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Mobile Healthcare Apps: 7 things to remember to get your app noticed


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The presentation was conducted at an event organised by the NHS Innovations South East and was hosted at the Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust and will provide you with 7 key points to implement, …

The presentation was conducted at an event organised by the NHS Innovations South East and was hosted at the Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust and will provide you with 7 key points to implement, consider and remember when trying to get your healthcare app noticed.
How to get your app noticed. Often, too much time, energy and money is spent during the design and development phase of a mobile app with little consideration on a launch and marketing strategy. Many healthcare organisations wonder 'what next.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • And to do that you would have totally understood the expectations of your target audience. Talk to your customers and expect most of your assumptions to be wrong.
  • Its not all about free and 69p! Engagement comes before monitization.Think about your business modelMarket is not dead for paid apps. Represents a large part of the app store for a premium app.Payment app is paid. Additional features for content or features, a path to paid upgrades.Top grossing apps, games will use this model, cloud storage will use it too.
  • Image source: Apple
  • So you’ve done all that
  • Image source: Apple
  • This also comes back to the metrics – how will you know this
  • Sometimes, you have to get out of the engine room and onto the bridge – “From Acorns; Caspian Woods”Image:
  • Source:
  • Source:
  • Email – wow, it just kinda sounds really old but it isn't. 41% of email is now opened on mobileDo you have a list of email addresses you can send to – maybe you want people to become testers of the app, that’s a great way to get them interested and follow through.
  • Now available in 14 countries.iAd producer and iAd blueprint – needs developer input
  • Transcript

    • 1. @scotthague From testing to distribution – getting your app ‘out there’ and noticed. March 18th 2014
    • 2. 60,000,000,000 60+ app stores 1.2m iPhone and 1.1m Android apps 800 iOS apps downloaded p/second 40,000+ ‘health’ apps
    • 3. Image source: Apple
    • 4. Where does your app feature in all of this?
    • 5. Image source: Apple
    • 6. Mobile strategy can become OVERWHELMED with the technology
    • 7. A change of mind set? Your app is a product. Market it like one. Patients are consumers HCP’s are consumers What we demand from retail and banking, we should demand from mobile healthcare
    • 8. app stores are no different
    • 9. It’s not easy being noticed Discoverability is a major problem High expectations from free apps Too many app stores Device fragmentation Poor quality apps Overcrowded app stores Overpopulated app stores
    • 10. You need a business model
    • 11. Try some of these
    • 12. All good companies respond to their communities. When launching an app, you are trying to build a community. Establishing a relationship Earning two-way communication
    • 13. Persona Development
    • 14. The Price Point 1. Free 2. Paid 3. Paymium 4. Freemium? Image source: Apple
    • 15. Image source: Apple App Store Price Points
    • 16. • One app for all devices • No need to download multiple app versions • Universal apps is the growth area Consider universal apps
    • 17. App store catalogue by type Image source: Apple
    • 18. Getting your app noticed can seem like…
    • 19. …or a leap of faith
    • 20. 7 key points in ‘getting your app noticed’
    • 21. We are not doing it for the money, in fact we are doing it to save money. It’s costing the foundation trust £15,000 to do this If your not doing it for the money, what are you doing it for? What are you investing to do that? 1. What Are You Measuring? Client Integrated Change
    • 22. Appency iAd InMobi AdMob Fiksu Facebook Mobile App Install Ads Millennial Media TapJoy Flurry App Circle Localytics Playhaven Chartboost
    • 23. 1. What Are You Measuring? • Patient engagement • Condition management/awareness • Patient satisfaction • Diagnosis • Consultant acquisition • Reducing paperwork • Readmission rates • Research data • Communication • Brand growth/ROI Be very clear on what your want to measure Think • How will you measure your success? • How will you know how effective the app is? • What KPI’s will be in place? • What reports need to be generated and to whom?
    • 24. 79% retry an app only once if it failed first time 31% the app should load in 2 seconds or less Source: Compuware: What Consumers Really Need and Want 2. Develop a great app All the analysis, trends and stats on mobile. Subscribe to our free monthly Market Watch Reports
    • 25. Source: MobileSmith 2014 50% Less than mHealth apps downloaded 500+ times 26% are used only once 2/3 Abandoned after 10th use
    • 26. 2. Develop a great UX Organisations have a poor understanding of mobile Source: IBM/eConsulancy 33% user experience
    • 27. 2. Develop a great app A great app starts with great User Experience design KISS Don’t lose sight of the MVP What problem are you solving? Is there one?
    • 28. 3. Strong Value Propositions WhatWhat WHY Check this out: Simon Sinek Forget ‘What’, focus on
    • 29. 4. Offline Marketing: PR • Use your 100 promo codes • Get the app into the hands of people that count • Let them try out the app before its available • Make sure to support your claims •
    • 30. 4. Offline Marketing: Print • Make sure to use the device images • Use the real screenshots. Let the app speak for itself • Use App store badges • Include the new format for app URL’s – –
    • 31. 5. The App Store 60%
    • 32. 5. The App Store 60% of the apps in the app store have never been downloaded Source:
    • 33. 5. App Store Optimisation (ASO) • App store rankings are algorithmic  Conduct keyword research  Competitor analysis matrix  Keyword tools like Übersuggest/identify/Google keyword planner • Google Play takes page authority into account • Link build to the listing from external sources
    • 34. 5. The App Store: app Page • Keep your description (app & listing) clear and concise • Build your page to be visually appealing (icons, screenshots) • Use singular form words. Avoid long-tail keywords • No need to repeat the category name – its already included
    • 35. 5. The App Store: Reviews • Let them happen organically • Ask nicely, in-app • Listen and respond – always engage • Keep them in the app • Subscribe to RSS feed for app reviews (iTunes Connect)
    • 36. 6. Online Marketing: Content • Blogger outreach – use your promo codes! • Syndicate your content about the app • Don’t force content if the vertical is not conducive to it • Online PR – geared towards building the brand • Utilise app discovery publisher programs - YouAppi and Appi
    • 37. 6. Online Marketing: SEO • Capture the 16% of users discovering apps via the web • Create a page/website – mobile optimised! • Optimise page content for the keywords • Acquire natural links to that page, build authority • App indexing – app’s are no longer left out of search results* * Scroll through for more information on this topic
    • 38. 6. Free Tools Smart app banners App store short links
    • 39. • Pay-Per-Click enhanced campaigns • AdWords now integrates with Mobile analytics • Click to download • App indexing/deep linking • Keywords trigger your ads • Geographic targeting 6. Online Marketing: AdWords
    • 40. • Static ads and recently video ads • Changed to a Cost Per Action model • Requires an App Store URL • Target age/Interests/locations • Use share sheets within apps 6. Online Marketing: Social 145Million app installs
    • 41. 6. Online Marketing: Video • Short video to demo the apps key features • Downloads are pre-qualified • Make sure to have clear calls to actions • Promote the video • Make sure its professional!
    • 42. 6. Online Marketing: Email • Entice with a good title, concise content • Support social media • 41% of emails are opened on mobile • Make emails mobile optimised! • Add app store link to your signature Image –
    • 43. 6. iAd Workbench • Promotional tool to drive downloads • Create your own campaigns 1. Select the app to promote 2. Select the audience from 8 different criteria 3. Set your budget 4. Choose from 4 template banners to use 5. Wait for 24 hours 6. View statistics, tap through rates…
    • 44. 6. iAd Workbench
    • 45. • You need to know more about your users • How they found your app • The types of devices • How they use the app • Return rates to the app • Error reporting Paralysis Form Analysis 7. Measure & Track
    • 46. Google Mobile App analytics Flurry Distimo Flightpath App Annie Nielsen InMobicomScore 7. Measure & Track
    • 47. 7. Measure & Track • Link Google Analytics to your Google Play account • Google Play Referral Flow • Similar to attribution modelling for GA. • Track effectiveness of marketing campaigns • Blogs • Articles • Ad campaigns • Traffic sources
    • 48. 7. Mobile App Analytics: Google • iOS • Web applications • Android • Provides a whole host of reporting
    • 49. 7. Don't forget existing users • They will drive your campaigns and give insights • Build app roadmaps and updates • Consider push messaging • Make them relevant, timely and user controlled
    • 50. …and don’t stop Image:
    • 51. Make sure you have a framework to support your activities
    • 52. The 7 key points 1. Be clear on measurement 2. Develop a great app 3. Build the value proposition 4. Be offline 5. Utilise the app stores 6. Be online 7. Track, monitor, implement
    • 53. Thank you for listening @scotthague