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Advanced SEO Concepts - DemandQuest SEO Training
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Advanced SEO Concepts - DemandQuest SEO Training


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This presentation covers some of the more advanced portions of Search Engine Optimization. …

This presentation covers some of the more advanced portions of Search Engine Optimization.

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Published in: Business, Technology, Design

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  • 1. • Linkbuilding 201• Avoiding GooglePenalties• Algorithm Updates• Building crawlablesites• How to see like asearch engine• Advanced searchoperators• Checkingindexation, findingduplicate content• Link reclamation• Finding site errors• Rich Snippets• Site migrations• Keyword Research201• Scalable SEOWHAT WE’LL COVER:
  • 2. HOW MANY LINKS DOES IT TAKE?This is going to depend specifically on yourniche, and the locality that you’recompeting in.VS.
  • 3. USE THE SEOMOZ KEYWORD DIFFICULTY TOOL!Use this tool to identify how difficult variouskeywords will be to rank for.It’s part of the $99/mo PRO plan,
  • 4. USING THE TOOL TO IDENTIFY KEYWORD OPPORTUNITIESMinneapolis roofing?Or Minneapolis roofers?
  • 5. NOW THAT WE’VE LOCKED IN OUR QUERY, LET’S REVERSEITWhat factors are common in the top three?Page Authority, Linking Root Domains to thePage, and Domain Authority.
  • 6. IGNORE DIRECTORIES, FOCUS ON YOUR PEERSCompeting directly with Angieslist, BBB, andYellowpages will be difficult, but notimpossible – let’s just focus on thecontractors for now.
  • 7. COMPARE RANKING METRICSAs we can see, #1 is winning in PageAuthority, # of external links, linking rootdomains, and others.
  • 8. NOW YOU KNOW WHAT YOU NEEDIf we’re going to succeed, we’ll need to beatout our competitors by focusing onincreasing the amount of strong links fromunique domains.
  • 9. SO, WHAT KIND OF STRATEGY ACCOMPLISHES THESEGOALS?A few hit the mark. Developing engagingeditorial content calendars, proactive guestblogging, and creative content creation area few strategies that tend to result in a
  • 10. ENGAGING CONTENT CALENDARSAre there any seasonal trends in yourindustry, or certain behaviors that yourcustomers exhibit throughout the year?Build out content topics around these events.
  • 11. PROACTIVE GUEST BLOGGINGFind some authoritative news sources in yourindustry, and pitch a few ideas. Build arelationship with editors or blog owners.These could be industry publications,blogs, or local newspapers.
  • 12. CREATIVE CONTENT PIECESWhat are some interesting, creative contentideas that you can develop?Come up with a few, and prioritize them basedon effort vs. impact.
  • 13. EASIEST WAY OF AVOIDING GOOGLE PENALITESAsk yourself the following questions:• “Does this strategy create a footprint that iseasily discovered?”• “Is this strategy easily replicated?”• “Is this stupid easy to do?”If the answer to any of these questions is Yes,then you are likely not engaging in asustainable SEO practice.
  • 14. FOCUS ON BRAND-BUILDING ACTIVITIESThink about the tactics and strategies that youwould use to build your brand. Activitiesthat position you as knowledgeable to yourtarget audience are a great way to get links
  • 15. BASICALLY, DON’T TAKE SHORTCUTS.Treat your web presence as you treat yourbusiness. Don’t take shortcuts. Focus onthe long term, and don’t hand over the keysto someone who can do you harm.
  • 16. GOOGLE’S ALGORITHM IS VERY VOLATILERemember, Google’s algorithm changes over500 times per year. Some updates aremajor, but the overwhelming majority areminor. Here’s a few of the biggies…
  • 17. GOOGLE PANDA’S BIGGEST LOSERSMany sites lost over 80% of their trafficovernight.
  • 18. GOOGLE PENGUIN’S BIGGEST LOSERSMany domains lost a huge amount of visibilityovernight.
  • 19. GUESS WHAT?Penguin 2.0 will be launching in just a fewweek’s time.
  • 20. AVOID NON-CRAWLABLE FORMATSNon-crawlable formats like Javascript or Flashare a bad thing to rely on for SEO, assearch engine spiders do not process theseformats.
  • 21. DON’T RELY ON DROPDOWNS OR RADIO BUTTONSIf your site requires you to enter inputs, suchas drop-down menus, radio buttons, or textfields to progress, search engines will notfind a large portion of your site.
  • 22. USE SIMPLE, BASIC TEXT LINKS WITH PROPER SITESTRUCTUREMake sure that key internal links, such as yoursite’s navigation, is free of javascript, flash,or any other non-crawlable format. Keep itsimple with simple, basic text links.
  • 23. HOW TO SEE LIKE A SEARCH ENGINESearch engines see websites differently thanyou do.Thankfully, there are a bunch of tools that
  • 24. EXAMPLE
  • 25. TOOL #1 – BROWSEO SEO allows you to simply view andinteract with websites as a search
  • 26. TOOL #2 – GOOGLE CACHE (TEXT ONLY)Simply type “cache:” in front of the URL, andclick the “Text Only” link.
  • 27. TOOL #3 – WEB DEVELOPER TOOLS CHROME EXTENSIONThis extension allows you to easily turn offJavaScript, among other things. Turn offJavaScript and interact with your site a bit,and see what becomes unavailable.
  • 28. TOOL #4 – USER AGENT SWITCHER CHROME EXTENSIONSet your User Agent to Googlebot, and usethis in conjunction with the Web Developerextension. See if your website behavesdifferently.
  • 29. ADVANCED SEARCH OPERATORSAdvanced search operators help to expeditefinding many things, such as duplicatecontent, legacy subdomains, linkingopportunities, hilarious confidential
  • 30. SITE: SEARCH OPERATORUse the site:[URL] operator to quickly findindexed pages on your site.Use in conjunction with a keyword to findpages mentioning that term on a site.
  • 31. SITE: SEARCH OPERATORAlso, use site:[url] to check and see if a pageis indexed or not.If a key page is not indexed, it could point tosome serious issues that need to be
  • 32. INTITLE: SEARCH OPERATORFind how many other websites are going aftera keyword by using the “intitle” operator.
  • 33. LINK: OPERATORFind other pages that link to a site or page viathe link: advanced search operator.
  • 34. FINDING DUPLICATE CONTENTWant to see if content on a page is duplicatedelsewhere? Take a few lines of text, and putquotes around it.
  • 35. FINDING OTHER SUBDOMAINSFind other subdomains that could containduplicate content, old versions of a site, orstaging environments.
  • 36. LINK RECLAMATIONLink reclamation refers to reclaiming the valueof links to old pages on a site.Easily find these using Google WebmasterTools.
  • 37. LINK RECLAMATIONLink reclamation is a great use case for sitesthat have existed for a long time. Sincethese links aren’t doing anything for you,you can 301 redirect these pages to a newpage and reclaim lost link equity.Site 1 Product A20052010Product A Product BSite 2Site 3???
  • 38. LINK RECLAMATIONLink reclamation is a great use case for sitesthat have existed for a long time. Sincethese links aren’t doing anything for you,you can 301 redirect these pages to a newpage and reclaim lost link equity.Site 1 Product ASite 2Site 3404
  • 39. LINK RECLAMATIONLink reclamation is a great use case for sitesthat have existed for a long time. Sincethese links aren’t doing anything for you,you can 301 redirect these pages to a newpage and reclaim lost link equity.Site 1 Product AProduct BSite 2Site 3404301
  • 40. LINK RECLAMATIONLink reclamation is a great use case for sitesthat have existed for a long time. Sincethese links aren’t doing anything for you,you can 301 redirect these pages to a newpage and reclaim lost link equity.Site 1 Product BSite 2Site 3
  • 41. EASY WAYS OF FINDING SITE ERRORSGoogle Webmaster Tools, Screaming Frog,and other tools can help you quickly finderrors on your site, and where theyoriginate from.
  • 42. RESOLVING SERVER ERRORSFind where the errors originate from, and fixthem. Generally, links to a site are justoutdated, or someone may have misspelledsomething while creating an internal link.
  • 44. BENEFITS OF RICH SNIPPETSGenerally speaking, sites using rich snippetsare able to generate more click-throughs,as the results stand out more than siteswithout rich snippets.
  • 45. CONS OF RICH SNIPPETSThere really aren’t many beyond taking thetime to implement it, and troubleshooting ifit doesn’t work. There isn’t a rich snippetmarkup for every usage scenario yet.
  • 46. SITE MIGRATIONSGenerally speaking, full-on domain migrationsshould be avoided at all costs. Think ofmoving to a new domain as moving yourentire business to a new location.
  • 47. SITE MIGRATIONSSite migrations, such as redesigns,implementing a new CMS, or implementingsome SEO fixes are certainly good uses ofyour time – but special considerations must
  • 48. ENSURE 1:1 301 REDIRECTS ARE MADEIf URLs are changing, ensure that 1:1 301redirects are made for every URL. Thisensures that both users and search enginescan get to where they need to
  • 49. BASELINE THE SITE WITH RANK TRACKING TOOLSBefore the new site goes live, run a ranktracking baseline on the old site. After thenew site has been live for a bit, run it again.This will help you find issues, and ensurethat the transition went smoothly.
  • 50. EXPECT PROBLEMSNo site migration goes 100% according toplan. Expect that there will be someproblems, and be prepared and make sureto keep on top of things in the early phases
  • 51. LET’S KICK KEYWORD RESEARCH UP A NOTCHBeyond the Google Adwords Keyword Tool,there are many sources to find out whatkeywords you should be targeting.
  • 52. UBERSUGGEST.ORGUbersuggest is a Google Suggest scraper.Use it to quickly find what appears in thesuggestion box for various queries. Then,plug results in to the Adwords Keyword tool
  • 53. SOOVLE.COMSoolve is like an
  • 54. WEB FORUMSI’ve learned that there is a forum out there forEVERYTHING. Do some keyword queries,and click the “Discussion” results to findreal people actually talking about what“commercial floor scrubber”“differential pressure transducer”
  • 55. KEYWORD MAPPING – DO ITBuild out thorough keyword maps to visuallyshow what keywords will be targeted onwhat page. By doing this, everyone stayson the same page, and it’s easy tounderstand if any pages are competing with
  • 56. SEO IS A LOT OF TEDIOUS, REPETITIVE TASKS……which are perfect candidates forautomation. Automate as much as youpossibly can, as it ensures accuracy andefficiency.
  • 57. BECOME A MASTER IN EXCELExcel is useful for everything under the sun.Learn how to use it to your advantage.
  • 58. KNOW YOUR TOOLS WELLKnow your toolset inside and out. If you thinkyou can automate something, give it a try. Ifyou get stuck, ask others for help.
  • 59. KEEP LEARNINGMake sure you keep learning. SEO is anincredibly social industry, where manyindustry veterans are willing to share theirideas, strategies, and tactics – so learn
  • 60. Anything I didn’t cover that you’re curious about?