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Presentation of XCRI work at the University of Bolton

Presentation of XCRI work at the University of Bolton

Published in: Education, Spiritual, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Bolton and XCRI 27th March, Leeds, Scott Wilson Bolton and XCRI
    • 2. Or… Overcoming the chicken-and-egg conundrum of XCRI adoption
    • 3.
      • At the University of Bolton, we’ve realised a lot of benefits from adopting XCRI…
      • … Even though we don’t think anyone is seriously using our XCRI feed yet!
    • 4. UB 2009 UB 2007-2009 UB 2009-2011 UB 2012-
    • 5.
      • How we adopted XCRI
      • JISC-funded XCRI mini-project in 2007
      • Initially looked at SITS IPP extensions
      • Abandoned in favour of creating a new course database, focusing on marketing and web search
      • The Course Database is now the catalyst for a range of innovations and improvements at UB
    • 6.
      • The Marketing Perspective
      • Lack of national standard has been a major headache
      • 3 staff involved in updating external sites:
      • 1-UCAS, 2-HotCourses, 3-innumerable local, regional, sectoral, subject and national initiatives
      • Value of target sites not easy to judge
      • Accuracy and timeliness very hard to manage, creating problems for the public with outdated info around on web
      • A thankless and rather dull job staff would rather avoid!
    • 7.
      • Prospectus Push
      • Staff still view course information in prospectus-centric way, e.g. an annual push
      • Despite the fact that course search has up to 4x as many users per week than our annual total of printed prospectuses!
      • Still have to use “prospectus push” to goad staff into taking action on course information
      • … but XCRI has enabled us to take a more managed all-year-round view of course information
    • 8. The Bolton Course Database Designed from scratch Requirements gathered from marketing, QA, and student data management A lot of differences in language/terminology and data requirements - also different views of what a “course” was! In the end, database design primarily based on XCRI with marketing and QA requirements
    • 9.  
    • 10.  
    • 11.
      • While originally developed to support generating the XCRI feed, the DB is actually used to support:
      • Course search on our website
      • On-demand prospectuses and course information sheets
      • Prospectus printing
    • 12.
      • Course Search Project
      • Identifying the information needs for effective search was pretty challenging, and delayed implementation
      • Initial import was a big job, involving inputting data from hundreds of Word files. But never again, except for brand new courses! All updates go directly into course database
      • XCRI and Course DB enabled us to take a more managed approach, and improve quality of both data and results
      • Live update of course staff contacts from HRMS is a big improvement - saves a lot of effort and improves accuracy
    • 13.
      • Course Search Project
      • Printing templates/stylesheets based directly on course db results enable schools or individuals to print their own information sheets or mini-prospectus - much cheaper!
      • Have been enable to work on consistency of style and quality of content with new central management of course information
      • Overall the course “portfolio” doesn’t have much overlap or waste, but we don’t really have a good picture at module level
    • 14.
      • In the future we can see further value from this investment in XCRI realised by:
      • Supporting innovation in the course validation process
      • Developing new services that rely on course information as core data
      • … as well as the original core purpose of reducing time spent updating course information on other people’s websites…
      • (Potentially the biggest win will be the “tertiary” sites)
    • 15.
      • How we implemented XCRI
      • SQL Server database
      • Intranet application for managing courses, owned by Marketing
      • Live connection to HR database & Active Directory for keeping course contacts up-to-date
      • Versioning and auditing
      • Course Search service linked from website
    • 16.
      • How XCRI fitted our needs
      • A good fit for our existing marketing fields; only notable missing areas are:
        • Keywords (vs subject)
        • Related courses linking
        • Employment sector
      • A good fit for the entities for our database
      • Course/Presentation distinction in particular very useful
      • Potential areas to expand into
    • 17.
      • What’s next?
      • Linking cost element directly to fees, bursaries, scholarships
      • Google Analytics
      • Integrating with validation process
      • Custom reporting to support planning
      • Extending approach into managing modules - building the business case based on the value realised in managing courses