Reading Presentation Tai Tokerau 2009


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Reading Programme presentation I gave about my goals for merging reading and technology together. Ultimately teaching 11-12 years to learn to think to think to learn and embrace the rapidly changing forms of literacy around us. Not really an expert on the topic... just what I have seen work in my class.

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Reading Presentation Tai Tokerau 2009

  1. 1. Developing Language Activities using ICT and the WWW Some approaches and ideas that I have been using in my class. Scotty Delemare 2009
  2. 2. Senior School Programmes Personal Thoughts… • By the time they reach me I find that decoding has been mastered largely but comprehension is a different story… • My programme is a Years journey with my goal being to prepare them for secondary/life in the key aspects of reading. A lot of skill building, defining and small focus work that leads to more student control. • I’m no expert… finding the balance between technology as a tool and small group, individual focus is really important for me.
  3. 3. My Teaching Goals – the goal!!! Small steps are really important… know what you are trying to achieve and appreciate that it will take time for both you and your students to make this part of your programme.
  4. 4. Language Programme gives consideration to… • Providing Choice • Mixing up groupings • Using real life contexts where possible • Motivation, Motivation!!! • Providing different contexts for presenting • Exploring what quality work is
  5. 5. Programme Outlines • Heaps of Current Events items through year. • Mini Action Research Projects… week or two in length. Tchr directed – student directed. • Class Wiki – Homework based • General Knowledge – Group presentations • Personal Writing • Descriptive Writing • Genre Focus • Spelling – Homophones – Exploring Language
  6. 6. Thinking Skills • Use Thinking Quadrant Approach • Blooms and Gardners help with my approach to questioning
  7. 7. Explicit Comprehension Focus
  8. 8. My Guide sheets for the students
  9. 9. Communicators • Want the children to be able to take knowledge and ideas and share with different audiences. • Structure communication in a thoughtful way, uses information, answers the issue and is evaluative. • Think about the needs of the audience.
  10. 10. Graphic Organisers
  11. 11. Questioning
  12. 12. Scaffolding
  13. 13. Current Events & Graphic Organisers
  14. 14. The WWW/ICT World Wide Web ICT & Technology • Motivation clips • Powerpoint • News & Current Events • Word • Learning about new pieces • EXCELL of software…sites • Cameras • Class Wiki • Activstudio • General Knowledge Studies • Moviemaker • Website review & analysis • Comic Life • Music – Audio - Audacity
  15. 15. Some Good Sites! • Utube – would never show a live feed but convert files using Zamzar… just make sure you have a focus!!! • - Makes timelines - video • • • Great explanations about the web • Class enjoys discussion • The Hat… random group selector • Read Interface – very practical for class teachers
  16. 16. • The Starter Sheets are resources for the Learn about… classroom teacher. The intention of each sheet is to introduce a tool, technology or activity that Delicious could be easily adapted for use in the classroom. Voice Threads Each sheet is created to a template design and should have the following features: Google Maps must be two pages Wikispaces • must have pictures that illustrate process and Google Search outcomes Buzzword • process must be straight forward Animoto Mix book • must be simple to read and understand Mindmeister • must have clear benefits for the teacher in the Google Earth classroom, the exemplar should be easy to adapt to a variety of classroom settings • must have an alternative - web based or application • must be linked to Bloom's Digital Taxonomy and Sensory learning styles using VARK
  17. 17. References • 21st Century Pedagogy – Andrew Church • – My fav blog! • – A good starting place for IT ideas • Question Chains – Michael Pohl?