Branding a Library


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To (too?) Public: library Marketing and Public Relations in Public Libraries Today. Presentation by Tiina Viik, Library Director, Länsi-Turunmara City Library, Finland

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Branding a Library

  1. 1. Branding a library Tiina Viik, Library Director Väståboland/Länsi-Turunmaa City Library, Finland Maj, 2011
  2. 2. “ Soup is good food” “ Campell’s soups”
  3. 3. Products were connected with luxury… - Cadillac -The penalty of leadership !
  4. 4. Products were connected with … feminity Chanel No 5 -Every woman alive loves Chanel No 5 “Your second skin”
  5. 5. products were connected with youth jeans like Lewis James Dean
  6. 6. “ The Marlboro man” – a real “American Idol” : Come to where the flavour is.
  7. 7. Brand is personality Brand has two sides: 1)Appearance – visual elements like package , logo or website. Graphical profile 2) Soul, personality, identity of the institution. This consist of the background , history and behavior.
  8. 8. Our mission is formulated in Finnish library act as following: “ 1. The objective of the library and information services provided by public libraries is to promote equal opportunities among citizens for personal cultivation, for literary and cultural pursuits, for continuous development of knowledge, personal skills and civic skills, for internationalisation, and for lifelong learning.” “ 2. Library activities also aim at promoting the development of virtual and interactive network services and their educational and cultural contents.”
  9. 9. Right here I would be happy to show you a campaign that Finnish library association has created. “ Like father, like son” The Finnish Library Association celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2010. On the occasion of the anniversary The Finnish Library Association wants to promote the important role of the libraries in transmitting cultural upbringing to the next generations. Script: Markku Rönkkö Production: Otto Tuotanto Oy Director: Jappe Päivinen Released: September 2010
  10. 10. Väståboland/Länsi-Turunmaa & Kimitoön , Scandinavian Islands
  11. 11. Brand (Guggenheim Bilbao)
  12. 12. Our library in Nauvo
  13. 13. Pargas City Library
  14. 14. Branding 1 – Who we are…?
  15. 15. Branding 2 – Who we are…?
  16. 16. Bokbåt – Kirjastovene
  17. 17. Blanka – logo 1
  18. 18. Building a brand… Building a brand is a journey to our innermost: who are we and what do we stand for… Or Even now in marketing it is the way to distinguish a product or a service from other products and services.
  19. 19. Blanka saaristokirjastot Luotsaa sinua tiedon ja elämysten merellä. Blanka Libraries in archipelago Guiding you in the sea of information and adventure.