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Chosen as "Education Innovator of the Month" for June 2014 by T.H.E. Journal, this is the presentation underlying the archived webinar at

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  • A little backstory, beginning at USN, CSO, ISTE, Kecia Ray,
  • I performed in an acoustic duo on Caribbean cruise ships for a year, I acted in the Alaska Repertory Theatre as a member of its apprentice company when it was the fullest funded regional theatre in the country, I performed lead vocals and guitar and mandolin with the Last Frontier Band, whose own CD of live songs is searchable online and available for download, and I presented again and again and again at ISTE Conferences
  • Welcome, intro, thank for
  • Merrick Presentation June 26 2014

    1. 1. Starting and Maintaining a Virtual School: Scott Merrick’s EdWeb Share June 26, 2014 Tennessee’s First, Highest-Achieving Leader Since 2011
    2. 2. Quick Personal Notes:
    3. 3. I have a beautiful, talented wife and two beautiful, talented grown kids.
    4. 4. I drive a 2009 Smart Car and I like to relax in a canoe on my favorite lake.
    5. 5. I’ve done other things. See the “” link at the end of this presen-tation)
    6. 6. Mission: • To provide Tennessee students with an individualized, dynamic, and empowering virtual education developing graduates who are college, career, and community ready. Vision: • Leading the field of virtual education with innovation and creativity while inspiring v-students to become stewards of their own education, life-long learners, and excited about the future of education. But I LOVE doing this:
    7. 7. We are structured a little different from a traditional school….
    8. 8. We are innovators… • FIRST Virtual Public School in TN • Serving the 42nd largest school district in the country (of 13,588) • Nontraditional K-12 School (Currently 9-12) • Part and Full-Time enrollment offered • Facilitate teaching and learning virtually via the District’s Learning Management System (LMS): Blackboard • First-Time Credit NOT to be confused with Credit Recovery • “Performance Concerns” aka “Mastery=Attendance” • After-School focused tutoring sessions • EOC and AP Learning Labs • SACS accreditation • NCAA accreditation • 3D synchronous online meetings via • MNPS Virtual Academy , (FIRST IN THE WORLD!!!), The Virtual Academy of Business and Marketing
    9. 9. • District Career Fair • Focused Electives • Student Portfolio • Capstone Project And…
    10. 10. sident-obama-coming-to-nashville NCAC: President Obama’s Speech:
    11. 11. 3D Synchronous Online Meeting Space in Kitely:
    12. 12. We are continuously refining our operations… • No GPA restriction for Part-Time, 2.0 GPA requirement for • Full-Time • Pacing Guides and grading (students receive 9-week report cards) • Student-scheduled Discussion Based Assessments (DBAs) • No Senior exemptions from virtual exams • Virtual School Attendance and Truancy Policy (15% off-pace requires intervention with Juvenile Court) • Students can choose to work ahead and accelerate • NEW testing protocols and remote proctoring via ProctorU • Student Orientation, Midmester, and Final Review sessions offered • DLOs in every course, every semester • Detailed printed Student Handbooks available online
    13. 13. We offer ALL core courses needed to graduate… Subject Area: Virtual Courses: Total Credits Required: Mathematics Algebra I and II, Geometry, Advanced Math with Business Applications and Liberal Arts Math 4 Credits English English I, II, III, and IV 4 Credits Science Biology, Chemistry or Physics, and Physical Science 3 Credits Social Studies World History, US History, Economics, or Government 3 Credits Social Studies Personal Finance .5 Credit Foreign Language Spanish I and II, Latin I and II 2 Credits Physical Education Physical Education I and II 1 Credit Lifetime Wellness Lifetime Wellness 1 Credit Fine Art Art History 1 Credit Focused Electives Selected by Student and Parent/Guardian in Collaboration with School Counselor 3 Credits Total Credits Required to Graduate: 22.5 Credits
    14. 14. Also AP, Dual Enrollment, and Electives
    15. 15. Class of 2011! Class of 2014!
    16. 16. We have a beautiful Student Center where students can work if they wish.
    17. 17. And Events: Onsite tutoring (Math Mondays, Science Tuesdays, and Language Wednesdays) Teacher PD
    18. 18. and Events: Science Center Field Trip Prom!
    19. 19. and Events: Zoo visit EOC testing
    20. 20. and Events: Student Advisory Board Proctored testing
    21. 21. and Events: CPR Certification MNPS Project Expo
    22. 22. and Events: Faculty meetings online and onsite: Potlucks:
    23. 23. and Events: Caving! Graduation!
    24. 24. We provide choices for MNPS students and families… • Earn your High School diploma online • Honors credit in many courses • AP courses • Advanced Credit for Middle School students • Dual Enrollment at NSCC • Summer schooling options • Work full-time or more flexibly part-time • Care for your child or your parent
    25. 25. We are exploding! “Merrick’s Law…”
    26. 26. We are NOT for profit! Please read this Tennessean article, published April 19, 2014
    27. 27. We are always here to answer ANY of your questions… Got Questions? We Got Answers? Call MNPS Virtual School between 9:00AM and 5:00PM At: (615) 463-0188 Ext. 3900.
    28. 28. Contact Information: Scott Merrick v-Lead Teacher, v-Online Learning Specialist, v-Academy Coach, and v-MNPS All-Stars Lead Learner 4805 Park Avenue, Suite 300 Nashville, TN 37209 (615) 463-0188 Ext. 3900