Butcher Block Workbench


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There are many kinds of features one can find on butcher
block workbenches today.

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Butcher Block Workbench

  1. 1. Butcher Block Workbench by Linda A. Martin Butcher Block Workbench
  2. 2. During the early 20th century, butcher block countertops orsimply butcher blocks were a common sight in many homesjust like ice boxes and wood-fired stoves. These olden andwooden furniture or kitchen essentials helped make life a loteasier and the old butcher blocks were primarily used as achopping board for various foods. As the 40s, 50s, and 60scame, the kitchen started to become smaller since manyhomes have also become smaller. Out of necessity, this bulkyone-function furniture had to be replaced with somethingmuch, much smaller and mobile and thus the kitchen cuttingboard was created.With the use of the cutting board however, many haveexperienced its inconvenience and as people are againmoving back to larger kitchens, the use of a butcher blockworkbench is very much possible. A butcher block workbenchis quite similar to the old butcher blocks though it is not onlyused as a cutting board but for a variety of other applicationssuch as preparation of food, dining, jewelry work, maybeeven garden work, or any other things that one might do onregular kitchen counter tops. Typically, butcher blockworkbench tops are made from wood varieties such asmaple, cherry, oak, and even tuff tops. The most commontype of butcher block is the maple butcher block because ofthe wood’s sturdiness and affordability.A butcher block workbench top is designed to not only besturdy but resilient as well since it will be subjected tovarious intensities of punishment. From supporting heavyitems like kitchen appliances and cooking utensils, hot metalitems such as recently heated metal pans and pots, cutting Butcher Block Workbench
  3. 3. items such as knives and scissors, and of course, moisturecoming from the food or wet items, which means that a topmust be built sturdily to be able to remain functional foryears to come.There are many kinds of features one can find on butcherblock workbenches today. There are the foldable butcherblock workbenches that allow for better space optimizationand there are also various multi-purpose butcher blockbenches that allow for other applications such as storage offood items or the support of other kitchen appliances such asthe microwave, coffee maker, or toaster to name a few.If one looked hard enough, one might even find a butcherblock workbench set for little tikes. These toy workbenchessimulate how a real workbench would look like and how it willbe used. These toy sets often come with plastic knives,utensils, and food to help enrich a child’s imaginations. Butcher Block Workbench