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Advertise your brand with Sigma Infotech as we have a team of experts to implement our various Web Marketing Strategies for PPC advertising, Twitter advertising, Facebook advertising and many other advertising techniques.

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Web Marketing Strategy - Sigma Infotech

  1. 1. *Web Marketing Strategy
  2. 2. *Advertise Your Brand  Pay Per Click Advertising  Google Advertising  Yahoo/Bing Advertising  Twitter Advertising  Facebook Advertising  Banner Advertising 1300 782023
  3. 3. Pay Per Click Advertising • When tangible results required in no time, Paid advertising comes handy. • Pay Per Click Advertising is a perfect choice when you know there are customers out their looking for your products and services. • This kind of advertising gives you full control over where your prospects will land on your site by allowing you to develop various landing pages. • Medium like Pay Per Click Advertising, allows you to pay only when you get business from it. • This performance-based model ensures the you the most relevant traffic that increase the conversion rate and minimises the cost per click. • PPC campaigns helps you to increase your return on investment (ROI). 1300 782023
  4. 4. Google Advertising • Google is the most widely used platform on World Wide Web to see results related to any topic. • Every business or individual that wishes to be listed on this widelyused search engine can use its advertising platform, GOOGLE ADWORDS. • Setting up a Google AdWords campaign is easy but the difficulty lies in implementation which need experts. • Google AdWords campaign reach 80% of the internet users around the world, so probability of getting clicked on Google is much high. • Your campaign can bring you instant visibility in front of your target market • Best feature of Google AdWords is that your investment on campaign never goes waste. 1300 782023
  5. 5. Yahoo/Bing Advertising • The combined network of Yahoo and Bing provides you the opportunity to reach millions of potential customers through its pay per click advertising platforms. • Investing in Yahoo/Bing advertising would yield diversified traffic to your website. • Yahoo and Bing advertising has all the features of Pay Per Click campaign such as quick results, cost-effective and lesser effort than organic search engine optimisation. 1300 782023
  6. 6. Twitter Advertising • Twitter jumped into the advertising arena only recently and has a wide scope for business to advertise their brands to a large audience. • Twitter has over 600 million registered user, so its wise to use Twitter advertising with your overall marketing plan. • The Twitter advertising program is called promoted tweets that show up when the users search for certain keywords that the advertisers have bought to link to their ads. • This new-age pay per click advertising tool gives a huge opportunity to business owners to spread awareness about your brand. • Adding Twitter to your advertising portfolio can be a great move and give you an added advantage over your competitors. 1300 782023
  7. 7. Facebook Advertising • Today, all your clients, customers, employees and business associates are on Facebook. This makes it imperative for you to utilise this platform for advertising your brand. • People from all age groups and countries have their account on Facebook and you can demographically find members that will best respond to your services. • On Facebook, advertisers has to begin with catching the attention of the members, developing a fan base, and then expending it by encouraging them to purchase your products and services. 1300 782023
  8. 8. Banner Advertising • A well thought out banner advertising campaign is the most effective way of saying a lot with little, and to impress the target audience. • Banner advertising can be a great way for you business to announce new product launches, your business events and drive sales. • Designing a effective and thoughtful banner always help you to enhance your return on investment. • Through the exchange program, you can choose the types of site on which your banner will appear and get more potential customers to your site. • In return you have to publish their ads on your web pages, it’s that simple! 1300 782023
  9. 9. Contact Us http://www.sigmainfotech.com.au Email : sales@sigmainfotech.com.au Address: 1.03, 29-31 Lexington Drive Norwest Business Park Bella Vista NSW 2153 Call Us at: 1300 782023