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Intro to Message Bus - How DMARC and the Cloud Can Boost E-mail Marketing Results
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Intro to Message Bus - How DMARC and the Cloud Can Boost E-mail Marketing Results


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Message Bus is a new cloud-based email delivery service that is based on the new DMARC security standard, which can help boost e-mail click-through rates (CTR) by 20%+, reduce email costs, and deliver …

Message Bus is a new cloud-based email delivery service that is based on the new DMARC security standard, which can help boost e-mail click-through rates (CTR) by 20%+, reduce email costs, and deliver an instant analytics solution for all of your outbound messaging. Founded by the team behind Twitter, Hotmail, Webshots, Return Path, and more, Message Bus is email delivery done right. Works with all existing email delivery providers.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • We REDEFINE e-mail delivery. The only way to get an order of magnitude improvement over the existing e-mail delivery ecosystem was to re-architect the whole thing.
  • So Message Bus assembled a team of thought leaders and experts from all areas of the industry – ISP’s (Hotmail), Publishers (Twitter, Webshots), Spam (Return Path), Security (DMARCian), and started from scratch to FIX EVERYTHING.Our goal was to get out of the world of siloed ESP’s that don’t scale and server-limited systems to build the most scalable, secure, and affordable e-mail delivery service possible. And that’s exactly what we built.It is the first cloud-native mail delivery service, built from the ground up to scale quickly without having to provision and rack servers, like existing ESP’s. It uses the latest security standards like DMARC to boost open rates, and virtually eliminate phishing and spoofing.It is one dashboard to view, control, and manage all of your messaging data, your reputation with ISP’s, and phishing/spoofing attempts.
  • Does e-mail delivery matter? Yes, it does. A LOT.Here are the direct impacts that our customers have been telling us they have received from Message Bus.Immediate scale when you need it. As many IP’s as you need, auto-provisioned, no need for dedicated hardware like other ESP’s.50-70% reduction in e-mail delivery costs – this also comes from leveraging the cloud. We are typically 1/4th the cost of ESP’s, and 1/8th the cost of server-based systems.8-40% boost in CTR. This largely comes from the enforcement of the latest security standards like DMARC, DKIM, and SPF. Once ISP’s know you are a trusted source and use best practices, you can get a huge boost. Control of your e-mail standards and reputation – we take care of bounces, unbsubscribes, suppression, and more to keep your reputation maxed.By using the latest security standards like DMARC, you can dramatically reduce phishing and spoofing that can damage your brand, and get eyes on any domain pretending to be you. That’s the funny thing about phishing is you don’t really know it’s happening until it’s too late.Global view of messaging in 1-2 weeks. We focus on delivery, so our solution works with any and all email marketing solutions you have today. We can pull all of those into one global view very quickly, and enforce standards across all of your teams, projects, methods, and vendors. Many of our customers implement us for just this – a fast business intelligence solution for all messaging.
  • I split this slide into two to point out that it works with existing mail systems.
  • With our dashboard, you can see it all in one global picture.
  • PER CUSTOMER APPROVALChirpMe is a good example of scale, outgrowing an existing ESP, and fast migration.
  • PER CUSTOMER APPROVALDocuSign is a good example of a co that needs security. [note – don’t have stats yet]
  • THIS SLIDE IS CURRENTLY HIDDENPER CUSTOMER APPROVALLinkedIn is a good example of “global view” and implies scale.
  • In summary, we can deliver the following, and do it quickly. I didn’t even mention earlier that we can reduce your per message costs by 80%, and the rate gets cheaper as you grow, thanks to the cloud.Lastly, this is a fast and easy way to make progress on your vision.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Introducing Message Bus
    • 2. Message Bus is redefining how email delivery is done at scale.
    • 3. Our solution is: • Architected by a diverse mix of industry experts • The first cloud-native mail delivery service • Leveraging the latest security standards • A global view to manage all your message delivery Experts from:
    • 4. Direct Impact to Your Business: • Immediate scale when you need it • 50-70% reduction in email delivery costs • 20%+ boost in email click-through rates • Control of your email standards and reputation • Dramatically reduce phishing/spoofing • Global view of your messaging in 1-2 weeks
    • 5. • Code directly to cloud via APIs, or • Route via SMTP • No need to change existing email marketing systems How Message Bus Works
    • 6. How Message Bus Works
    • 7. Global view across organization See how customers interact with your messages Identify and isolate reputation risk areas in real-time Know where messaging is driving your business Global View, Global Control
    • 8. Case Example – Fast-growing social network approaching 1 billion messages/month, outgrew ESP and needed to scale efficiently. - Live and migrated in 5 weeks - 63% reduction in costs - 14% boost in CTR (best practices) - Email reputation issues identified early Can share under NDA
    • 9. Case Example – Online document company wanted the latest security standards without having to swap out email marketing systems or modify existing code. - All email fully DMARC-enforced - Reduction/identification of phishing/spoofing attempts - 60% reduction in delivery costs Can share under NDA
    • 10. Case Example – Leading social network needed global view of multiple email vendors, and consistent enforcement of email best practices and security standards. - Routed all email marketing vendors through SMTP gateway - Global enforcement of standards - Can quickly determine where and how reputation is being affected Can share under NDA
    • 11. Message Bus Delivers: • Scale with the first cloud-native mail delivery. • Global visibility and control, while providing autonomy to each group. • Immediate results - boost CTR by 20%+, and reduce messaging IT costs by 80%. • A fast and easy implementation to deliver on your digital future.
    • 12. QUESTIONS? Thank you very much!
    • 13. Learn more at