Social Media and National Libraries
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Event: Metadata and Web 2.0 seminar...

Event: Metadata and Web 2.0 seminar
Organised by: Cataloguing & Indexing Group in Scotland
Held on Friday 2nd March at the National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh
Presented by: Bryan Christie, National Library of Scotland



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  • Facebook now has more than 800 million users – more than the entire population of Europe ( 730 million) 140 million tweets a day – equivalent to 6000 copies of War and Peace. Compares to just 10 million a day a couple of years ago More video content is uploaded to YouTube in a 60 day period than the three major U.S. television networks created in 60 years. Flickr niow hosts more that 4 billion images and members upload them at a rate of 3000 per minute.
  • Some people take it very seriously
  • According to a study of 2000 tweets, 40% are useless babble, 38% conversation, 9% pass along value, 6% are self promotioon, 4% spam and 4% news.
  • Explain previous policy two to three new updates a week. Fairly random . Mostly plugging events. Informing people of what was going on in the library New strategy – postings more often, trying to have interesting, entertaining content, using it as just another comms vehicle – KEY THING to highlight richness of collections
  • A mutchkin was an old Scottish measure of just under a pint
  • Tie things in to events elsewhere
  • Trying to do the same thing with Facebook postings – using it as a shop window for the treasures on our website and in the Library
  • This is the big question. Number of free tools you can use to measure impact – Twitter Counter is one of these
  • When took over responsibility for social media in August we had just over 2000 followers , now over 3500.
  • Edinburgh City Council was a finalist in the UK Public Sector Digital Awards 2011 for best use of social media for their “Your Library” platform. Includes a library app, Twitter, Facebook etc – all integrated and very good. Benchmark performance against recognised good practice.
  • Graphs all going up at similar rate. Is this because of anything we are doing or just the expanding use of Twitter generally? British Library in a different league with 260,000 followers. They are in top few hundred of Twitter users while we’re at 72,000. However last summer we were up around 90,000.
  • We have tweeted just over 750 times, the National Library of Wales has over 1700 and National Library of Ireland 9700. Does quality win out over quantity?
  • Scotland’s most banned book by George Buchanan dates from 1579 and has a Latin title controversial views about religion and monarchy
  • It’s been a learning experience – this was me six months ago.

Social Media and National Libraries Social Media and National Libraries Presentation Transcript

  • Social Media forNational Libraries
  • Social media is HUGE
  • But is it useful?
  • How are we using it?
  • Twitter examplesCelebrate Shrove Tuesdaywith a pancake recipe from1782 forget - only half amutchkin
  • Twitter examplesThe Massacre of Glencoe took placeon this day in 1692. This is the originorder to “put all to the sword” under70.
  • Twitter examplesIts the Oscars this weekendand Fridays Fun Film showssome rare Scottish successat the Oscars from 1961
  • Facebook posting
  • Facebook postings - video
  • Facebook postings - pictures
  • Is it working?
  • Twitter followers- last three months
  • Comparing performance
  • Comparing national libraries
  • Tweeting rates
  • Facebook : January - November 201160000500004000030000 Page views2000010000 0 January May September
  • Facebook : January to November 20113000250020001500 Monthly users1000 500 0 January May September
  • Reach
  • Virality
  • Engaged users
  • Summary• Be active• Be interesting• Be funny (where possible)• Monitor what’s happening• Listen and respond to what people are saying