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Sure fire methods to be healthy mentally and emotionally
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Sure fire methods to be healthy mentally and emotionally


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This are ways to have Sure fire methods to be healthy mentally and emotionally

This are ways to have Sure fire methods to be healthy mentally and emotionally

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  • 1. Sure Fire Methods ToBe Healthy Mentally And Emotionally
  • 2. Mind and Body Connection for Emotional Intelligence Most people equate health with physical health and how your body looks. But to be truly healthy you have to have a mind body connection to create a balance between mental and physical health.
  • 3. To be really healthy, for themajority of people, meanseating the right foods, anddoing the right exerciseprogram, but also being inthe right mental space todeal with stress and otherhardships that affect us all.
  • 4. Everyone has emotions, andeveryone has a mind, and both ofthem affect everything about ourphysical health. No matter whatpeople think, their feelings are upto them and they can control howthey feel about something orsomeone.
  • 5. There are a variety of things that can be done foryour mental or emotional health, and they willbring much improvement to your overall wellbeing. The following things are some of the bestthings you can do to bridge the gap betweenmental and physical health.
  • 6. Get Enough Sleep for Good Emotional HealthIt is important to always have enough sleep. The magicnumber, in order to have a healthy body and mind, is eight hoursof sleep. Eight isnt the perfect number for everyone, since someget by just fine with six or seven, while some need more.
  • 7. With some help from professionals in mental or physicalhealth, and some of your own experimenting, you can find thenumber of hours is right for you. When you have it figuredout, make sure you take the steps you need to take to ensurethat you get that amount every night. Sleeping through thenight and getting the right number of hours can change theway you feel emotionally and physically.
  • 8. Make More Time For Stuff You Like Start off everyday with something you like. Spending time wandering through an art gallery, or walking through a garden have been known to raise serotonin levels in the brain, and at the same time lower blood pressure. This is the physical response that leads to you feeling emotionally better. There is beauty in architecture of buildings or actual art, or you can find beauty in other people, animals or plants, which you need to spend time enjoying.
  • 9. Your mood can be elevated by the inspiration of beauty. Only you can choose what is beautiful to you. Everyone is an individual, so there is no reason to expect everyone to havethe same reaction to all things. We all are individual, and we like different things. One thing that is not different is the importance of emotional intelligence.
  • 10. Get More Sun For Increasing Your Mental HealthDirect sunlight is needed by thebody and you should get someevery day. You need sunlightevery day, for your mentalhealth, even though you havebeen told repeatedly, to avoiddirect sunlight because it willgive you skin cancer.To help your depression, findmore time to be out in thesunshine.
  • 11. Get some sunscreen, put it on, and lay out in the sun for awhile. Once you see how it helps your mood, you will wantto spend more time in the sunshine. Instead of having tomake time to be out in the sun, find things to dooutside, such as walking, or other exercises, being withfriends, gardening, where you get the sun just by beingoutside.
  • 12. On the days you cant findany sunlight, use a UVsunlight lamp, or even go toa tanning booth. There areall sorts of things that youcan do to help yourself feelbetter both emotionally andmentally. Getting betterstarts by wanting to getbetter, and then by followinginstructions given by mentalhealth professionals or otheradvice you haveresearched, such as whatyou have read here.
  • 13. Make sure to check out theemotional intelligence test for free here.