Marketing in the Digital Era


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Search & Online Marketing Manager Scott Mowery of Cleveland Clinic presented "Marketing in the Digital Era" to the Cleveland chapter of the National Black MBA Association on April 12, 2012.

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Marketing in the Digital Era

  1. 1. Marketing in the Digital Era Scott MowerySearch & Online Marketing Manager Cleveland Clinic April 12, 2012
  2. 2. The Lines Are Blurring Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Web Analytics Paid Search (PPC) Email and Marketing Integrated Online Media (Display,Automation Digital Affiliates, etc.) Marketing Creative, Content Social Media and Website Development
  3. 3. Don’t Be a One-Trick PonyWell-Rounded Marketers Think Smarter and Move Faster
  4. 4. The Joy of Cooking Digital Marketing Use These 10 Ingredients…
  5. 5. Ingredient #1:Make Your Site Accessible toSearch Engines
  6. 6. Search Engine MarketingIncreasingvisibility onsearch engineresult pages Organic Results (SEO) Paid Listings (PPC)
  7. 7. US Search Engine Market Share Over 18.2 billion total searches per month!Source: totals for Dec. 2011
  8. 8. Why Consumers Use Search Engines • “Digital Advice” offers reassurance • Make empowered, informed decisions • Find correct, complete info • 24/7 access • Useful in all stages Awareness of purchase cycle Loyalty Selection Familiarity Consideration
  9. 9. Universal Results
  10. 10. There’s More to Search Than Google…
  11. 11. Everybody is Part of the SEM Team Marketing Sales IT Copywriters Media Relations Designers Analysts
  12. 12. Limitations of Search Engines
  13. 13. Keep URLs Clean and Simple
  14. 14. Shallow, Logical Site Architecture Home Page: Women’s Health Category Page: Women’s Health Conditions Subcategory: Menopause Detail Page: Medical Procedures That Cause Menopause
  15. 15. Ingredient #2: Develop aKeyword Strategy That Fits Your User’s Needs
  16. 16. What’s the Ideal Keyword?• High volume of monthly searches• Low number of optimized competitors• Provides strong conversion and value
  17. 17. Keyword Research Basics• Brainstorm ideas for root terms• What’s used by the competition?• Use modifiers, descriptors, extensions• Group into common themes/buckets• Expand with keyword tools• Throw out negative terms
  18. 18. The Long Tail of SEO Lots of search volume & competition; Low conversionCancer Limited search volume & competition; Prostate Cancer Higher conversion Prostate Cancer Treatment Chemotherapy Treatment for Prostate Cancer
  19. 19.
  20. 20. Ingredient #3:Map Keywords to Pages
  21. 21. Descriptive HTML Text is Necessary How much readable text is on this page?
  22. 22. Title Tags• #1 on-page ranking factor• Unique for each page• Starts with primary keyword phrase• 65 characters or less (incl. spaces)
  23. 23. Think Like a Customer Title Tag:“Basketball – Men’s Footwear – Dick’s Sporting Goods”
  24. 24. Think Like a Customer
  25. 25. Meta Description• Engaging, accurate description of page• Unique for each page• Includes primary keyword phrase• Length: 155 characters or less (incl. spaces)• Makes a difference on clickthrough rate
  26. 26. On-Page Content• Sprinkle keyword throughout page title, body copy, headings and images• Use synonyms/acronyms• Avoid keyword stuffing• Sniff test: read it out loud• Cross-link to relevant pages with keyword-rich links
  27. 27. Who Cares How We Rank for This?Click Here
  28. 28. “Combo Approach” to Keywords• Total Hip Replacement Surgery• Total Hip Replacement• Hip Replacement Surgery• Hip Replacement• Hip Surgery
  29. 29. Ingredient #4:Don’t Settle forGood Content. Make YourContent Great!
  30. 30. Which Content Would You Like? “Good” Content “Great” Content• Satisfies user needs • Exceeds user• Written by a human expectations• Not copied from • Produced by elsewhere outstanding writers and designers• 1-2 pages long • May use video, audio• Free of grammar, and images to spelling and enhance copy punctuation errors • Provides unique• Similar to other sites insights and info • “I have to share this”
  31. 31. Become a Content HubContent Sources Content Bank• Coworkers • Industry News/Data• Patients • Unique Research• Competitors • Timely Analysis• News/Media • Product Information• Blogs • Multimedia Content• Social Media • Discussion/Interaction• Vendors • Offers/Promotions• Government • Humor/Human Interest• Events • Presentations/White Papers/Infographics
  32. 32. Ingredient #5: Boost UserSatisfaction with Strong Design and Usability
  33. 33. First Question You Must Ask:What do you need your site to do?
  34. 34. Can Users Answer 3 Questions? Where am I?What can I do here?Why should I do it?
  35. 35. Usability and Design Basics• Design for people, not search engines• Understand your user’s expectations• Define user needs• Leave a scent• Ask for feedback• Read this book
  36. 36. Usability Varies by Device
  37. 37. Mobile’s Impact is Increasing
  38. 38.
  39. 39. Gauging User Feedback
  40. 40. Ingredient #6: Make it Easy forOthers to Help You Gain Traction
  41. 41. Develop Multiplatform Content• Mobile• Video• Audio• Blog• Email• Webinar• Lead Generation
  42. 42. Two Types of Digital Marketing Inbound Interruption Marketing vs. Marketing Marketing that Marketing that relies on stops us fromearning people’s doing what we interest rather want so it can than buying it sell us stuff we may not need
  43. 43. Spread it thru Inbound Marketing Webinars Blogs RSS Direct Traffic Interviews SEO Q&A Articles Comments Email Research Video Apps White PapersNews/Media/PR Presentations Social Media Forums Infographics PodcastsContent Syndication Referral Links Word of Mouth
  44. 44. Ingredient #7: Win the PopularVote with Links & Social Media
  45. 45. The “American Idol” EffectMore inbound links and shares = more votes of authority
  46. 46. What Makes a Good Link?
  47. 47. Sharing Counts for SEO
  48. 48. Don’t Pay for Links
  49. 49. Ingredient #8: Master Web Analytics toGain Actionable Insights
  50. 50. Web Analytics 2.0 Clickstream The What Multiple Outcomes Analysis The How Much Experimentation & Testing The Why Voice of Customer Competitive The What Else Intelligence Insights The Gold!Source: Avinash Kaushik, Web Analytics 2.0
  51. 51. Web Analytics Points of Emphasis• Quantifiable outcomes• Segment your data• Fact-based decision making• Actionable insights
  52. 52. Most Important Metric: Conversions
  53. 53. Ingredient #9: Develop a Web Analytics Toolbelt
  54. 54. Google AnalyticsIt’s Free and Takes 5 Minutes to Install –
  55. 55. Google Webmaster Tools
  56. 56. Google Places for Business N A P
  57. 57. Google Keyword Tool
  58. 58.
  59. 59.
  60. 60. Track Keyword Rankings
  61. 61. Ingredient #10: Build a Better Mousetrap
  62. 62. Examples of Desired Behaviors• Complete a form • Connect• Opt-in • Download• Site Engagement • Free Trial/Sample• Share • Go to a store• Join •Buy
  63. 63. Always Ask Yourself:…and then what?
  64. 64. Internet FunnelDigital Consumers Attract: Visit Site from Google Engage: Positive Site Experience Convert: Lead Generation Buy:Customers/Sales
  65. 65. Lead Nurturing thru Drip Emails
  66. 66. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail Faster
  67. 67. Conversion Rate Optimization:Discover | Test | Measure | Repeat• Ad Creative • Geotargeting• Photos • Page Length• Videos • Calls to Action• Lead Generation • Promos/Offers• Webinars • Email Newsletters• Infographics • Blog• Slideshows • Apps• Testimonials • Checkout
  68. 68. Landing Pages• CTA: Downloadable treatment guide and trackable phone #• Track visits, leads and ad spend to keyword level• Lead receives follow up email(s)• Match leads to customers and sales
  69. 69. Sample Landing PagesValve Surgery Epilepsy Breast Cancer
  70. 70. Google Website Optimizer
  71. 71. Don’tForgetDessert…
  72. 72. Unbounce Online Marketing Guide
  73. 73. More Recommended Resources• Cleveland Web Association (• blog - SEO Beginners Guide:• Search Engine Land & Marketing Land••• Google blogs and• Avinash Kaushik• Pinterest Infographics• “An Hour a Day” Books by Sybex• Twitter hashtags - #sem, #seo, #ppc, #ganalytics, #email
  74. 74. Thank You! Scott MowerySearch & Online Marketing Manager Cleveland @scottmowery