6 Years After Startup: How I Got Here and What I’ve Learned


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In this short presentation from an August 2013 BMA Phoenix Young Professionals event, IDS Technology Marketing Founder & CEO Scott Salkin shares his startup story and delivers 12 key pieces of advice for budding B2B marketing professionals, techies and entrepreneurs.

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6 Years After Startup: How I Got Here and What I’ve Learned

  1. 1. 6 Years After Startup: How I Got Here and What I’ve Learned. Scott Salkin, Founder & CEO IDS Technology Marketing
  2. 2. Are entrepreneurs born or bred?
  3. 3. Mom, Dad & Me – 1983 At the official ribbon cutting for The Decorette, their first fabric, wallpaper and mini-blind store in McKinney, Tx
  4. 4. Nobody is born an entrepreneur. (They’re bred from experience, skill and drive)
  5. 5. Nobody chooses B2B. (B2B somehow chooses you)
  6. 6. In today’s world, you have to jab & move. (Learn all you can, meet who you can, move on)
  7. 7. I’ve worked with some amazing, smart people.
  8. 8. When surrounded by great people…you’ve got to be a sponge.
  9. 9. By the time I was ready to start my company, I had mad skills.
  10. 10. Copywriting.
  11. 11. Graphic Design.
  12. 12. Coding.
  13. 13. Marketing Strategy.
  14. 14. SALES.
  15. 15. And I had a unique understanding of TECH.
  16. 16. My Business Plan?
  17. 17. To make money and do great work.
  18. 18. 6 Years Later…
  19. 19. Our Mission Today: 1.  To help technology companies and startups grow through smart, impactful sales and marketing, and 2.  To help our local community and economy grow through technology and entrepreneurial advocacy and mentorship.
  20. 20. There is never a perfect time. (So don’t wait too long)
  21. 21. You will go as far as YOU can take YOU. (Make your own luck)
  22. 22. Work hard and be nice and ethical. (The world is a small town)
  23. 23. It’s all about relationships. (People WANT us to grow)
  24. 24. Social media is not being social. (You’ve got to mix the two)
  25. 25. Give before you get. (It will change your outlook)
  26. 26. There are no perfect people. (Care & respect eases mistakes)
  27. 27. There will always be surprises. (Don’t let them turn into setbacks)
  28. 28. There will always be setbacks. (Learn and bounce back)
  29. 29. Control and plan your growth. (People, Process, Profitability)
  30. 30. Try not to overcommit. (But always over-deliver)
  31. 31. The journey is never complete. (Stay motivated and keep learning)
  32. 32. Scott Salkin Founder & CEO IDS Technology Marketing ssalkin@idstm.com 602.881.1718 @scottsalkin @idstm