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The Rise of the Brandividual
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The Rise of the Brandividual


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Presentation given at BrandCamp University 2009 on Saturday, October 10, 2009. …

Presentation given at BrandCamp University 2009 on Saturday, October 10, 2009.

The Rise of the Brandividual in Corporate Culture

It wasn’t that long ago that 30-year careers at a single company were the norm. Today, with fluctuations in the marketplace and corporate stability more questionable than ever, the notion of the company taking care of the individual is but a faint memory. At the same time, we’ve been the recipients of a gift in the way of technology that creates publishers, journalists, pundits and thought leaders of out anyone who puts their mind to it.

This session will explore the notion that the individual and the brand are merging and will raise a number of complex questions:
• In the process of this movement of so-called “personal branding,” how does one begin to balance the personal and professional?
• Where is the line drawn, or does such a line no longer exist?
• What are some key behaviors in a brand representative, and how can those be applied to your business?
• As the brandividual becomes more well known, is the company the greater beneficiary, or is the individual?
• What happens when this person decides to leave the company

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  • The old way of thinking – the lines were clear, things were structured.
  • Now, the lines have blurred
  • What happens when you leave?
  • Same thing as always. But a succession plan is important.
  • When Superman was killed off, there didn’t seem to be a succession plan in place.
  • What happens when you behave poorly?
  • Leaders of all stripes have been called out
  • Just as we needed training on telephones & email when they were new, people need to understand the impact of personal branding.
  • People appreciate transparency, but management may not be ready for it
  • Don’t forget: the microphone is always on
  • Businesses don’t take care of us the way they used to – there’s no guarantee of pensions, 30-year career – no one is looking out for you except you. Take care of yourself, but recognize the harmony of the relationship between you and your company…
  • One doesn’t work without the other. Both are interdependent and stronger for the association.
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