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SEOProSco - Penguin: The Cause, The Cure & The Future
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SEOProSco - Penguin: The Cause, The Cure & The Future


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Penguin: The Cause, The Cure And The Future
    • 2. Hey, I’m Scott
    • 3. I Drive Fast Beetles
    • 4. Why?
    • 5. Good For Users
    • 6. Even Better For Users ;)
    • 7. So What The Hell Happened?
    • 8. #WTFCompany “A” Anchor Text
    • 9. Something Dodgy Happened Company “B” - Link Velocity
    • 10. But These Are Not The Root Cause
    • 11. Other Penalised Sites Killed You
    • 12. WMT Link Warning V1 Oh Shit!!!!
    • 13. Option 1 – Do Nothing
    • 14. Option 2 - Pray to God
    • 15. Option 3 Link Removal
    • 16. What Do I Need to Remove Links?• Backlink Analysis Tools (Majestic, SEOmoz etc..)• A way to pull metrics (NPChecker)• Mozilla Thunderbird – Great for bulk emailing• Excel Skills• Email Template• Time
    • 17. Finding The CrittersLook for:• Sites with the same IP Address• Sites that appear multiple times• Sites with SEOmoz metrics but no TBPR• Sites linking with exact match Anchor Text• Low Quality Affiliate / Link Networks
    • 18. Quick Tips For Outreach• Automate to reduce time• Personalise your emails• Be nice to webmasters• Explain exactly what you need done• Give reasons why it would benefit them/you• Explain the risks to their site• *Do NOT offer money*… yet
    • 19. An Email Like This Is Enough
    • 20. WMT Link Warning V2 #WTF???
    • 21. Questions So Far?
    • 22. So Lets Get Some Great Links
    • 23. But This Guy Is Always Watching So What Should We Do?
    • 24. Lets Get Natural
    • 25. There Are A few Solutions• Ask bloggers to guest post on your clients blog• Become bloggers ourselves and gain authority• Employ bloggers to build links• Create static link bait
    • 26. But This Involves Lots of Hard Work
    • 27. But You Will Get More In Return
    • 28. Bloggers Guest Posting For Your ClientYou Get:• Free Content• Free Social Exposure – Increased readership • Chance of conversions – Sends additional signals to Google• Google Authorship – Result appears at top friends searches – Likely Future Ranking Factor
    • 29. What About The Link?
    • 30. Why Not Create Blogger Badges?
    • 31. Finding Great Bloggers Is Easy
    • 32. Follow These Steps1. Create a mind map and find your real demographic2. Use tools such as FollowerWonk to find those with authority3. Pull metrics with NPChecker
    • 33. Penguin Proofing Traditional Link Building• Get links from your demographic• Think about user value not SEO value• Create lasting relationships not 1 night stands• Get your links some social love• Think about future Google updates
    • 34. Questions?P.S Follow me on Twitter @Scott_McLay