What Google+ Means for Marketers: A View from Ford's Experience


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What Google+ Means for Marketers

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  • Great stuff but why would Anyone share 007 or any Movie with their Staff that would Distract them &; = Money lost a Pic of a White Board with U Training them would be a Very Powerful message showing a Great way 2 use G+ , That would Really show that Point and their faces/reaction's don't match the movie still shot,BUT Great if u said Hang out with Friends I think you are Mixing the message's together NOT Really good Marketing to me it should be Lucid say what it Means & Mean what it Says.but guess I am only Perfectionist left, seams most ppl threo stuff 2gether & long as every one gets it they don't Worry Well I would be if was Promoting the Amazing FORD Brand sorry 2B picky,I do Actually love ALL this info cheers.
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  • Scott thank you so much for sharing the Ford case study - especially since you guys were one of the first businesses to explore Google+ right at the start!
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  • @scottmonty That's what I was hoping you'd say! So simple, yet so effective.
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  • @emilyhaha1 Easy. Just ask your followers what they want.
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  • This is a really useful way to consider how a brand can approach G+ without compromising their other social channels.

    Question: How do you determine which content goes on FB vs G+? I see that you have some overlap between the two, but not that much. How are you determining how to target those two audiences (which probably overlap quite a bit, too)? Thanks!
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  • What if? As a business, what if you could have real conversations with your customers? Nothing beats face-to-face interaction. Hangouts allow you to have real conversations with your customers across the globe anytime you want to, with group video chat. Create a video on YouTube? Hold a hangout and watch it live with your customers.
  • What if: You had social elements in all your efforts?What if you could bring recommendations, identity and sharing to all your marketing activities? With Google+, we are taking social marketing outside the four walls of any particular destination with the aim of improving all the marketing you are already doing. Let’s take a look at how this works.
  • The Impossible, possible Platforms change people don't. Social is a core behavior not a destination. That why the key to cutting through is embedding easy access social into everything you do; helping each other create and connect the world around your brand like never before. We can connect in exciting, creative ways that we couldn’t even dream of just a few years ago. We want to help you achieve even greater successes. We want to enable you to embracethe power of digital to create magic moments, connect with your audience and do what you’ve always done - but better. In 5 years, we'll look back at the Google today and we'll say, "remember when we used to search and we didn't see friends' faces and we didn't connect with brands on a personal level? remember the plain vanilla Google?" At Google, we're committed in the next weeks, months and years to help you connect to customers and fans by adding the power of relationships and sharing to all of our products. We really hope you join us.
  • What Google+ Means for Marketers: A View from Ford's Experience

    1. What Google+ Means for MarketersA Ford leadership storyScott MontyGlobal Head of Social MediaFord Motor Company
    2. The Ford Google+ Story
    3. Testing…1…2…3...
    4. Connecting can be difficult
    5. The party is only getting bigger 48 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute Internal YouTube data 2011
    6. And, getting shorter 56% of DVR owners fast forward through commercials Nielsen 2010
    7. But…Payoff for connecting 77% 90%has never been greater of brand content trust is created by recommendations consumers from people they know 360i 2009 Nielsen 2009
    8. How do you cutthroughand truly connect?
    9. IdentityRelationships Sharing
    10. Social is acore human behavior,not a destination.
    11. Challenges within social
    12. Problem: Messages are impersonal
    13. What if you could share theright content with theright people?
    14. How was your trip?My mom The guys Jason Internal Google Data 2011
    15. CirclesThe right message to the right people Quirky Comedy Fans 4268
    16. Problem: Comments aren’t conversations
    17. What if you could havereal conversationswith your customers?
    18. HangoutsReal conversations with the right customers
    19. Enabling social brand engagementSocial brand video experiences with the click of a button
    20. Hangouts with extrasShare your screen for customer service
    21. Hanging out with the PresidentThe White House experiments with Google+
    22. Problem: Recommendations lack staying powerProblem: Recommendations lack staying power
    23. What if recommendationswere surfaced when theymattered most?
    24. RecommendationsInfluence Purchases71% 84% Say reviews from Use online sourcesfamily members or when deciding what friends influence to buypurchase decisions Harris Interactive 2010 Google research study 2011
    25. Search & the +1 ButtonStand out on Google search with recommendations when you need them Sandra Robles, Kari Clark, Daniel Friedman and 31 other people +1’d this
    26. , , ,
    27. Problem: Social as yet another channel
    28. What if you hadsocial elementsin all your efforts?
    29. Google+ PageYour identity on Google
    30. Google+ PageYour identity on Google
    31. Cross-channel audience developmentDriving followership to continue the relationship
    32. Connect all your +1’s across the web sites Google+ page display +your brand search video mobile
    33. Messages are impersonal Comments are not conversationsRecommendations lack staying power Social is yet another channel
    34. Google+ as a common thread, not another channel Search Video Mobile Display Offers Local Site
    35. How To Get StartedCreate a Share valuable Promote yourpage & link it to content and hold page with badgesyour site and ads Hangouts and offline marketing