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Wheich Trends to Follow Marketing Public Library/Public Library Services (Based on the Example of Lääne-Vire County Central Library)
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Wheich Trends to Follow Marketing Public Library/Public Library Services (Based on the Example of Lääne-Vire County Central Library)


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To (too?) Public: library Marketing and Public Relations in Public Libraries Today. Presentation by Leigi Kütt, Senior Librarian, Lääne-Vire County Central Library, Department of Library Services, …

To (too?) Public: library Marketing and Public Relations in Public Libraries Today. Presentation by Leigi Kütt, Senior Librarian, Lääne-Vire County Central Library, Department of Library Services, Estonia

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  • Main services are free of charge.
  • It is wise to use all the possibilities of internal publishing If a library wants to have an excellent relationship with the media it should adopt a reporter or better couple of them from the local newspaper What is newsworthy? new or unusual library services, library building projects, Celebration of major library anniversaries, Public training programs sponsored or co-sponsored by the library-major success stories, Exhibits and displays-special programs 2) Get some airtime in the local radio to talk about library services, events, new literature 3) Public service announcements on the radio will reach an additional audience
  • 1)On the 21st century it is expected that culture institutions have a functional webpage with all the useful information about the library and the services 1)If the city webpage has an event calendar then libraries exhibits and events should reflect there too.
  • Our library is keeping two separate blogs- on Lääne-Viru County Central Librarys’ Blog we focus on local and national librarianship- news, developments, problems and on events what have got our attention
  • As the title already says- this blog consists of book suggestions from books what have impressed or moved us
  • Besides libraries newsletter information about our exhibitions and events is also available through Rakvere culture mailinglist
  • every library should have so called highlight event Different events for interest groups- simpliest way to market is to offer guided tours in the library cooperation projects- in a community there are endless possibilities to market library in cooperation with other local institutions like museums, city goverment, schools, theatre We marketed estonian literature with Rakvere Theatre help- every library reader who lent estonian literature got a special password which abled to get 10% discount from theatre tickets
  • Rakvere book fair has been a part of Rakvere city days programm since 2005
  • Free second hand book fair- citizens can bring books what they dont need or want anymore, library organizes them and opens the second hand fair
  • We all know that usual (book)exhibits and dislplays doesnt attract anymore-
  • Nordic poetry exibition on the windows of library
  • Islandic writers in Lääne-Virumaa County Central Library on a Nordic Libary week
  • 1. All the written marketing material should have professional appearance (brochures, flyers, posters etc) 2. Annual report is the best way of marketing library to the local government and library board
  • Provocative marketing campaign- in march 2011 there were parlament elections in Estonia , like we all know all the media is concentrating on politics and politicians then and we tried to take advantage of that. We created our own election campaign- we recycled the slogans and promises of main political parties in Estonia, rephrased them more librarianlike.
  • Transcript

    • 1.  
    • 2.
      • Which trends to follow marketing public library services?
      • Based on the example of Lääne-Viru County Central Library
      • Leigi Kütt
    • 3.
      • Lääne-Viru County Central Library -
      • a public library, the main goal is to serve all residents of Rakvere and Lääne-Viru County.
      • Number of residents in Rakvere - 16  865 ( 02 . 05. 201 1)
      • Structure :
      • Lending Department- non-fiction, reading room, music room
      • Public Internet Access Point
      • Children’s and Youngster’s Department
      • A cquisitions and C ataloging D epartment
      • A dministration
      • Economics and Maintenance Department
    • 4. Lääne-Viru County Central Library Statistics in 2010 :
      • Lääne-Viru County Central Library is using an internet-based library system URRAM (since 2003) .
      • Classification System - UDK (Universal Decimal Classification)
      • Other activities: b ook and art exhibitions, regular fairy tale mornings for children, concerts and all kind of literature events.
      • The Literature club of Rakvere - for everybody who is interested in literature.
      • Number of loans -
      • per capita 15 ; per user 30
      • Number of visits -
      • per capita 7,4 ; per user 15,4
      • Annual additions 2010:
      • 21 titles of newspapers
      • 148 titles of periodicals
      • 6114 books
      • 306 audiovisual materials
    • 5.
      • Marketing through media
      • local newspaper- articles, featurestories, advertisments
      • radio
    • 6. In the studio of local radio “Viru” on air chief specialist of Lääne-Viru County Central Library
    • 7.
      • Marketing through electronic information
      • library’s webpage and city (local authority page) webpage
      • blogging
      • culture and information portals
      • library’s newsletter
    • 8.
      • Lääne-Viru County Central Library’s Blog
    • 9.
      • Librarians book suggestion blog
    • 10. Lääne-Viru County Central Library’s newsletter
    • 11.
      • Marketing through programming
      • literature events
      • book presentations
      • different events for interest groups
      • conferences, workshops
      • cooperation projects etc
    • 12. Rakvere Book Fair 2010
    • 13. Second-hand Book Fair 2011
    • 14. Estonian Library Week 2010- The Minister of Internal Affairs Marko Pomerants working as a librarian
    • 15.
      • Marketing through (book)exhibitions
      • and showcases
      • In case of a special showcase or exhibit,
      • any relevant materials should be pulled from
      • the collection so people can learn more about it
    • 16. Nordic Library week 2010- Northern poetry on the windows
    • 17. Nordic Library week 2010- Islandic writer Kristen Steinsdǿttir
    • 18. 90th anniversary of Jaan Kross- conference, book and poster exhibition
    • 19. Reading Year 2010 the showcase of citings
    • 20.
      • Marketing through self-publishing
      • pressreleases
      • brochures
      • flyers
      • posters
      • annual report
    • 21. The flayer of “The Basic Computer Course for adults”
    • 22.
      • Second-hand Book Fair 2011 poster
    • 23.
      • “ library on a mission”- taking library out from usual surrounding- fairs, markets, information days, visits to schools, kindergartens, elderly homes etc
      • “ library has a mission” – taking part in community events, promoting lifelong learning
    • 24. 2010 Lääne-Viru County Information Fair about adult learning possibilities
    • 25. 2007 Lääne-Viru County Information Fair for senior citizens
    • 26. 2005 Lääne-Viru County Acitivity Fair for children and youngsters
    • 27. 2005 Lääne-Viru County Central Library “Rat Race” team
    • 28.
      • Some unusual ways of marketing library in the community:
      • participating on a movie shoot
      • create a provocative marketing campaign
    • 29.
      • The poster of a movie “Õnnelikud inimesed”
    • 30. Thanks for listening! Questions?