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What to look for in a Webinar Service, Conferencing Service or On-line meeting application.

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How to select_a_conferencing_solution

  1. 1. The one Tool Every On Line Business and Network Marketer needs! Are you looking for an affordable web conferencing system? Are you looking for something based on facts and not hype? I can help. If you have not heard of on-line webinars or conferencing, you have probably heard of on-line meetings. On-line Webinars and On-Line Conferencing Too conferencing are the souped-up, high tech versions of on line Expensive? meetings.Webinars or On-Line Conferencing is used heavily by . . . Network Marketers Internet Marketers Home based Businesses Teachers Trainers And So On….Live Conferencing, Webinars or Webcasting is a way to easily reach the masses show product demonstrations hold live trainings generate sales host business & staff meetings Save Money Help reduce Environmental ImpactThere are numerous products out there and most offer a limited set of features for – what I consider – avery steep price. My goal is to offer you a broad overview of the market while guiding your search withsome general information about the available online meeting solutions. Hopefully, I can help youdetermine the best solution suited to your requirements. What I recommend you look for - in general –is low Cost, good functionality, multi-platform capability, reliability and scalability when considering aconferencing solution. At the end - In closing - I would like to share with you a brief review of what Ithink is the best conferencing solution scheduled to launch on Jan 23rd, 2012. 2 - Copyright © All rights reserved
  2. 2. The one Tool Every On Line Business and Network Marketer needs!The Top 5 On-Line Meeting web-based applications. RANK Conferencing Software 1 Citrix GoToMeeting 5.0 2 Cisco WebEx Meeting Center 8.5 3 Adobe Connect 8 4 RHUB GoMeetNow 4.3 (TurboMeeting) 5 BeamYourScreen 4.0COST / AFFORDABILITYAn online web-conferencing tool is one that that allows individuals to hold online training sessions ormeetings at very low costs. I know… low cost is what everyone wants. If only there was a good, reliable,scalable, low cost option available, right? So, when considering a conferencing solution, I recommendlooking for a flat rate with no hidden costs. The ideal conferencing service will be simple and powerfuland come in a package that makes it easy to pay for. I want a Flat Fee with none of that nickel and dimestuff. For example, I don’t want to deal with a base monthly price and then $1 per additional attendeeover my attendance limit. Also, keep an eye out for additional phone charges if you are consideringusing your mobile device. I recommend going with a flat rate and staying away from the services withhidden additional charges.PRICE COMPARISON RANK Conferencing Software COST Participants 1 Citrix GoToMeeting 5.0 49 per month / 468 per year USD 15 2 Cisco WebEx Meeting Center 8.5 49 per month / 468 per year USD 25 3 Adobe Connect 8 55 per month / 540 per year USD 25 4 RHUB GoMeetNow 4.3 (TurboMeet) 12.95 per month / 154.40 per year USD 2* 5 BeamYourScreen 4.0 20.75 per month / 249 per year USD 25 * - $1 per additional attendee 3 - Copyright © All rights reserved
  3. 3. The one Tool Every On Line Business and Network Marketer needs!PRICE TRANSPARENCY Beem RHUB Go GoTo Adobe Price Option Your WebEx Meeting Meeting Connect Screen Now Pay Per Use x Subscription Fee (Single User) x x x x x Subscription Fee (Multi-User) x x Software Liscense Purchase x Free of Charge Source - On Line Meeting Tools ReviewMULTI-BROWSER / MULTI-PLATFORMRegardless of whether you are a PC user or a MAC user, you want an application that can function acrossboth platforms and all know browsers (for example, FireFox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc). Havingmulti-browser and multi platform functionality makes online meetings go much smoother and easier.With cross platform functionality you do not have to worry about your clients failing to communicatewith you due to compatibility issues. Multi-platform and multi-browser functionality is especiallyimportant if you will be holding webinars for people from different countries and backgrounds aroundthe world. So be sure to check for the multi-platform / multi-browser feature on any web conferencingsystem you consider. Beem RHUB Go GoTo Adobe Price Option Your WebEx Meeting Meeting Connect Screen Now Windows x x x x x MAC x x x x x Linux x x x x Solaris x x Other iPhone, iPad, iPhone, iPad Android iPhone iPad iPhone Source - On Line Meeting Tools Review 4 - Copyright © All rights reserved
  4. 4. The one Tool Every On Line Business and Network Marketer needs!RELIABILITYLook for a conferencing application that is robust and can deliver without delays and screen lockups. Ingeneral the top five conferencing applications do pretty well in this category. They know that this is aone factor alone that would destroy any repeat business. If they cannot get this right then any real-time sessions will be a nightmare. So look for a solution that has a low resolution low bandwidthconsumption feature. That will help any of your attendees that have problems with their internetconnection or those paying for units of data for their connection.SCALABILITYThe one feature that makes a great Video conferencing tool is its flexibility when it comes to addingusers to the platform. A scalability feature allows you to add and remove users on the fly making itpossible to hold a long session with mini-sessions in it. Also, look for scalability in terms of businessgrowth. As your business grows you need to be able to increase your meeting capacity. So, look for aservice that has levels or a service that has a huge conference room size to start out.PRESENTATIONPresentations can get complicated. Look for a solution that is flexible when you have a complex onlinesession that involves several levels of presentation, such as when training people online. You may needto present your PowerPoint slides seamlessly during one of those online sessions. A good conferencingsolution should work with all Microsoft Office Applications. In addition to Microsoft applications,desktop sharing is also another way to share information for example- an online sales call. Also, youshould be able to share any files on your computer with your online guests. Make sure the conferencingsolution has an inbuilt video player so you can present your guests with videos and movies. Lastly, theconferencing software should have other features like chartrooms, flags and the ability to set multiplemoderators for your sessions in order to allow you to focus on the presentation. 5 - Copyright © All rights reserved
  5. 5. The one Tool Every On Line Business and Network Marketer needs! Cisco Citrix Beam WebEx RHUB Adobe GoTo Your Meetin GoMeetNo FEATURE Connec Meetin Screen g w 4.3 (Turbo t8 g 5.0 4.0 Center Meeting) 8.5 Supported Mode of Usage Desktop Sharing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Virtual room No Yes No Yes No Localization Console in multiple languages No Yes Yes Yes Yes Invitation stage Schedule meetings Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Schedule recurring meetings Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes One-click meetings (ad-hoc meetings) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Meeting calendar Yes Yes Yes Yes YesDuring Meetings Citrix Adobe Beam WebEx RHUB Attendee management Invite participants after meeting has started Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Expel an attendee from the meeting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Application sharing Transfer mouse and keyboard control Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Access to desktop Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Access to selected applications Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Clean screen (hide task bar etc.) Yes No Yes No No Instantly change presenters Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Interaction Annotation and drawing tools Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Whiteboard No Yes Partly Yes Partly Chat Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Instant Messaging Yes No No Yes No Full screen/partial screen mode Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes File transfer via virtual storage room No Yes Yes Yes Yes Video Webcam Yes Yes No Yes Yes Audio function Audio Conference Call Control Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Mute participants Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 6 - Copyright © All rights reserved
  6. 6. The one Tool Every On Line Business and Network Marketer needs! Meeting follow-up Citrix Adobe Beam WebEx RHUB Functionality for organizers Surveys / polls No Yes No Yes Yes Participant reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Meeting recording Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Inactivity time-outs Yes No Yes No No Integration Citrix Adobe Beam WebEx RHUB Outlook integration Yes Yes Partly Yes Partly Lotus Notes integration Yes Yes Partly Yes Partly Integration with other solutions via API Yes Partly No Yes Partly Source - On Line Meeting Tools Review So, what is the Best on-line conferencing solution?I’m sure you have already guessed the name: MeetCheap! There is only one thing you need to knowabout MeetCheap and that is the price. It has all the features that the other major competitors haveand more for a reasonable price. 20 Seats for $1.67 per month 100 seats for $9.97 per month 7 - Copyright © All rights reserved
  7. 7. The one Tool Every On Line Business and Network Marketer needs!My first reaction to the name “MeetCheap” conjured up some strange images, but do not let the namefool you. MeetCheap is a state of the art easy to use web-based, multi-platform, multi-browser, flat feewebinar and live web casting service. Now, you can afford to network with an unlimited amount ofpeople in real time.One of MeetCheap’s exclusive features is FACEBOOKIntegration. When GVO launches MeetCheap in Late Jan2012, MeetCheap will be the very first LIVE Webinar Serviceallowed run on Facebook. This is an historic launch.If you are interested in getting in on the ground floor checkout the launch link at the end of this paragraph. If you are in starting your own business, MeetCheap is avideo-conferencing platform that presents you with the possibility achieving that goal. (Launch)GVO’s MeetCheap Conferencing has more features for less. MeetCheap Webinar Conferencing isAFFORDABLE for ANYONE with a high speed Internet connection. This is a professional conferencingsolution being brought the masses for $1.67 per month for a 20 seat conference room. Webinar Pricingis usually $100 per month or more for any kind of room volume. i.e. 15 active participants. 8 - Copyright © All rights reserved
  8. 8. The one Tool Every On Line Business and Network Marketer needs!Bio:Scott Hammontree is the owner operator of Scott is a master troubleshooter,problem solver and part-time writer. For the past 2 years he has been building his Internet Marketingbusiness. For over 10 years Scott has been researching data integrity issues and mapping data in avariety of systems. In addition, he has built and or maintained applications for almost every aspect ofbusiness from Accounts Receivable, Purchasing, Electronic Data Interchange, Decision Support Systems,Inventory Control, and more. Scott is well versed in the System Development Life Cycle andRequirements Management process. Most of all, he combines his wide range of knowledge andtechnical skills with strong relationship building and customer service experience. Scott has beenrecognized numerous times by his previous and current employers for his outstanding technicalexpertise, work ethic, and excellent customer service. ( 9 - Copyright © All rights reserved