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supporting a panel appearance on Distance Education. I held the Virtual Environments piece and shared it thusly...

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SITEslides 030811 Merrick

  1. 1. The Virtual Environments Piece<br />For SITE, March 8, 2011<br />Scott Merrick<br />Virtual Learning Curriculum Specialist<br />Metro Nashville Public Schools<br />scottmerrickdotnet <br />scottmerrick on Twitter<br />scottgardnermerrick on Facebook<br />Aw, heck, just Google me.<br />
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  13. 13. From one Nordic student:<br />After learning about virtual worlds and having had the possibility to use one myself in an educational purpose I must say that I have developed a new understanding for the possible future of virtual worlds. Before taking this course I had a view of virtual worlds as just being used by gamers who rather spent their time sitting indoors, drinking Coke, and playing online games. What I did not realize is that there is a lot of opportunities for serious use of virtual world and also a lot of business opportunities. After we tried second life as a lecture tool I realized that this tool made it possible for a professor in California to have a lecture in front of students sitting in Stockholm. It felt weird in the beginning to use a virtual world in this way but the second time I got used to it. This possibility to connect people from all over the world via a virtual world in far from anything I had experienced before.<br />We also had a lot of companies working with the development of virtual worlds coming and talking to us. This made me realize the huge business opportunities that virtual worlds have created. Creating games in virtual worlds has moved on to creating whole economies. This is a fascinating development and we can only imagine what these worlds will be able to bring us in the future.<br />
  14. 14. LIVE in Second Life:<br />The University of Michigan Seven Deadly Sins Event Series in Second Life will begin with our keynote speaker, Andrew Maynard, on March 8, 2011 at 2pm EST (11AM SLT). The presentation will be held at the new Wolverine Auditorium. Andrew's presentation, "Seven Deadly Sins of a Techno-Complacent Society. Reflections of a pessimistic optimist", promises to be both witty and wise. The series includes other thematically related events, discussions and exhibits. <br />MORE INFORMATION<br /><br />Dr. Maynard's presentation is preceded by:<br />Seven Deadly Sins, Then and Now (conversation)<br />March 8, 2011<br />12-1PM EST / 9-10 SLT<br />Moderator: Perplexity Peccable<br />... and followed with a Mardi Gras costume party, complete with prizes for the best costumes. <br />Mardi Gras Party<br />March 8, 2011<br />7-9 PM EST / 4-6PM SLT<br />Help with costuming is available. <br /> Dearborn/38/230/29<br />
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  16. 16.<br />…is all you need, excepting to connect with other educators in the Virtual Environment of your choice.<br />
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