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  • Why (the workshop is happening) Sun has always been recognized as a Technology Company This served the company well in its early years including the .Com boom However today technology is seen as a commodity & Customers are looking for more They want solutions, and packaging of technologies to form all or part of those solutions What (is the workshop) Consideration of our solution from the customer’s perspective Consideration of our solutions from a business (not technology) perspective Development of critical “components” for Sun and the sales org to use to communicate to the marketplace Identification of Business Drivers and Initiatives, Sponsoring Executives, Business Metrics Value Props Executive Summaries How (their role in the workshop) Think creatively Think from a customer’s perspective Industry people to help the Practice people and vice versa Good Luck over the next 2 days I'll hand over to Jonathan Sampson to tell you about Win Big
  • Open archive islandora-channel-training

    1. 1. Partner TrainingActive Archive:an Open ArchiveSolution 1
    2. 2. Active Archive Training• What is an Archive?• Archive Market• Intro to Active Archive• The Active Archive solution and Moca
    3. 3. Archive can be difficult to defineArchive means different things to different organizations > Broad range of reasons to archive > Many archive options for implementation single-instance disk hardware file storage accesscompliance email growth inde retrieve x software encryption long-term eDiscovery deduplicatio objects database tape n multi-tier search repository
    4. 4. Backup is not an Archive Backup ArchiveMultiple Copies of a logical view of Permanent Records of fixed contentinformation taken at different points thatin time • Recover information due to data • Leverages rich access capabilities corruption or data loss • Provides guaranteed data integrity • Meet Recover Point Objective • Enables electronic discovery (RPO) or Recovery Time Objective • Allows for Collaboration and Global (RTO) Sharing of Archive Data • Maintain copies for Disaster • Is not only content, but also structure, Recovery relationship, and other contextual data • Not considered sufficiently reliable • Migrates data over time to utilize or searchable for quick access current-to-the-day HW and SW purposes Technologies • Courts have set a precedent that BU is not a source for litigation support Both Backup and Archive Are Required
    5. 5. What happens to information??
    6. 6. Active Archive: Share and Reuse• Archives are a place to store information for access, not a black hole of long-term storage• An active archive can be stored on both short-term and long- term storage• Archived information is available for share and reuse > Reused in making accurate decisions > New revenue can be generated utilizing archived information for new purposes > Easily be made securely available to many users
    7. 7. Todays Archive provides four actions Ingest Store Search Retrieve• User supplied • Multi-tier storage • Centralized search • Secure and Metadata • Multi-generational of content controlled access• Inter-relate content storage • Use from multiple • Access to inter- • Migrate to new disciplines related content• Access over the long- term technologies • Easily Access • Easy access to historical data extremely old data• Share• Reuse Storing Information is ONE Thing.... Retrieving Information is EVERYTHING - Fred Moore
    8. 8. The Painful Truth about Archives
    9. 9. There Are Four Layers to Archive Solutions Heres where Heres where IAS and SAM- IAS and SAM- based storage based storage solutions solutions can play can play a role a roleSAM = Sun Archive Manager IAS= Sun Infinite Archive Solution (based on SAM)
    10. 10. Islandora Partner Training• What is an archive?• Archive Market• Introduction to Islandora• The Islandora solution and Moca
    11. 11. Archive MarketOverall Market Opportunity $3.9 - $7.2BArchive Market Growth • Hardware: 10% CAGR • Capacity: 55% CAGR • Software: 26% CAGRFinancial Crisis Impact • Overall storage growth is flat • Archive storage shows modest growth59% of Archive Opportunity • Financial Services • Professional Services • Chemicals • PetroleumOther strong archive • Governmentopportunities • Media & Entertainment • Education • Research Source: Market Segmentation study by Matt Weist and Dave Krenik Jan. 2009
    12. 12. Total Archive market opportunity was estimated to be $3.9-$7.2B for 2008 Primary Data Archive Total Protection (BU) Disk (*) $11.5-$13.0 $5.2-$7.0 $1.0-$4.3 $21.0 Tape $0.0 $1.4 $1.9 $3.3 SW $2.5 $8.0 $1.0 $11.5 Total Storage $14.0-$15.5 $14.6-$16.4 $3.9-$7.2 $35.8 Note: The Disk numbers are presented in ranges to acknowledge pure archive disk based products (lower number) and the broader user of general purpose disk for archive applications (higher number). Ranges in Primary and Data Protection to accommodate the two views.Source: IDC 2008;Storage Intelligence Group Analysis for Archive Assumptions
    13. 13. Archives are growing exponentially Growth of overall Increase in total archive capacity to spending to $13.4B 49EB by 2012 in 2012• 55% Compound Annual Growth • 13% Increase in spending Rate Analyst agree: Rate of archive capacity increase is outpacing the cost to archive.Sources: ESG, Gartner, IDC
    14. 14. Vertical and Horizontal Applications eMail Horizontal Applications • All Businesses have: eMail > Email Database/Structured) > Databases File (Fixed Content, • Capacity can vary from very Unstructured) small to very large File (Fixed content/unstructured) Database (Structured) • Retention is compliance driven IT Business Applications IT Business Applications Vertical Applications • Unique to the Business • Some Archive Applications Government & Education Media and Entertainment provide integration of Business Financial-Banking content Manufacturing • Capacity varies from 10s of TBHealthcare to multi-PB scale Retail ... • Retention is often forever
    15. 15. Horizontal ApplicationsAll businesses, small, medium, large, X-Large, including the government have business to take care of.
    16. 16. Vertical ApplicationsEach business belongs to a specific industry that generates from 10s of TB to multi-PBs of data
    17. 17. Two types of customers• Those who know the • Those who do not value of information know the value of and are looking for information and are in assistance in finding need of an education. an archive solution.
    18. 18. Archive Partner Training• What is an archive?• Archive Market• Introduction to Islandora• The Active Archive Solution and Moca
    19. 19. Where Islandora fits in the Archive Strategy• Islandora provides – Ingest of digital content – Enrichment – Management – Preservation – Search and Access
    20. 20. Where Sun fits in the Archive Strategy• Storage Preservation – Integrity – Error detection/correction – Multiple copies – Migration• Storage Platform – Independent of Preservation – Scales capacity and performance
    21. 21. IslandoraIslandora is:Islandora is: −Full Open Source software stack −Full Open Source software stack −Drupal and Fedora Modules + additional components −Drupal and Fedora Modules + additional components −Connectors that tie Drupal and Fedora together −Connectors that tie Drupal and Fedora togetherDrupal Front-EndDrupal Front-End −Collaborative layer −Collaborative layer −Editing −EditingFedora data assets, metadata, policiesFedora data assets, metadata, policies −Key to the strategy −Key to the strategy −Agnostic to the frontend and other components −Agnostic to the frontend and other componentsAssume evolution and migration of both over timeAssume evolution and migration of both over time
    22. 22. Software Architecture – What EachDoes Collaboration & Discovery Drupal Data Creation & AcquisitionLDAP Sherp LDAP Djatoka R a Images Numeric Data Orchestration Islandora Application Glue BLAST ABBYYLDAP Script Gene Sequences Rich Metadata Solr/L s ucene Preservation Fedora Smart Stewardship Note: Islandora = Drupal/Fedora module + additional components
    23. 23. Why Islandora, Drupal, Fedora?Open Source SW QualificationIslandora - University 80+ research groups use this solution today of Prince Edward  Island (UPEI) UNT, Georgia Tech, Carleton, UNB, UofA, Guelph Drupal Widely used across all industries Used by Sun in Fedora Repository Open source leader by multi-PB scale archives Originally funded by National Science Foundation and DARPA Used by worlds leading libraries
    24. 24. LIVE DEMO
    25. 25. Archive Partner Training• What is an archive?• Archive Market• Introduction to Islandora• The Active Archive Appliance from Moca
    26. 26. The Moca/Arrow Bundle
    27. 27. Configuration ArchitecturesRequirements Drive the ConfigurationPrice/performance (and option to tier)AvailabilityAccessibility Sun X-LargeIngest Rates Archive Sun Server DatabaseCapacity Server Large/HA Sun Archive Sun Small-Medium Server Database Server Sun Sun Archive Database Server Server Sun Sun Tape Sun J4400 Storage Libraries 24TB-190TB 7410 • Up to 70PB 72TB- Multiple Copies 288TB
    28. 28. At a Glance Offerings• Small: Scales to 24TB to 72TB • Supported by and available starting at $40K through MOCA• Medium: Scales 92TB to • Back-end SW support and 192TB starting at $100K custom services provided by• Large/HA: Scales 22TB to UPEI through MOCA 260TB starting at $151K • Channel can provide support• X-Large: Add SAM/Tape for PB and installation to increase revenue opportunity scaling coming in Q1CY10 • Archive storage = ongoing• Flexible annuity for $$
    29. 29. Value Add Options• Evaluation Service• Installation Service• Take first call
    30. 30. Active Archive appliance In Summary Sun Proprietary/Confidential
    31. 31. Call to Action• Solution Briefs and White Papers• Sun learning exchange – (life sciences focused) – (technical overview)• Customer introduction to Active Archive• Contacts: − Moca: Kathleen Short ( − Sun: Gord McCart ( Raymond Clarke (
    32. 32. Thank YouYour Support Team 32