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Lesson 12 Introductions and Conclusions
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  • 1. Lesson 12 – Introduction and Conclusions
    • Walt says: “In this lesson we will learn:
      • How to write an introduction
      • How to write a conclusion.”
    • Wilf says: “By the end of this lesson you should be able to say:
    • ‘ I can…
      • Write an introduction.
      • Write a conclusion.’”
  • 2. Introductions
    • Have three parts:
    • Introduce the topic (e.g. Name of the text and author)
    • Introduce the task
    • Introduce the points that you will cover in your essay
    • An introduction lets you make clear to the reader what you are writing about and what they will find out as they read your piece of work.
  • 3. Example Introduction
    • The breeding of ornamental goldfish has occupied man for centuries. Are these selective breeding programmes causing more harm than good? By examining the pros and cons of breeding Bubble-eyed Goldfish, I hope to discover whether this selective breeding is cruel or beneficial.
    Complete Activity 24 in your booklet
  • 4. Conclusions
    • Finally, the conclusion has three parts to help show you have completed the task:
    • Revisit the task
    • Sum Up what you have shown
    • Give your Personal Response / Reaction (Answer your question!)
    • This is your last paragraph, but in ways it is the most important one.
    • A good last paragraph sums up the key ideas that you have covered and demonstrates to your reader how you’ve come up with your findings or reached your conclusion.
  • 5. Example Conclusion
    • Overall, it is clear that while Bubble-eyed goldfish are considered attractive and are popular amongst fish-keepers. This ancient Chinese species has been saved from extinction, but the high risk of their eye-sacs being damaged by other fish and ornaments makes keeping them cruel in my opinion.
    Complete Activity 25 in your booklet
  • 6. Summary
    • Remember…
      • An introduction makes it clear to the reader what you are going to be writing about.
      • A conclusion allows you to sum up on the main points you have covered and make your final judgement.