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  1. 1. Utopian Visions for the Future of Education or, “What box?” Scottmerrick Oh’s work-in-progress Shared in Second Life with Virtual Pioneers “History from Your Home” Online Conference, October 30, 2010
  2. 2. Virtual Pioneers HQ:
  3. 3. Slides from my dry erase board: I regularly read about educational change: It’s part of my job as Virtual Learning Curriculum Specialist at Metro Nashville Public Schools. I created the following food for thought from my jottings on a dry erase board that I scrawl upon daily. Essentially, I’m wondering aloud what changes we need to implement in order to make educational systems work, and what underlying changes in our perceptions of “work” will be required to support those changes. Here:
  4. 4. We MUST stop limiting “education” to that which is defined by the existing factory model. Sir Ken Robinson’s 2009 talk to the World Bank, interpreted by RSA Animate:
  5. 5. “That’s the way we’ve always done it.”
  6. 6. But what if…
  7. 7. …broadband internet access were a “right” andthat right included the hardware necessary to ensure its obtainment?
  8. 8. What if…
  9. 9. …a system were in place so that EVERY child received a twice-annually updated Individualized Learning Program from a team of professional educators?
  10. 10. What if…
  11. 11. …there were no grades, but rather credit toward advancement and graduation granted on a best practices recognition of “Performances of Understanding?”
  12. 12. What if…
  13. 13. …the system valued student-initiated learning enough to credit self- motivated learning on any topic with a value applicable to a high school diploma?
  14. 14. What if…
  15. 15. …the system valued parental oversight of a child at home enough to subsidize that parent’s income toward supporting that oversight?
  16. 16. News Alert (May 25, 2015): The owners of every major professional sporting team in the country, spurred on by NFL franchise owners’ agreement last August, have agreed to donate an annual sum equivalent to the annual salary of their top-salaried player to support the Federal Parental Oversight fund. Hollywood movie studios are considering a similar program. Stay tuned…
  17. 17. What if…
  18. 18. …every teacher were trained and required to teach a balanced schedule of onsite classes and online classes,
  19. 19. from school and/or from home,
  20. 20. and remunerated according to the quality of her or his contribution to the improvement of the dialog (“Informational Reciprocity”) ?
  21. 21. What if…
  22. 22. …every textbook were available online and in traditional print?
  23. 23. What if…
  24. 24. …a realistic blended- attendance school were in session year- round?
  25. 25. What if…
  26. 26. …there were no standardized testing, and teachers were free to practice their art in a realistic set of environments?
  27. 27. We MUST stop limiting “education” to that which is defined by the existing factory model.
  28. 28. Resources for inspiration • http://scottmerrick.blogspot.com/2010/10/sir- ken-robinson-helps-me-out-again.html • http://www.alfiekohn.org/tapesdvd.htm • http://davidwarlick.com/wordpress/?page_id=5 • http://www.committedsardine.com/elements.cf m • http://scottmerrick.blogspot.com/2010/10/estee med-gary-stager-educational-change.html • http://www.rogerschank.com/education.html • http://kzero.co.uk