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Abandonment Tracker Product Overview
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Abandonment Tracker Product Overview


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. SeeWhy Abandonment Tracker Follow up on website abandoners - easy and free A product overview published by SeeWhy Inc. ©2009 SeeWhy Inc. All rights reserved.
  • 2. Abandonment impacts every website, and the causes are diverse, even when the site has the greatest design and is operating optimally. Irrespective of your conversion goal, perhaps to complete a purchase, fill in a form, get a quote or just visit a particular page, abandonment impacts your conversion. But, if you act quickly, you can re-convert many of your abandoning visitors by following up. It sounds simple – and it is. SeeWhy Abandonment Tracker is a free service which makes it easy for you to follow up website abandoners. It’s easy and free. Its cousin is the SeeWhy Abandonment Tracker Pro service which automates and optimizes follow up actions. Page 2 of 5 ©2009 SeeWhy Inc. All rights reserved.
  • 3. Key features Tracking abandonment SeeWhy Abandonment Tracker is a free service which tracks visitors through your conversion funnel, and captures abandoners at the point that they leave. The best way to think about conversion is as a funnel: visitors start at the top when they arrive at a landing page and an ever decreasing portion of them move through the site and down the funnel. Some visitors reach a level on the site where they are clearly indicating a level of interest, and an Intent to follow a particular course or take a particular action. Some of these will then complete that and reach the Goal level, but many will not. SeeWhy Abandonment Tracker starts tracking the activity of all visitors who reach the Intent level on your web site. Any visitor that fails to reach the Goal level has abandoned. Page 3 of 5 ©2009 SeeWhy Inc. All rights reserved.
  • 4. Having identified abandoning visitors, Abandonment Tracker will notify you daily of the abandonment rate and, crucially, it will also list all visitors who abandoned such that you can contact and re-engage them. Not all visitors are identifiable but many are, particularly if your site encourages customer registration and uses cookies. Using cookies enables you to identify returning visitors even if they don’t log in. So even registered users that have not logged in will be captured using SeeWhy Abandonment Tracker. Best practice abandonment follow-up Following up on website abandonment is very effective but the timing is critical. Forrester Research recently published a study on ROI of automated follow-up emails in online financial services. The abandonment rate for these types of applications in the US currently averages 54%. In this study Forrester found that a combination of two follow- up emails achieves a massive 46% conversion of those that had abandoned their original applications. But the window of opportunity is short. Email response rates drop off rapidly the longer it takes for you to contact a customer after their abandonment. The numbers are compelling: contacting a customer the next day is three times (3x) less effective than contacting them immediately; if you wait 72 hours, it is seven times (7x) less effective. The free SeeWhy Abandonment Tracker service will immediately help you see the scale of the abandonment problem on your site and allow you to contact abandoners within an average of 24 hours. You can further improve on the free service by upgrading to SeeWhy Abandonment Tracker Pro, which features real-time automated and optimized follow ups using advanced behavioral targeting analytics. Automated follow-up campaigns using SeeWhy Abandonment Tracker Pro can respond immediately, and use the same page tag as the free version of SeeWhy Abandonment Tracker making upgrading very easy. Page 4 of 5 ©2009 SeeWhy Inc. All rights reserved.
  • 5. Getting started It is easy to sign up for SeeWhy Abandonment Tracker. Simply sign up at and in 2 minutes you’ll be done. SeeWhy will send you your own page tag which you place in your web site pages. Once your site is tagged and sending information to SeeWhy, you then receive a daily email notification with details of your abandonment rate, where in the process abandonments are taking place and, if appropriate, details for each abandonment. You can configure your tags to include user details, such as an ID or email address, when and where the abandonment took place and other user defined context information such as the value of any goods in a shopping cart. Tagging your pages is usually very straightforward, and is often completed in under an hour, but every website is different so if you have any concerns contact the SeeWhy team who will be happy to help. About SeeWhy SeeWhy delivers breakthrough improvements in website conversion through continuous analysis of individual visitors, and proactively optimizes real time actions. Powered by a unique next generation event processing architecture, the SeeWhy suite of real-time web-analytic applications is delivered “on-demand”. Remarketing to abandoned visitors using the SeeWhy Abandonment Tracker service re-converts up to 50% of visitors that had abandoned their shopping carts, online forms, applications and registrations. This service provides one of the highest and most easily attainable ROI’s of any online marketing initiative. SeeWhy is a Red Herring Top 100 Company, named Global Innovator by Guidewire Group and highlighted as a cool company by Gartner Group. SeeWhy Software was incorporated in 2003 and is headquartered in Andover, MA. More information can be found at For more information, contact: SeeWhy Inc 200 Brickstone Square, Suite 403, Andover, MA 01810 USA Telephone +1 617 502 2077 Contact us at All trademarks acknowledged. SeeWhy, the SeeWhy logo, SeeWhy Abandonment Tracker, and Clicks -> Customers, are trademarks of SeeWhy Software. Page 5 of 5 ©2009 SeeWhy Inc. All rights reserved.