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Optimizing rich snippets



These were the slides from the Rich Snippets Round Table talk at the Pizza Bistrop with Austin SEO Meetup.

These were the slides from the Rich Snippets Round Table talk at the Pizza Bistrop with Austin SEO Meetup.



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Optimizing rich snippets Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Optimizing Rich Snippets BY SCOTT TRUE
  • 2. What we’ll be discussing What are Rich Snippets? Why optimize for them? How to optimize for them What are the different kinds of Rich Snippets? How do you get these Rich Snippets to show up? Guidelines for implementing Rich Snippets Tools to make implementation easier
  • 3. What are Rich Snippets? Snippets are the few lines of text you see under a site link in the SERPs that summarize what a page is about. Typically, you see:  A Title in blue – This is the hyperlink to the page  A URL in green  A Description Rich snippets are all the visual extras that show up like images, authors, recipes, video, events, and products among some others.  Pictures  Video  Info Graphic – A visual guide to Rich Snippets
  • 4. Why optimize for them? Rich Snippets Add Credibility and Improves Click Through Rate !!! Pretty Simple Really Rich Snippets improve click through rate Site owners have been reporting 20% to 50% increases in CTR
  • 5. How to optimize for them Step 1: Choose a Markup Step 2: Mark up your content – Explained in the section “How do you get Rich Snippets to show up?” Step 3: Test your Markup – Structured Data Testing Tool
  • 6. Choosing Your Markup Google recommends using Microdata from but there are also other formats accepted: Microdata (recommended) Microformats RDFa
  • 7. Microdata markup – Shema.orgExample from Webmaster Tools – About Microdata:Without Markup:<div> My name is Bob Smith but people call me Smithy. Here is my home page: <a href=""></a> I live in Albuquerque, NM and work as an engineer at ACME Corp.</div>With Markup:<div itemscope itemtype=""> My name is <span itemprop="name">Bob Smith</span> but people call me <span itemprop="nickname">Smithy</span>. Here is my home page: <a href="" itemprop="url"></a> I live in Albuquerque, NM and work as an <spanitemprop="title">engineer</span> at <span itemprop="affiliation">ACME Corp</span>.</div>
  • 8. What are the different kind of Rich Snippets? Use Use Other  Breadcrumbs  Review Ratings  Events  Reviews  Music  Videos  Organizations  Local  People  Author  Products  Mixed Media*  Recipes  Knowledge Graph*  Software  Social Media** Applications*These ones are not really Rich Snippets but they are similar in the way that they are visual extras in the SERPs
  • 9. OtherNow we’ll take a look at the “other”
  • 10. Video Rich Snippets Use self hosted videos to optimize your site. Use YouTube videos to optimize your YouTube presence and channel. Introduction to video Rich Snippets – Google recommends using markup in combination with video sitemaps –  
  • 11. Video Rich SnippetsVideo Sitemaps: Required  Optional  Title  Rating  View count  Description  Publication date  Play page  Family friendly  Thumbnail  Tags  Player or content  Category location  Restriction  Gallery location Highly recommended  Price  Duration  Requires subscription  Expiration  Uploader  Regional restrict (if  Platform relevant)  Live
  • 12. Video Rich Snippets Aside from the markup, Google also supports:  Facebook Share  Google Webmaster Tools - Rich snippets - Videos: Facebook Share and RDFa  Open Graph  Yahoo! SearchMonkey RDFa  Google Webmaster Tools - Rich snippets - Videos: Facebook Share and RDFa  Media RSS feeds and tags such as Bing RSS specifications
  • 13. Author Rich Snippets Connects you to your content Search engines give you credit for it Your future content can rank better People can see authors in the SERPs You can start building your reputation (separate from your company) which is important for your company
  • 14. Author Rich Snippets Link your website content to a Google plus profile  Use the badge for an author for an entire site  Use the rel=author tag for an author of a page or post:<a href="[profile_url]?rel=author">Author</a> Link the Google plus profile to the content  Use the root domain if it’s the author’s site  Use the exact URLs if it’ page or post  Post in the “contributor to” section of your Google plus profile
  • 15. Local SEO and Rich Snippets Optimize the Google plus business page Link the business page to the website Link the website to the business page using the Google plus badge Verify the site using the header link Optimize the Google local page Have people write reviews in the local page Markup the business information in the website using the Organizations markup
  • 16. Reviews Rich Snippets Types of reviews: Reviews and Review Ratings are different  Reviews/Ratings in the markup of the site (So the site link has Rich Snippets)  markup for review ratings  Reviews/Ratings on third party sites – Industry specific. Research on your own.  Reviews/Ratings in Google Local (So the Google Local link for the business has extras)
  • 17. Mixed Media Snippets Basically, you’ll need to SEO:  Your images  Your Video  And any other media you have (music)
  • 18. How to optimize for the Knowledge Graph Be very thorough all your markup (not just Rich Snippets) as this is a way for Google to build the Knowledge Graph Optimize for Google Semantic Search  Use natural variations of keywords  Be clear on the meanings
  • 19. Guidelines/ ToolsGuidelines for implementing Rich Snippets: The rich snippet should summarize the pages main content The rich snippet should be current The rich snippet should be original and contained on the pageTesting and notifying Google Video to make implementation easierMicrodata for WordPress: An SEO Plug-in to Help You TakeAdvantage of Schema.orgEasy Recipe Wordpress plug-inEvent Data HighlighterHave any others? Please let me know so I can post them here!
  • 20. Resources snippets/ easy-as-pie snippets.html
  • 21. Rich Snippets Take Away Use a few industry related rich snippets Use breadcrumbs because they are easy and apply to everyone Mark up your organization on your about page Optimize your Google plus  Business page  Local page  Personal profile SEO your media Use video sitemaps and markup Use Rel=Author!