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Customer Service 2.0
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Customer Service 2.0


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Is true customer focus achievable? What about Web 2.0, all hype, with little substance? In a virtual world of twitters, “zombie” attacks and “second lives”, most organizations concerned with the …

Is true customer focus achievable? What about Web 2.0, all hype, with little substance? In a virtual world of twitters, “zombie” attacks and “second lives”, most organizations concerned with the non-virtual world (i.e., the one with a bottom line), are asking themselves the same question: “can I actually use this Web 2.0 stuff for anything useful?”

In this presentation, I describe how organizations, both public and private alike, are leveraging Web 2.0 tools and social networking to connect with their customers/citizens own a whole new level: generating ideas, developing products, as well as helping them help themselves, and others. We'll also run through a selection of “what not to do” case studies that demonstrate the downside to leaping into the Web 2.0 World unprepared, or for the wrong reasons.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Speaking time: 1 min - Total: 1 min Two goals today: 1) identify some risks of jumping blindly in to the Web 2.0 World, and 2) identify some of the real value – ability to reach and engage your customers Let’s quickly go through the agenda for today… <SLIDE>
  • Transcript

    • 1. Scott Gow Customer Advocate and Web 2.0 Cynic October 2008
    • 2. Intro/Agenda
      • 1. First Off, Let me explain the whole “Web 2.0 Cynic” thing
      2. Web 2.0 Crash Course 3. What do crowd-surfing and success in the 2.0 World have in Common? 5. What we Learned Today 4. Customer Service 2.0 in the Wild: The Good, the Bad and The Ugly 6. Questions? Answers?
    • 3. Hey Scott, why so cynical?
      • First: There is great value in Wikis, Blogs etc.
      • But: hype meter (for some) is off the charts
      • And: How “New” is Web 2.0 or Social Networking, anyway?
      Challenge: sort through the garbage to find the real value, and resist the urge to “just do it” Your customers will appreciate it
    • 4. Oh no, I’ve been poked by a zombie!
      • OK, I’ve heard enough about:
      • Facebook & MySpace
      • Blogs
      • Wikis
      • Anything described as “cool”
      • The phrase “that’s the way the new generation does it”
    • 5. Web 2.0 Crash Course
      • Blogs
      • Wikis
      • Twitter
      • Viral Video and YouTube
      • Mash-ups
      • Crowd-sourcing
      • Brand-jacking
      • Prediction Markets
      The buzzwords we’re going to cover today (in general order of hype):
    • 6. To blog or not to blog
      • Blogging’s not for everyone
      • Are you ready for the risks of corporate blogs?
      • Negative Comments
      • Loss of control over the message
      • Neglect
      • Misunderstanding the culture of the Blogosphere
      If you answered no to any of the above, try something else Beware “flogs” , “Astroturfing” and “Sock Puppeteers”
    • 7. Can we make this a wiki?
      • Sound Familiar?
      • Some “Anti-patterns” to avoid :
      • “ All wiki, all the time”, and “One Hammer”
      • “ Manager Lockdown”
      • “ Vandals”
      • “ Bullies” – opposite of champion – “Thou shalt wiki”
      • “ WikiNoobs” –replicates pre-wiki ways of doing business
      • Source: http://
    • 8. Viral Video
      • Widespread Popularity (like a virus)
      • Some intended, some not
      • Every person with a cellphone is a budding Speilberg
      • The “new celebrities”:
        • “ Afro Ninja”
        • “ Star Wars Kid”
        • “ Don’t Taze Me Bro” Guy
      • Diet Coke + Mentos
    • 9. Twitter
      • “ Micro-blogging”
      • 140-character max “tweets”
      • Web, Email, SMS
      • 2.2M Users (July 2008)
      • Follow and Be Followed
    • 10. Mash-ups
      • Mash-up Types: Data, entertainment, etc.
      • Typical: Existing data + maps = Useful
    • 11. Crowd surfing?
      • You are no longer in control of your brand…
      • You can fight it, or ride it.
      • Understand the medium before you dive in
      • There’s more of them then there are of you
      • Avoid “flogs”, “astroturfing” and “sock puppeteering”
      • Support your evangelists
    • 12. There’s More of Them Then There are of You
      • “ Dell Hell”
      • I just want to cancel my AOL
      • The tale of the Comcast Technician
      • “ Brand-jacking”
        • “ Janet” poses as Exxon on Twitter
        • Burger King VP hacks daughter’s email to slight competition
        • Wholefoods CEO pumps stock on bulletin boards
      • I Heart Zappos
      • Slave to Target
    • 13. Frauds Will be Trampled
      • Wal-Marting Across America
      • LonelyGirl15
    • 14. Let The Crowd Carry You
        • Customer Feedback
        • Idea Generation
        • “ Crowd-sourcing”
        • Prediction markets
      Four ways to leverage the crowd to do your heavy lifting:
    • 15. Connecting, not directing Customers and Their Ideas
      • Customer, help thyself (and each other)
      • How do I get in the heads of my customers?
      • Where will my next great product come from?
      • don’t suppress communities, support them
    • 16. Crowd-sourcing
      • Harness the creative talents of the crowd
      • The best ideas/products rise to the top
      • Broader source of ideas
      • Results-based payment
      • Better indication of product success before production
      • “ Design a shirt” – “Solve a Problem” – “Make us better”
    • 17. Prediction Markets
      • Leverage the “Wisdom” of the crowd
      • Knowledgeable speculators buy low, sell high
      • Reward for being “right”, punishment for “wrong”
      • Based on expectation , rather than opinion
      • Internal markets: Predict product launch dates, success of ideas, price points, etc.
      • DARPA’s Policy Analysis Market (i.e., “terrorism” mkt)
      • In politics:
      • Defied polls and predicted:
        • Bush to beat Kerry in 2004 (and electoral votes)
        • Obama to win Iowa primary (January ’08)
    • 18. Customer Service 2.0 in the Wild
      • Just plain bad:
      • Coca-Cola
      • Surprising, one of the better “old Media” brands
      • Hall of Shame:
      • “ The Zero Movement”
      • “ Save surge”
      • Vault
      • Diet Coke and Menthos
    • 19. Customer Service 2.0 in the Wild
      • “ Slave to Target”
      • Unsolicited Brand Evangelist
      • Target Supported, active early on
      • Fell back on old ways
      • Result: One disillusioned brand evangelist
      Started off good:
    • 20. Customer Service 2.0 in the Wild
      • Turned it Around:
        • From Sleeping Technician to “Comcast Cares”
        • From “Dell Hell” to Web 2.0 darling
    • 21. Customer Service 2.0 in the Wild
      • Somebody gets it:
      Does Tiger Woods Really Walk on Water?
    • 22. What Have We Learned?
      • “ The Best” leverage existing brands
      • 2.0 won’t work if you’re bad at 1.0
      • You do not control your brand
      • There’s more of them then there are of you
      • The internet has a l-o-n-g memory
      • The Internet moves at break-neck speed
      • Your customers are talking – do you have what it takes to listen?
    • 23. One Last Example
    • 24. Questions? Answers?
      • Scott Gow
      • [email_address]
      Or… Tweet me on twitter, Friend me on facebook, Read my blog (when I have one), join my network on LinkedIn, BlackBerry Messenger me… Just don’t poke me