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Four factors to consider when looking for a Hosting service that is friendly to Internet Marketers.

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Choosing a web_host

  1. 1. If you are interested in starting your own on-line business, then hosting is definitely a critical piece ofthe foundation. You should be aware that not all hosting providers cater to Internet Marketers. In fact,some hosting companies do not care for Internet Marketers that much. If you just want to have a webpresence for your brick and motor company, then any one of the top five web hosting companies will bemore than sufficient for your needs. For Example, 1. HostGator 2. BlueHost 3. HostMonster 4. GoDaddy 5. JustHostHowever, if you want to dive into the world of Internet Marketing or your business involves some formof on-line training, then I strongly recommend you look for a hosting provider that caters to the InternetMarketer. There are four things to consider when shopping for a hosting provider that will support youron line marketing type of business.First, look at the emailing services provided by the host. Internet marketers require an email auto-responder. As you will find out, a significant percentage of income will come from bulk emailmarketing. So, be sure to select a host with an auto-responder service and note how much each levelcosts. For example, level one may be $19.95 per month for a list of 500 people. The host should havean auto-responder that can meet your needs as your business grows. As your business grows and yourlist of customers grows you will need an auto-responder that can handle large bulk emailing.With respect to email marketing, the problem with some web hosts is that they do not care about yourmarketing needs. They care more about following the rule of law. I can hardly blame them, but internetmarketing is much more main stream today. Many Internet Marketers are honest business men andwomen trying to make a living selling legitimate, useful on-line products.If you try to host your own auto-responder, you could be in for a more work that you bargained for. Forexample, let’s say you bought yourself the best self-hosted auto-responder software out there, and thatyou are a very responsible marketer who has built your list using double opt-in only. Regardless of yourintegrity and efforts, sometimes a subscriber may have forgotten that they signed up for yournewsletter or email list. When this happens, sometimes the disgruntled subscriber gets a hold of yourweb hosting provider, and reports your domain. If you are with a hosting company that does not havean auto-responder service, then you are vulnerable to these type of complaints. If the host receives afew complaints, they may shut you down. On rare occasion, your web host can shut your site downwithout any warning.Imagine, you have worked on your business for over two years, and all of a sudden your account isshutdown without notice. You may have to spend countless hours trying to get your site back on line. 1 Copyright – Copyright © All rights reserved
  2. 2. With respect to professional auto-responder services (eg AWEBER), being compliant with SPAM laws isextremely important. Auto-responder services are tuned into the SPAM laws and are well equipped tohandle issues like this. They understand that people sometimes forget and are not so trigger happy withthe on/off switch. They only allow double opt-in validation and can validate and defend your position.So, when it comes to finding a web hosting provider that will be suitable to your business needs, be sureto select a host that provides a professional auto-responder service.Second, look for a video hosting service. Internet marketing has moved heavily into video. If you arenot creating video content or sharing videos then you are competing at a disadvantage. Many webhosts do not provide a video hosting service. Or, if they do, they will charge a hefty premium for theservice. Of course, you can use YouTube to host your videos which is free, but being able to host yourown videos without all the YouTube noise is priceless.Third, look for a host that provides Conferencing Software. On line webinars are on the rise and criticalto communicating with your list of customers. Remember, you are offering your products to an on linecommunity that you have created in the form of a list. The list is your bread and butter. If you have acustomer on your list that has double opted-in then you have a potential loyal customer. Being able tocommunicate with that customer is critical. Conferencing software is personal touch approach tooffering your products and ideas to those customers.Fourth, look for what I call the basic features. Make sure your hosting account (aka package) includesthe following: 1. UNLIMITED Hosted domain names 2. UNLIMITED MySQL databases 3. UNLIMITED Sub-domains 4. UNLIMITED Email accounts 5. UNLIMITED Bandwidth 6. UNLIMITED Storage or at a minimum 70GB 7. 24x7 Phone and On-line Chat supportAgain, in closing, when you are considering a web hosting provider make absolutely sure that they aremarketer friendly, and that they understand your on-line business needs.Internet marketing businesses need so much more than web-hosting and a presence. A new businessneeds the proper marketing tools that generate leads, traffic and ultimately sales.Amazingly, there is a company that has it all and is designed specifically for the Internet Marketer. GVOgives you ALL those tools absolutely FREE with your paid Titanium hosting account: Professional Auto-responder Service Professional Video Hosting Service Professional Conferencing Software Service Check Out GVO 2 Copyright – Copyright © All rights reserved
  3. 3. Bio:Scott Hammontree is the owner operator of Scott is a master troubleshooter,problem solver and part-time writer. For the past 2 years he has been building his Internet Marketingbusiness. For over 10 years Scott has been researching data integrity issues and mapping data in avariety of systems. In addition, he has built and or maintained applications for almost every aspect ofbusiness from Accounts Receivable, Purchasing, Electronic Data Interchange, Decision Support Systems,Inventory Control, and more. Scott is well versed in the System Development Life Cycle andRequirements Management process. Most of all, he combines his wide range of knowledge andtechnical skills with strong relationship building and customer service experience. Scott has beenrecognized numerous times by his previous and current employers for his outstanding technicalexpertise, work ethic, and excellent customer service. ( 3 Copyright – Copyright © All rights reserved