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9 Steps to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Success
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9 Steps to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Success


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Scott Mowery, Digital Marketing Manager at Cleveland Clinic, presented search engine marketing tips at the Sales and Marketing Executives (SME) of Cleveland Professional Development Day on Feb. 12, …

Scott Mowery, Digital Marketing Manager at Cleveland Clinic, presented search engine marketing tips at the Sales and Marketing Executives (SME) of Cleveland Professional Development Day on Feb. 12, 2013.

Published in: Business

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  • Penguin and Panda part of 30+ major algorithm changes and over 500 total changes in 2012
  • More searches are secure now, resulting in less SEO keyword data being captured (1 out of 5 searches in Dec. had no kw data)Strategy shifting toward pages more than keywords
  • Transcript

    • 1. Steps for Search EngineOptimization Success Scott Mowery Digital Marketing Manager Cleveland Clinic @scottmoweryProfessional Development Day Part 2 - Marketing February 12, 2013
    • 2. Customer Experience StartsBefore Reaching the Front Door
    • 3. Search Engines Empower Users
    • 4. The Lines Are Blurring Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Web Analytics Paid Search (PPC) Email and Integrated Online Media Marketing (Display,Automation Digital Affiliates, etc.) Marketing Creative, Content and Social Media Website Development
    • 5. (SEO) (PPC) SEO+ PPC SEM
    • 6. Universal Search = More Options
    • 7. There’s More to Search Than Google…
    • 8. SEO = Making a Recipe
    • 9. SEO Ranking Factors Violations
    • 10.
    • 11. Step #1: Develop a Keyword Strategy
    • 12. What’s the Ideal Keyword?
    • 13. The Long Tail of Keywords Lots of search volume & competition; Low conversionHip Surgery Limited search volume & competition; Higher conversion Hip Replacement Surgery Total Hip Replacement Surgery Total Hip Replacement Surgery Recovery
    • 14. Google Keyword ToolFind estimated search volume and related keywords
    • 15. keyword interest over time
    • 16.[Question Terms] + Keywords = Content Ideas
    • 17. Soovle.comGet suggestions from multiple sites at once
    • 18. Map Keywords to PagesKeyword 1Keyword 2Keyword 3Keyword 4Keyword 5Keyword 6 1-2 primary topics per page
    • 19. Keep URLs Clean and Simple/storage/scrapbook-storage/paper-organizers/ /office-furniture/desks-laptop-stands/heart/disorders/valve/mitral-valve-repair.aspx /reviews/canon-powershot-g15/info/index.jsp?categoryId=222834&infoPath=222975
    • 20. Title Tags• #1 on-page ranking factor• Unique for each page• Starts with primary keyword phrase• 65 characters or less (incl. spaces)
    • 21. Meta Description• Engaging, accurate description of page• Unique for each page• Includes primary keyword phrase• 250 characters or less (incl. spaces)• Makes a difference on clickthrough rate
    • 22. On-Page Content• Sprinkle keyword throughout body copy and headlines• Avoid keyword stuffing• Optimize image file names and alt text
    • 23. What Makes a Good Link?
    • 24. What Isn’t an Ideal Keyword Phrase?Click Here
    • 25. Limitations of Search Engines
    • 26. Always Ask Yourself:How does this affect oursearch engine visibility?
    • 27. Shallow, Logical Site Architecture Home Page: Toys Category Page: Lego Subcategory Page: Star Wars Lego Product Detail Page: 8092 Luke’s Landspeeder
    • 28. Eliminate Duplicate Content g-Fans-Indoor-Lighting-Indoor-Ceiling-Lighting- Ceiling-Lighting-Chandeliers/h_d1/N- Chandeliers/h_d1/N-5yc1vZbvn3/h_d2/Navigation?catal 5yc1vZbvn3/h_d2/Navigation?catalogId=10053&langId=- ogId=10053&langId=-1&storeId=10051 1&storeId=10051#/?c=1&Ns=P_RE P_PRC_MODE|1
    • 29. Duplicate Content Examples• URL Parameters• Printable Versions • •• Session IDs • •• Case-Sensitive URLs • •
    • 30. Solution: Canonical Tag
    • 31. Solution: URL Redirects
    • 32. Don’t Settle for Good Content; Make Your Content Great!
    • 33. Does Your Content Do This?• Exceeds user expectations• Produced by outstanding writers and designers• Uses video, audio and images to enhance copy• Provides unique insights and info• Makes visitors say “I have to share this”
    • 34. The “American Idol” EffectMore inbound links, shares and tweets = more votes
    • 35. Hotel Reviews 15+ Page 300+ Review Photos
    • 36.
    • 37. Spread it thru Inbound Marketing Webinars Blogs RSS Direct Traffic Interviews SEO Q&A Articles Comments Email Research Video Apps White PapersNews/Media/PR Presentations Social Media Forums Infographics PodcastsContent Syndication Referral Links Word of Mouth
    • 38. Everybody is Part of the SEM Team
    • 39. The SEO Landscape Changes Fast
    • 40. Responsive Design
    • 41. Mobile Visit % to 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 2010 2011 2012
    • 42.
    • 43. The Local Search Landscape
    • 44. Penguin and Panda
    • 45. Poor Design = Lost TrafficAvoid building link farms and pages littered with ads
    • 46. Go for Diversity in Inbound Links Unhealthy Healthy naked-url-truth/46936/
    • 47. Google Disavow Links Tool
    • 48. Rich Snippets and Schema Markup http://www.schema.org
    • 49. Slow Site Speed Doesn’tWin the Race (or Rankings)!
    • 50. Secure pages = (Not Provided) SEO Keywords
    • 51. 1 in 4 organicvisits in 2013
    • 52. Start Your Web Analytics Evolution How many epilepsy How much keywords drive traffic, conversions traffic, and how much and lifetime value is driven by each one? are driven by our epilepsy content?What’s my ranking for the keyword “epilepsy”?
    • 53. Most Important Metric: Conversions
    • 54. Internet FunnelTreatment Seekers Attract: Visit Site from Google Engage: Positive Site Experience Convert: Lead Generation Lead Nurturing Buy: Patients
    • 55. Build a Better Mousetrap
    • 56. Conversion Rate Optimization:Discover | Test | Measure | Repeat• Ad Creative • Geotargeting• Photos • Page Length• Videos • Calls to Action• Lead Generation • Promos/Offers• Webinars • Email Newsletters• Infographics • Blog• Slideshows • Apps• Testimonials • Checkout
    • 57. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail Faster
    • 58. 9 Takeaways for Successful SEO• Search kicks off the customer experience• SEO is more than just Google• Great SEO has many ingredients• Start your SEO strategy with keywords• Always ask “How does ______ affect our SEO?”• Don’t settle for good content• Make everyone part of the SEO team• Keep up with changes in the landscape• Evolve in web analytics
    • 59. Recommended SEO ResourcesAvinash #sem #seo #ppc #ganalytics
    • 60. Thank You! Scott Mowery @scottmowery