact Information…….Email – wrights@ocisd.netTwitter - @scot_wrightSchool Phone – (903) 968-3300Ext. 3215
  28. 28. Sign up to Twitter – A Video Tutorial
  29. 29.  Send your first tweet!! Follow others Start building your PLN!!