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Linx portfolio highlights and capabilities feb 2013

Linx portfolio highlights and capabilities feb 2013



Linx Communications Inc. capabilities deck

Linx Communications Inc. capabilities deck



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    Linx portfolio highlights and capabilities feb 2013 Linx portfolio highlights and capabilities feb 2013 Presentation Transcript

    • Linx Capabilities andCreative Portfolio Highlights Linx Communications 631-361-4400 info@linx.com www.linx.com© 2013 Linx Communications Corp. All Rights Reserved
    • Creative Portfolio Highlights (Please see our Capabilities Deck at the End of The Creative Portfolio)
    • Portfolio Elements Branding Websites E-Mail Campaigns Direct Mail Campaigns Social Networking/Misc E-Marketing Collateral Trade Advertising Consumer Advertising 3
    • Branding
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    • Websites
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    • Email Campaigns
    • Direct Mail Campaigns
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    • Social Networking/ Misc E-Marketing
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    • Collateral
    • B2B Advertising
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    • Consumer Advertising
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    • For Video Work Clickhttp://www.youtube.com/user/linxcommunications
    • Linx Capabilities Summary
    • Our Vision
    • The Linx Model• Linx is a Hybrid Model Which Unifies World Class Strategic Consulting with Cutting Edge Design and Marketing Communications• The Results are Unique “Market Driven Business Strategies” that Look at Needs from Prospects’ Viewpoints, Leveraging Existing Capabilities and Assets• Linx Combines Decades of Real World Experience Serving Over a Thousand Organizations, with Continuing Executive Education from Harvard Business School and Yale School of Management to Deliver Best-of-Breed Skills and Unique Solutions to Small and Mid-Market Organizations… Giving them a True Competitive Edge
    • The Result?• New Opportunities – New Sales to Existing Customers – Leveraging Existing Customers into New Products and Services – Taking Advantage of Customers’ Relationships and Spheres of Influence – Enabling Better Use of Assets Such as Facilities, People, Technologies, Capital, Culture and Relationships – New and Better Usage of Distribution/Selling Channels – New Relationships and Alliances• Lowered Overall Cost of Doing Business – An Important Factor in a Down Economy• A More Robust and Permanent Profitability Model
    • How Linx is Different• From an Advertising Agency: – They Rely on Traditional Advertising Executions Because it is What They Know – The Reach/Frequency Equation as a Stand-Alone Model Does Not Work as a Foundation Strategy• From a Marketing Consultant – We Can Implement our Strategies if Desired – We Can Test, Pull Back and Adjust – We Can Participate in Risk/Reward• From a Design Company – Art for Art’s Sake? Never! – We are Grounded in Business First and Foremost • Speak the Language of Management • Understand the Mindset and Culture of Companies and Industries
    • Strategy… the Best ROI A marketing element Strategy should provide 10X 1000X ROI ROI. Add in the efficiencies of technology and you bring that number to Market Driven 100X ROI. But begin Business with a sound Strategy strategy and yourTechnology Marketing entire program can100X ROI 10X ROI deliver 1000X ROI.
    • Metrics Based Objectives• To Achieve Overall Revenues • For Year 1 of $____ Increasing ____ % per Year for Years 2 – 5• To Achieve Overall Profitability • For Year 1 of $____ Increasing ____ % per year for Years 2 – 5• To have CMF of • ___ Customers 0-6 Months • ___ Customers 0-12 Months • ___ Customers 24 Months• To Have a Pipeline of ____Prospects• To Achieve a Cost per Lead of $___ for Year 1 Reducing ___% for Years 2 –5
    • Combining Business Silos to Create a Customized Program
    • Deliverables Synopsis• Market Focused Business Strategy – The development of a research based model with clearly defined targets and low cost go-to-market strategies.• Research – A comprehensive view of current and potential markets from a qualitative and quantitative viewpoint.• Unique and Practical Strategic Tools – Segmentation Matrix, Value Chain, Competitive Positioning Quadrant, Marketing Efficiency Funnel, SWOT, Designed Experiment, Lifetime Referral Value• Market/Channel Development – Identification of new markets and distribution options for existing and/or new products.• Partnerships & Alliances - Identification, assessment and negotiations to leverage the capabilities of existing organizations in new and potential markets and channels.
    • Deliverables Synopsis• E-Marketing Development – Interactive technologies that help build better business models, including keyword analysis, vertical landing page development, comprehensive analytics, e-comm modeling, web site creation and back-end integration.• Branded Services – The development of proprietary services that add incremental value to current product and service offerings.• Product/Service Design and Extensions – Intuitive conceptualization and approaches to creating product differentiation and brand building through design.• Branding, Creative and Advertising – The tactical execution of our innovative communications strategies including Drive-To-Web tacticals through the innovative use of both offline and online properties.• Media and Promotional Programs – Strategic planning to buying with a specialty on creating unique on and offline multi media, tie-ins and trade programs.
    • Tools
    • The Segmentation Matrix• Understand Your Market and It’s Motivations is Critical to the Success of Your Marketing/Sales Initiatives• Segmentation Matrix Delivers The Who, What, Why, How and Where of Your Marketing Program• Enables the Organization to Understand what Value it Delivers for Each Unique Customer Type and How/What to Communicate• Defines the Value Propositions, Offers, Go-To-Market Strategies and Target Characteristics for Each Target/Sub- Market• Creates Buy-in Across the Entire Organization and Allows for Consistent and Motivational Communications• A Finely Crafted Segmentation Matrix is a Marketing Plan on a Page
    • The Segmentation Matrix Can Be Defined in Multiple Ways, Creating Multiple Matrices Target 1 Target 2 Target 3 Target 4 Value Propositions Pricing/ Offers Go To Market ApproachRisk Mitigation
    • Lifetime Referral Value• Linx Develops Your Lifetime Referral Value… a Quantification Based on Appealing to Your Customers’ Spheres of Influence or Referral Network Rather than Spending to Resell the Same Customer Multiple Times• Delivers a 8 to 10 Multiple ROI Compared with Traditional Lifetime Value Programs• The Ultimate Retention Cultivation Tool… Leveraging Targets who Have Already Bought into Your Brand in a Revolutionary Way• Proof of Concept from Harvard Business Review
    • Customer Master File Analysis• Your Customer Master File is the Single Most Important Asset You Can Have in Your Business• Linx Examines, Analyzes and Communicates to Take Full Advantage of the CMF’s Potential • Data Mining • Siloing/Grouping • Establishing Patterns • Comparing Behaviors to the Norm• Examines Market to Match Past Successes and Potential Trending to Develop New Customer and Prospect List• Integrates into Automated CRM Programs to Provide Actionable Programs
    • Messaging Hierarchy• Three Levels of Messaging – Marketing: allows the target to sift through the multitude of information and recognize your message… whether or not they need that particular service at that exact moment – Selling: communicates the core competency of the company and the ability to meet the base needs of the client, and as a result develops an emotional reaction that says internally, “yes, they can do this for me.” – Technical: the specs, features, benefits, etc. Of the product/service set that ensures delivery on the promise made… and closes the sale• The Vast Majority of Businesses are Never Heard above the Din – The typical American experiences 6,500 marketing messaging every day – Most businesses market using technical messaging• Linx Defines and Strategizes the Correct Hierarchy of Messaging to Maximize your Success
    • Branded Services™• Linx Helps Your De-Commoditize Your Commodity Business…• Migrating Your Existing Service Set into Specificity in the Marketplace and Barriers to Competition• Little to No Change or Additional Cost to Your Operational Structure• Creates Talking Points and Differentiation for the Sales Force• Can Improve Closing Ratios
    • The Importance of Analytics• Today, World Class Fortune 500 Companies are Succeeding Based on Developing Metrics and Understanding Analytics• SMB Companies That Take this Initiative will Invariably Beat Competitors Who are Not Thinking and Planning on this Level• What Does it Take? Linx Helps You Develop a Comprehensive Understanding of the Market, Trends and Your Place in it Through: • Primary Research Among Prospects, Current Customers, Old Customers, Etc. • Secondary Research to Develop Benchmarks • A Deep Dive into Online Analytics that Yield Incredible Data • An Honest Assessment of the Culture and Attributes that Drive Your Business and Provide Value
    • The Designed Experiment• Direct Response is the Most Pinpointed Marketing Execution, but also the Most Expensive CPM • Human Nature Makes Direct Marketing Programs Unpredictable • Targets are Inundated with Information and Mail• Directed Response Allows Marketers the Ability to Test as Many Variables as They Need to at a Fraction of the Cost • Testing Four Variables: List, Copy, Format, Frequency Would Necessitate 256 Splits (If You Even Had That Many Names) • We Bring This Down to Eight Splits • Test any Medium (Print, Electronic, Broadcast) • 95% Accuracy
    • Partnerships & Affiliations• Linx Helps You Expand Your Channel by Sourcing New: • Distribution Partners • Affiliate Companies • Sales Channels • Resellers • Allied Products and Services• The Goal is to Achieve More: • Feet on the Street • Mindshare in the Market • Evangelists for the Brand
    • Search Engine Marketing: SEO/PPC• The Optimal Methodology to Leverage Your Online Efforts • Industry and Competitive Analysis to See What is Being Searched • Long Tail Key Phase Methodology • Increased Relevant Key Phrases for Products and Services • A Cost Effective Approach to Search Advertising through Pay Per Click Campaigns • Search Engine Optimization Based on the Latest Algorithms from Google and Yahoo • Sophisticated and Comprehensive Back Link Strategies • Development of Simple, Effective Offline Strategies to Bring Targets to Specific Pages and Content within the Website
    • MailLinx™ E-Mail• MailLinx E-Mail Marketing System • Completely Automated System with Pre-Designed Template • Client Controls the Data • E-mails Can be Sent to As Many Predetermined Targets Siloed into Multiple Lists • InstaClick™ Though Alert Feature Lets Rep Know when Target Clicks into Site, Where They are Within the Site in Real Time via E-mail • Contact Info is Also Sent in E-mail for Immediate Sales Opportunities • Provide Full Reporting of Results • Complete Analytics Show Click Throughs and Defined Goals
    • The Sales Funnel Reach/Impressions Target Awareness Level Inquiry/Lead Facility Visit Sales Conversion
    • Comprehensive Planning A Strategic Marketing Planning Document for Management• The Marketing Plan Details How Business Objectives are Met – Short Term Early Victories – Positioning to Win in the Long Term• The Plan Serves as the Blueprint for Going Forward Detailing: – Analysis – Recommendations – Communications Items – Implementation Calendar (Benchmarks For Completion: Resource, Timing) – Financial Plan (Budget Recommendations, Allocations and Cash Flow)• All Aspects of the Plan Should be Reviewed and Adjusted Periodically as Market Needs and Company Deliverables are Always in Flux
    • Comprehensive Planning A Strategic Marketing Planning Document for Management• The Plan Typically Includes: – Situation Analysis of Current Market/Customer Breakdown/Trends Based on Research – Target Market Sizing and Analysis – Audit of Past Marketing Successes and Failures – Competitive Analysis – SWOT (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats) – Objective/Goal Development with ROI and Timeframe Benchmarking – Strategic Development – Channel/Affiliation Opportunities – Brand Launch/Awareness/Positioning Strategies – Development of Unique Marketing Messages – Execution of Creative Approach – Communications Tactics – Promotional Programs
    • Example Tactical Elements• E-Mail and Keyword Strategies• Offline Drive to Web Programs• Branded Service Identification Systems• Vertical Marketing Programs• Vertical/Horizontal Web Landing Pages with Specific Content• Dimensional Direct Mail• Affinity/Loyalty Programs• Frequency Direct Response Programs• On-Demand Printing of Collaterals with Variable Information• Trade Show Traffic Building Programs• Thought Leadership Public Relations Programs These are Just a Few of Many Traditional and Non-Traditional Tactical Vehicles Utilized by Linx… Based on Budget, Expected ROI and Adherence to an Overall Strategic Plan
    • Overall Tactical Capabilities• Annual Report Design • Event Marketing• Brand Development • Identification Programs• Broadcast Production – Corporate• Business Plan Development – Product• Collateral Materials – Event – Sales Kits • Media – Catalogs – Research – Capabilities Brochures – Planning – Press Kits – Buying• Co-op Programs – Post Performance Analysis• Consumer and Business-to-Business • Presentation Design Advertising • Product Launch – Design – Identification – Campaign Development – Packaging – Execution – Product Design• Database Marketing – Point-of-Sale Displays/Materials• Direct Mail • Public Relations Tie-Ins – Frequency – Event Planning – Dimensional • Sales Promotions and Tie-ins• E-Marketing Programs • Seminar Programs – Website Design • Branding – E-Commerce • Positioning – E-Mail Programs • Trade Show Programs – SEO/SEM – Theme Development & Tie-Ins – Web 2.0 Executions – Booth Creation – Intranet – Traffic Building – Online Marketing/Affiliations • Video Production
    • For More Information, Contact Andy Jacobs Michael Smith 631-361-4400