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The App Store Revolution Craze
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The App Store Revolution Craze


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AppStores are the latest craze in mobile content distribution. …

AppStores are the latest craze in mobile content distribution.

In session we'll compare and contrast all the different choices that developers can tap to get their mobile content out to users.

We'll compare and contrast iPhone AppStore, Android App Market, BlackBerry App World, Windows Mobile MarketPlace, Palm App Catalog, and Nokia OVI Store.

Although we can't guarantee you'll walk out of this session with a 10 step plan to become a millionaire with your next App, we'll give you some useful tips and insight about the opportunities available and how to take advantage of them.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Great presentation! Very well organized and laid out.
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  • Transcript

    • 1. The App Store Revolution Craze Multi-Mania - Belgium, Kortrijk May 19, 2009 - 14:00 Scott Janousek
    • 2. Agenda Intro Mobile Revolution! Mobile & Device App Store Craze Wrap up
    • 3. This is a business presentation. This is an “awareness preso”. Very little code here. :) ; = false de_bool canHazCo
    • 4. Intro
    • 5. Me From Boston, Massachusetts, USA 10 Years as a Web and Interactive (Flash) Developer 4 Years doing Flash (Lite) on Mobile & Devices Adobe Community Expert, Adobe Certified Trainer, & Adobe User Group Co-manager, Forum Nokia Champion (Flash) Mobile Book author & Adobe Community Blogger CEO/Founder - Hooken Mobile 5
    • 6. New England (USA) live I grew up
    • 7. My Mobile “Genesis” My First Mobile Application (<eye tear>) “Mobile Conference Guide” FITC 2005 (Toronto, Canada) Flash Lite 1.1 (UI) + MySQL & PHP (backend) How many people used? 5 out of 500 = 1% No “App Stores” then (circa 2005) ... ;) Flash Lite 1.1 Mobile Guide App
    • 8. Flash Lite 1.1/2.x Mobile Content
    • 9. Some Newer Flash (Lite) Experiences
    • 10. Flash Mobile Books Flash Applications for Mobile Devices “advancED Flash on Devices” Richard Leggett, Scott Janousek, Weyert Boer Mobile Development with Flash Lite and Flash 10 Elad Elrom, Scott Janousek, Thomas Joos ISBN: 1590595580 Published: Dec 2006 ISBN-10: 1-4302-1904-1 “Work in Progress”
    • 11. Hooken Mobile 4 years in business Mobile Consultancy (Client Service focused) Application Development & Flash Mobile Training Going Forward ... Flash, Android, iPhone, potentially webOS ... more Products. 11
    • 12. MassMobile User Group User Group in Boston for Mobile Developers 25 developers, 3 meetings ... started in Jan 2009 Android & iPhone (mostly) Me = (currently) the only “Flash guy” ;) Our talks = business and technical
    • 13. Mobile Monday Boston Regularly > 400 attendees > 200 mobile companies Boston Mobile Companies = $215 Million (USD) in Q1, 2009 “momoboston” on April 2009 at MIT
    • 14. Mobile Revolution!
    • 15. How many people ... Have an iPhone? Have a Nokia? Have an Android device? BlackBerry? Have OTHER portable and mobile devices? How many people have > 1 mobile device?
    • 16. How many people ... Have downloaded/installed a mobile app? :) Are new to Mobile Development? Have created a mobile application? iPhone developers? Android? Flash Mobile? Other? Are making money off mobile apps? Having lots of fun with mobile development? :)
    • 17. It’s all about choice ...
    • 18. What do folks like? Source:
    • 19. Mobile Devices & Platforms
    • 20. Some Mobile Jargon OEMs = Original Equipment Manufacturers Handsets = SmartPhones/Mobile Phones Carriers/Operators = Phone companies App = (Mobile) Software Application Content = Mobile “Apps”, games, other Media Emulators = Mobile Testing Software Gardens (open/closed) = Ecosystem Setups Target(s) = Devices and/or platforms you are working with/developing for Fragmentation = (SW/HW) inconsistencies across devices/platforms ... and many more. No shortage of industry terms! :) 20
    • 21. Device Evolution
    • 22. Portable Devices NetBooks and UMPC type devices Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs = Nokia N810) Portable Media Players (PMPs = iPod Touch, iRiver, etc) “Feature Phones” (aka “Cell Phones”) SmartPhones (iPhone, N97, G1, BlackBerry) 22
    • 23. Some Mobile Device “OEMS” 23
    • 24. SmartPhone Platforms Apple iPhone Google Android Nokia (Symbian S60) Black Berry/RIM Microsoft Windows Mobile Palm webOS 24
    • 25. SmartPhones iPhone (OSX) Palm Pre (Palm OS) Nokia N97 (Symbian) G1 (Android) BlackBerries (RIM) Windows Mobile Devices (“6.5”) 25
    • 26. SmartPhones vs. “Feature Phones” 26
    • 27. “Rough” Device Numbers Windows Black Berry Android iPhone Nokia S60 Others Mobile (RIM) >1 > 140 20-40 million > 30 Million > 30 Million 1 Billion million Million “Device numbers aren’t everything ... but they are always part of the overall equation. More importantly is the Quality (of user experience) vs. Quantity.” - Me
    • 28. Fragmentation Example: Device “A” supports a specific feature, but ... Device “B” doesn’t Causes = OEMS, Operators Occurs = Hardware, Software Levels “Workaround” = multiple versions of an app! ;( “A motion-sensing 3D game with a GPS social networking feature won't work on a lot of Windows Mobile handsets, but a 2D, keypad-controlled Asteroids clone won't necessarily make a developer rich.”
    • 29. “Apps”
    • 30. New Mobile Culture NEW = DATA OLD = Voice (Apps & Services)!
    • 31. Mobile Content Types Screen savers & Wallpapers Mobile User Interfaces Ring tones Media (Music, Video, Photos) Applications (Games, Productivity, etc)
    • 32. Application Stack
    • 33. Application Stack
    • 34. Mobile Business & Ecosystems
    • 35. “The Perfect Storm” Users are consuming content! Better Mobile User Experiences Better Connectivity Powerful Devices (Smartphones) Compelling Apps! Device Capabilities Distribution Channels for making Money!
    • 36. Old vs. New Mobile OLD NEW Operator Deck App Stores + + Developer Imagination Developer Imagination + + Operator Greed Entrepreneurial Spirit = = Blood, Sweat, Tears (& Money) Fun and Money
    • 37. Mobile Print Ad in USA “iphone like” ;) Verizon Wireless (U.S.A Operator) We did not have these “App ads” 1 year ago!
    • 38. Mobile Apps are “mainstream” New Billboard Ad in Boston (on my way to Logan airport) - May 2009
    • 39. iPhone Ad (in U.S) TV Spot #1
    • 40. Target App Consumer “I’m downloading around 2-10 apps a day (yeah, I’m completely addicted), and it seems like 90% of them are complete ju<beep>nk. (but usually a fancy one ...)” - an iPhone content consumer
    • 41. “Show me the Money!” Projects for Hire Ad Funded Consultancy “Challenges and Contests” Private and Public Funding App Stores = Revenue Splits
    • 42. # of Apps Downloaded From
    • 43. Pricing Apps
    • 44. % of People Who Buy From
    • 45. iPhone Pricing
    • 46. Selling Apps Price Points $ 0.99 popular for iPhone (iTunes) Otherwise: FREE to PAID Amount Mobile Ads (worth it?) Subscription Model Tie-ins Pay for feature add-ons popular in future ...
    • 47. Marketing your app Social Tools: Blogs App Review Sites ...
    • 48. Mobile App Review Sites AppVee (Boston based company- Android & iPhone) Apptism (Flash Mobile Games) Many, many, others ...
    • 49. Mobile & Device “App Store” Craze
    • 50. It’s a Revolution! Dear Operators & OEMs, millions of Devices are nothing without DEVELOPER Apps ...
    • 51. What is a “Craze”? Definition: “a popular or widespread fad, fashion, etc.; mania: the newest dance craze.”
    • 52. SmartPhone App Stores “Catalyst” The Result (“The craze”) ... BlackBerry AppWorld Palm App Catalog Apple iPhone AppStore Windows Mobile Marketplace Android AppMarket Nokia OVI Store
    • 53. App Store Features
    • 54. App Stores Compared From
    • 55. Apple AppStore Launched in 2008 Over 1 billion apps downloaded & > 40,000 applications available Distribution = iTunes (Desktop) & iPhone/iPod (On Device Catalog) Developer Program Fee = $99 USD/ $299 USD Revenue Split: 30% (Apple), 70% (Dev) SDK and Dev Tools (XCode) 55
    • 56. “iPhone Effect” “iPhone Effect” = Established Brand + Customer Loyalty + Fashion Identity Source:
    • 57. 1,000,000,000 downloads
    • 58. iPhone App Store Stats 1,000,000,000 downloads (Q2, 2009) xx,000,000 device users (how many users are consuming content? Lots.) 40,000 apps
    • 59. iPhone AppStore Stats
    • 60. Some Pros & Cons Strong Brand (“Trendy”) 20 million devices Simple Purchase Process “1 Hit Wonder” Applications Great (Mobile) UX Getting “lost” within App Store Low Barrier to Dev Entry “Knockoffs Apps” Saturated Marketplace Less Fragmentation No Adobe Flash Player
    • 61. Where to get Started
    • 62. Flash App to iPhone: Porting Process Thomas Joos (Belgium based) Flash & Flash Lite Designer/Developer Mobile Project Discussion
    • 63. Android App Market Launched in 2008 Million of apps downloaded & hundreds of applications available Distribution = G1 (On Device Catalog) Developer Program Fee = $25 USD Revenue Split: 30% (Google), 70% (Dev) Open Source (Android SDK)
    • 64. Some Pros & Cons Sideload off deck Device(s) not “stellar” 24 hour return policy Experience good, but not excellent Open Source roots Fragmentation likely Adopted outside of SmartPhones People expect FREE? Low Device #’s now
    • 65. Android vs. iPhone
    • 66. Where to get Started
    • 67. BlackBerry AppWorld Launched 2009 Dev Cost = $200 USD per 10 apps No new SDK or dev tools Payment = Paypal Revenue Split = 80% (dev)/20% PricePoint of App: FREE or >= $2.99 67
    • 68. Some Pros and Cons Strong Business User base is older age Brand group ... not as “mobile savvy” User base has money to spend! Expensive Development Very Popular Communication High Pricing Barrier
    • 69. Where to get Started (North American)
    • 70. Windows Mobile Marketplace ETA: Q4 2009 Windows Mobile 6.5 Devices $99/year to push 5 apps $99 per Additional Application Revenue Split: 30% / 70% (dev) Promising (TBD) ... App Approval Transparency, 24-hour return policy, wide device support, non-exclusivity
    • 71. Some Pros & Cons Lots of Devices Windows Mobile Devices not quite Heavy Branding “trendy” (yet) Microsoft “Muscle” Fragmentation likely? Lots of existing apps Still Early on details to port/reuse ... (Windows Mobile 7?)
    • 72. Where to get Started
    • 73. Palm App Catalog ETA = TBD (device rumored June 2009 in U.S.) Private SDK Beta available Distribution = Palm Pre (on Sprint Network) Developer Program Fee = TBD Revenue Split: TBD Web Development Tools & SDK (webOS, Mojo)
    • 74. Pros & Cons (TBD) Pre = compelling Potential Limited device Device API Easy to Develop Web Apps = Less (Web Apps)! Powerful Apps?
    • 75. Where to get Started
    • 76. Nokia OVI Store ETA = End of May, or June 2009 Distribution = 40+ million devices S40 Feature Phones & S60 SmartPhones Developer Program Fee = FREE Revenue Split: 30% (Nokia), 70% (Dev) ** App listings are free & unlimited, Symbian certificates are NOT free Supports Flash Lite, Java, Native Symbian S60, etc 76
    • 77. Some Pros & Cons Global Market Limited U.S. Market Not only Apps, but Symbian/S60 = Aging other “media types” Mobile Experience “Open Policies” Fragmentation Nokia 5800 ... & N97!
    • 78. Where to get Started
    • 79. Mobile Share Prediction
    • 80. 3rd Party Flash Lite Content Aggregators ZED Independent Content Aggregator (Flash Lite, etc) Content Aggregator (Flash Lite, etc) “Old School” Symbian, Windows Mobile, etc Content Aggregator Independent Content Aggregator (Flash Lite, etc) - Ad Funded Independent Content Aggregator (Flash Lite, etc)
    • 81. Wrap up
    • 82. Announcements
    • 83. Flash Lite Opportunities Nokia: Calling All Innovators Open Screen Project ($10M USD Fund) Flash Lite Developer Challenge ($100 K) Publish to OVI (App) Store
    • 84. Looking for a job in the mobile industry? Free mobile job posting sites iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, webOS, BlackBerry, Java, and more. Global reach and mobile platform independent
    • 85. Flash on Tap 2009 Beer Festival + Flash Conference May 28-30, 2009 in Boston, USA
    • 86. FITC Mobile 2009
    • 87. iDev 360 iPhone Developer Conference Sept 27-30, 2009 Denver, Colorado, USA
    • 88. Potential Future What will App Stores and Mobile Content be like in 2-3 years? Is there a Mobile App Store “Bubble” forming (recall DOT COM era)? Are “App Stores” the next big thing on other devices besides SmartPhones? (e.g. netbooks?) 88
    • 89. URLS (ME Magazine) (North American) 89
    • 90. Q&A
    • 91. Contact Me email: blog: twitter: linkedin: web: email: 91
    • 92. Thanks Have a great rest of the conference!