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We are a fully integrated marketing and advertising agency in the UK - 25 mins from Waterloo, London. We provide the highest level of planning, design and agency service to our client base. See our testimonials in the presentation. At Easter 2009 we aim to provide our knowledge for free through articles on online marketing and traditional marketing techniques - feel free to join at - coming soon... (Other -

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Serious Credentials

  1. 1. A SERIOUS IdEAS pRESEntAtIOn © Serious Marketing Communications Ltd.
  2. 2. WHO ARE SERIOUS? Full service creative agency offering in-house strategy, design, digital and direct response. Innovative. Hardworking. Highly effective. And really nice... Interactive Media Award winner for outstanding achievement. © Serious Marketing Communications Ltd.
  3. 3. WHAt WE dO Design Promotions Advertising PR Brand Planning Digital Marketing Employee Marketing Web Design Corporate Script Writing Creative Direct Marketing Film Production Data Planning © Serious Marketing Communications Ltd.
  4. 4. OUR CURREnt CLIEntS © Serious Marketing Communications Ltd.
  5. 5. 10 And A HALF REASOnS TO CHOOSE SERIOUS OVER ABSOLUTELY ANYONE ELSE 1 We make you money. Last year, our clients’ 6 We’ve saved some clients over Return on Investment amounted to a whopping £80,000 in VAT alone this year. £2,000,000 by using us and us alone. Almost 7 All of our marketing campaigns have been enough to buy a bungalow in Weybridge! delivered on time and to budget. 2 We never ever wear bow ties. 8 We grow moustaches in November (except at awards ceremonies) to raise money for charity. 3 Our rate card is at least 10% cheaper 9 All of our product launches have been successful. than the industry standard. So you get brilliant work at a super-terrific price. 10 We deliver phenomenal results: £1.5 million 4 Great relationships with suppliers means we get in additional sales for one client. 268% uplift in response for another. The list goes on. really good prices. Do we keep them to ourselves? Absolutely not. We pass them on to you. Canny 10½ We wanted to get a company pet – preferably buying saved clients over £250,000 in 2008. a budgie but our landlord wouldn’t let us. 5 Genuinely, we work our socks off for you. References and testimonials available © Serious Marketing Communications Ltd.
  6. 6. A CLOSER LOOK At OUR WORK © Serious Marketing Communications Ltd.
  7. 7. tHE VALUE OF OUR dESIGn Royal Marsden Hospital – Reporting results to key stakeholders with inspirational design for their Annual Report. SERIOUS added value by proactively seeking VAT advice which saved RMH £20,000 in VAT. 2 Entertain – Creating a sparkling new look and feel for 2 Entertain/BBC DVD brochure showcasing new releases in an innovative way without upsetting the delicate egos of its stars. London Business School – SERIOUS successfully completed a suite of 35 brochures for LBS for both 2007 and 2008, with a total saving in excess of £60,000 in zero rated VAT. © Serious Marketing Communications Ltd.
  8. 8. tHE ROyAL MARSdEn HOSpItAL - AnnUAL REpORt dESIGn Building The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust a brighter future By taking pride Annual Report and Accounts 2007/2008 The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust m Road London SW3 6JJ T 020 7352 8171 The Royal Marsden Workforce Sutton Surrey SM2 5PT T 020 8642 6011 NHS Foundation Trust Thames Surrey KT2 7QB T 020 8973 5030 The Royal Marsden has around Students Nursing Staff equality Patron: Her Majesty The Queen 2,300 staff working in Chelsea In 2007, the Equality and Diversity Annual Report and Accounts 2007/2008 Senior Managers President: HRH Prince William of Wales Committee conducted its annual review of and Managers and Sutton. the work of the Race, Disability and Gender Equality Schemes and agreed a Race Whoever the individual may be and Add Prof Scientific Equality Scheme for 2008–2010. whatever their role, each and every member and Technical of staff at The Royal Marsden is united The Trust successfully ran a number of Additional Clinical in their goal to improve the outcomes for involvement projects and relationships with Services people with cancer. organisations such as Cancer Black Care were also strengthened. Health We work with our patients to ensure that Scientists they receive the best clinical treatment - Health & Safety and and that their care is personal and sensitive Allied Health Occupational Health to their individual needs. Professionals The Royal Marsden met all its Health & Safety targets for 2007/08 and received Team work is essential in maintaining Estates and positive feedback following an inspection our high standards of performance and Ancillary by the Health & Safety Executive. nowhere was this more evident than in the Administrative outstanding professionalism staff showed Medical and Clerical in response to the fire on our Chelsea site in January. By raising Performance targets 2007/8 2006/7 The Trust has a range of indicators it uses 100.00% Patients waiting less than 13 weeks at month end for 99.98% to monitor its performance against national first outpatient appointment and local targets. It reports regularly to the the bar 99.98% Patients waiting less than 26 weeks at month end for 100.00% Department of Health and other healthcare 19 inpatient admission assessment bodies. 0.42% Operations cancelled by the Trust at the last minute 0.46% Here is a summary of our performance over the past two years, illustrating our 2 Number of last minute cancelled operations not 1 consistently high performance levels. subsequently performed within one month Two Week Access Times 2007/8 2006/7 100.00% All urgent GP referrals received within 24 hours, 99.98% seen within 14 days Treatment started within 31 days of Decision to Treat 2007/8 2006/7 Performance 99.4% All cancers 99.8% The Royal Marsden strives Healthcare Commission Health Check Treatment started within 62 days of 2007/8 2006/7 to maintain the highest GP Decision to Refer For the second year running The Royal possible standards and we are Marsden was awarded an ‘excellent’ for 95.8% All cancers 95.5% constantly working to exceed the both its quality of services and use of expectations of both our patients resources in the Healthcare Commission’s Annual Health Check. and the public. Activity The Royal Marsden is the only Trust in the Importantly for us, our patients rated us country to have managed the top score Activity NHS % % Private % % Total % highly in two key surveys. We were rated twice in a row and it puts us in the top Type variance activity variance activity variance top in the country for treating patients 14% of Trusts across the country for use of from of this from of this from with dignity and respect and nearly all the resources and in the top 16% for quality 2006/ year 2006/ year 2006/ patients who completed the Healthcare of services. 2007 2007 2007 Commission’s Annual Inpatient Survey Outpatients 121,016 1.3% 85.4% 20,771 -1.0% 14.6% 141,787 0.9% felt they received excellent or very good The Healthcare Commission said: “The treatment at The Royal Marsden. Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust Inpatients 9,387 1.5% 82.2% 2,038 -2.7% 17.8% 11,425 0.7% performed well beyond the minimum Day requirements and the reasonable 29,215 8.8% 77.6% 8,457 13.8% 22.4% 37,672 9.9% Patients expectations for this assessment”. 11