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The Wild Geese Ceilidh Band are a professional ceilidh trio from Edinburgh, Scotland. Lineup, Andrew on electric fiddle and calling, Steve on guitar, vocals and DJ, and marc on drums. We've been playing at venues big and small in the UK since 1997

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Wild Geese Ceilidh Band Info

  1. 1. Wild Geese Ceilidh Bandwww.wildgeese.bizAndrew Hennessey01333 428921075886 03896Andrew@wildgeese.biz
  2. 2. Overview • 3 piece ceilidh band plus caller • electric fiddle, calling, drums, guitar, DJ, vocals • 23+ different ceilidh dances at all levels; beginners to advanced • Highland costume option • Can add Bass/Keyboard player/Celtic harp • Experienced Weddings DJ & light-show extra £200.00 • Latin guitar option for background ambience • 2 vehicles fuel @ 17p per mile • PAT – tested equipment • Offering a Standard MU contractPrice RangePrices range from £650 under 100 miles from Edinburgh, to £1500Example Logistics – English North & Midlandse.g.1 - 3 piece Band would travel in 2 vehicles for a ceilidh. TypicalEdinburgh to Leeds/Midlands fuel costs 2 vehicles £160 + 2 doublerooms, dinner B&B about £100, service stops £30 = £290 expenses= £290 expenses + performance fee £900 = £1190 exclusive of agencyfee for 3 piece ceilidh band – electric fiddle/caller, guitar/vocals, drums.e.g. 2 - 3 piece Band – round trip Newcastle-upon-Tyne 240 mile for 2cars = 480 miles @ 17pence per mile + dinner B&B, performance fee£800e.g. 3 – 3 piece Band – London, £2200 approx.AboutThe Wild Geese Ceilidh band have been playing venues big and small all overScotland since they formed in 1996. They have a regular public gig at theGhillie Dhu in Edinburgh, but have played at venues from the Queens Hall inEdinburgh to Weddings at Culzean castle and Blair House in the west andeven a small birthday party barbeque in Midlothian!The band have an experienced dance caller - who engages the audience andwalks and talks them through a set of specially selected ceilidh dances to suitbeginners and/or the more advanced audiences. He is noted for being able toinvolve audiences from all parts of the world.The band can provide incidental music by way of playing our iPod through thePA between sets or you can bring your own but they also offer an
  3. 3. experienced Weddings DJ with lightshow and full Disco PA as part of aceilidh/disco package.As an added option theyll provide a Celtic harp player, Sarai who can performambient background music at your event and the band guitarist can performLatin-American jazz bar guitar music as background if required.Where are they based?The band is based in Edinburgh but play at events all over Scotland, includingGlasgow, Ayrshire, Scottish Borders, East and Midlothian and will travel to theNorth of EnglandSample Ceilidh Dance Set ListGay GordonsDashing white SergeantCanadian barn danceCircassian circleBritannia 2 stepSt Bernards waltzTrad strip the willowFestival 4 star reelFlying ScotsmanVirginia reelEightsome reel (shortened version)Shetland strip the willowGaelic waltzPride of Erin waltzCircle waltzCumberland square eightTroikaMilitary 2 stepSwedish masqueradeHighland schottischeWasherwomans branleWild geese scottish country danceSeige of EnnisEightsome reel (full version)Riverside JigLineup3-piece ceilidh band:Andrew Hennessey, on electric fiddle and also dance caller, Steve on guitar
  4. 4. Marc on drums.Steve is our Weddings DJ specialist and Sarai can be engaged to play CelticharpStandard Set Time • Standard 4 hour ceilidhs with/without DJ with 20 minute break to suit. • e.g. Can do a 2 hour ceilidh set - to suit venue timetable for coffee/buffet then play till midnight • Folk Duo 3 x 45 minute sets • Concert 2*50 minute setsBooking Options • 3 piece ceilidh band • 3 piece ceilidh band & DJ • 4 piece lineup can add in our experienced Bass player Jim • 4 piece band & DJ • Live Background music can be performed by Sarai on Celtic harp or Steve on Latin/Jazz guitar • Private Function Entertainment duo with folk, rock, country and blues songs and Latin, jazz and Scottish and Irish instrumentals. • Concert of original world folk music