Practical Design and Development with Flash on Mobile and Devices


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The Flash player is on hundreds of millions of mobile and other non-PC devices. It is a great runtime to quickly create effective applications and compelling experiences targeting both mobile and other device platforms (e.g. Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android, webOS).

Attend this session to take a journey through the pains and pleasures of design and development with the Flash Platform across mobile and devices. The session will cover: application design and development with Flash and ActionScript, testing with Adobe Device Central, and deploying content with the Adobe Mobile Packager. We'll cover working with Flash Lite, as well as prepping for Flash 10.


This presentation is targeted at those with an interest in learning how to leverage the Flash Platform on mobile and devices. It will feature examples drawn from real (Flash Lite) projects, as well as many Flash community endeavors.


Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the Flash runtimes across mobile and devices, as well as practical matters when designing and developing with the Flash Platform.

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  • Practical Design and Development with Flash on Mobile and Devices

    1. 1. PRACTICAL DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT WITH FLASH ON MOBILE & DEVICES FITC Mobile 2009, Toronto Scott Janousek, Hooken Mobile
    3. 3. Poll How many people are doing ... Flash? Symbian? iPhone? webOS? BlackBerry/RIM? Windows Mobile? Android? What do you like to get “jiggy” with?
    4. 4. INTRO
    5. 5. SCOTT JANOUSEK Founder, Hooken Mobile Developer, Evangelist, Author, Educator, Gadget Geek 9 years with Flash 4 years with Mobile & Devices My Platforms: Flash, Symbian, webOS, iPhone, Android Summary: I’m a gadget & device geek who happens to be a Flash Developer, also.
    6. 6. My First Moble App Mobile Guide Application FITC 2005 Symbian S60 devices - Flash Lite 1.1 All good things come from FITC.
    7. 7. Flash Mobile, Then ... Ah, memories ...
    8. 8. Flash on Devices, Now ! ` I try to be a designer, but really, I’m more of a developer.
    9. 9. Books Foundation Flash for Mobile Devices AdvancED Flash on Devices: Mobile Development with Flash Lite and Flash 10 Some resources if you’re interested in learning how to create Flash apps for Mobile & Devices.
    11. 11. Flash is pervasive of Internet-enabled PC’s in the of Alexa top 100 websites are of all video world run Flash using Flash on the web is Flash 87% of Internet connected PCs 200 million AIR worldwide have installed installs and growing Flash Player 10 There’s a ton of Flash being used out there. Source: Adobe
    12. 12. Flash on the Desktop Widgets! Consumer" Business" Advertising" Tools" Apps" Social" Video" Games" Apps" Lots of use cases for Flash on the desktop and web ...
    13. 13. Desktop to Device Web content & applications Standalone Applications Working with Flash on devices isn’t just “making things smaller”. New experiences are required!
    14. 14. Market Penetration STRATEGIC ANALYTICS FORECAST 1 billion Flash enabled devices will have shipped by end of Q1 2009, one year ahead of Adobe’s 2007 schedule Close to 40% of all new mobile devices shipped with Flash in 2008 Source: Strategy Analytics 2008 I’m pretty sure Dr. Evil from Austin Powers would love this slide. www.
    15. 15. Flash on screens Portables Desktops Non-Portables Embedded & Mobile Flash is versatile across not just desktop, but other device platforms as well. Neat-o!
    16. 16. Flash on SmartPhones HTC Hero (Android) Sony Ericsson idou Palm Pre (webOS)* Nokia N97 (S60 - Symbian) These are some very tasty devices which support Flash (in some fashion). * Coming Soon ...
    17. 17. Adobe Digital Home Adobe wants to bring more Flash experiences into your living room. Sounds good to me.
    18. 18. Open Screen Project Open Screen Project partners span the entire value chain Chipset vendors > OEMs > Operators > Brands & Content Providers Lots of big players in the OSP, and OEMS seem to love Flash, especially.
    19. 19. Open Screen Project Singular experience, Multiple devices Enable consumers to engage with rich experiences seamlessly across any device, anywhere. This is the dream ... the reality is always some fragmentation, and it is challenging to avoid.
    21. 21. Flash Mobile & Devices Basics .SWF = Flash Content .FLV = Flash Video Flash Lite 1.x/2.x/3.x ... and soon, “Flash 10” Supported Device Platforms = Dozens of OEMS Lots going on in the Flash World !!! If you’re into Flash, SWF and FLV are your “friends”.
    22. 22. Flash Lite vs. Flash 10 Flash Lite Optimized Flash Player for Mobile & Devices (1.x/2.x/3.x) Flash 10 * Coming soon to top-tier Mobile and other Devices (eta 2010) * It’ll probably be Q2-Q3 when Flash 10 is in signi cant #’s to really impact market.
    23. 23. Markets to target ... U.I. Browser Apps Services Four “verticals” which make sense for using Flash on Mobile and Devices ...
    25. 25. Creation Tools Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe Fireworks Adobe Flash Flash, Photoshop, Fireworks are what I use.
    26. 26. Wireframing If you aren’t doing wireframing in your mobile work ow, start now. Find templates to use!
    27. 27. Prototyping Not everything has to work, but a Proof of Concept is nice practice to adopt.
    28. 28. UI Components 1st Party 3rd Party Nokia Flash Lite Feather Framework (FL 2.x) Sony Ericsson Adobe XD UI Components (FL 1.1/2.x) Why reinvent the wheel? Search to see if UI components are available for your device platform.
    29. 29. Designing: BEST PRACTICES Wireframe and/or paper prototype Design lots of prototypes (“pieces” of app) Use Adobe Fireworks for compositions Learn design considerations for your target Reuse UI components when possible Check out my main man, Thomas Joos, presentation: Tips & Tricks for Flash Lite Optimization
    31. 31. The Flash Platform Tools to Design & Develop Framework Clients Servers Adobe Flash Adobe Flash Adobe Flash Adobe Adobe Flash Adobe AIR Adobe Flash BlazeDS CS4 Professional Catalyst Builder Flex Player Media Server Data Services Family Lots of goodies to use.
    32. 32. IDE - Flash CS4 Flash CS4 is best whenever an app calls for heavy animation (e.g. games, screen savers, etc).
    33. 33. IDE -3rd Party Eclipse and other Open Source IDEs Flash Develop (AS2) If you hate Flash CS4 and Flash “timelines”, there’s always MTASC with other IDEs.
    34. 34. Which version to use? ACTIONSCRIPT 1.0 ACTIONSCRIPT 2.0, 3.0 * Simple Games, VS. Complex Apps, Screensavers + Wallpapers Web Services Integration, Custom User Interfaces Data, APIs * coming soon ... To AS2, or not AS2, that is the question. Nowadays, you should be “AS2‘ing”.
    35. 35. Flash Lite Community Frameworks Feather Framework Shuriken I’ve used Feather framework on a few projects. Rough around edges, but saves time.
    36. 36. Flash Lite APIs Native 1st Party 3rd Party fscommand2() Nokia Series 60 Platform Services Kuneri Lite Sony Ericsson Project Capuchin SWFPack Qualcomm BREW Mobile Platform Janus Flyer If you want to tap into GPS, accelerometer, bluetooth, camera, etc you must extend Flash Lite.
    37. 37. Develop - BEST PRACTICES Prototype pieces of app, then version 1.0 Use AS 2.0 Frameworks for larger projects 1st & 3rd Party UI Components for reuse Use Flash Lite “Extenders” to tap APIs (GPS, etc) Use Flash CS4 for highly visual apps Use Eclipse & MTASC work ow for complex apps
    39. 39. Device Central This product saves me tons of time, which makes my clients happier.
    40. 40. Testing: BEST PRACTICES Always test on physical targets (when possible) Adobe Device Central Task Plugins Automated Test Scripts Utilize Device Central Panels (memory, cpu, etc) Utilize testing services ... DeviceAnywhere, RDA ActionScript trace() is your friend with Flash Lite
    42. 42. Packaging Nokia Devices .SIS, .NFL, .WGZ Windows Mobile .CAB Others .SWF, .JAR, & Misc Flash Lite apps can come packaged, just like Christmas Prezzies.
    43. 43. ADOBE DISTRIBUTABLE PLAYER One word: cool.
    44. 44. Distributing Flash Mobile Content Check out Mark Doherty’s presentation: Flash Lite Distribution & Open Screen Fund at FITC! Also, Barclay & Burdick’s: Develop & Distribute for Nokia SmartPhones presentation!
    45. 45. Deploying: BEST PRACTICES Figure out your business model, rst Scrutinize the #’s: devices, customers, etc Pick 1-2 device platforms to attack Seed free content to drive your pay apps Target FL 1.1 or FL 2.x for greater # devices
    47. 47. Species Explorer Overview: Touchscreen App Flash Lite 3.x application Platform = Nokia S60 (Symbian) Targets = 5800 & N97 3-4 weeks project time Features: Geolocation (GPS) Camera Snapshots & Upload Data Exchange with Drupal The Nokia 5800 is a pretty sweet device to develop Flash Lite 3.x on.
    48. 48. Species Explorer - Design Main menu Login Report Browse Details Map Not a ton of functionality in this app, but a fair amount of API.
    49. 49. Species Explorer -Discussion Some of the “lessons learned” from this project.
    50. 50. OUTRO
    51. 51. Contact Info twitter: scottjanousek twitter: hookenmobile Don’t be shy.
    52. 52. Book Giveaway Free Book for a Correct Answer! READY? Prize!
    53. 53. Q&A Questions ? Just don’t ask me the Air Speed Velocity of a Laden Swallow ...
    54. 54. iPhone Conference (Boston) October 17-18 2009 MCLE Conference Center Boston, Massachusetts Looks cool. Boston ain’t that bad. The Big Dig is complete. :)
    55. 55. Looking for a job? Tweet and Blog about this, please.
    56. 56. Thanks Enjoy the rest of`the Conference! RT @joe OH: Finally, he’s done, when we can grab a beer, now! ;)