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Zendesk User Group - May 14 2013 - OpenDNS & Zendesk
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Zendesk User Group - May 14 2013 - OpenDNS & Zendesk






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  • Scott Cressman has almost 15 years of experience in the information technology industry, focusing on product management, software development, network & systems administration, and consulting. Scott’s passion is creating great technology products that make people’s lives better.
  • OpenDNS wanted to shift to expand their enterprise offeringsWanted to launch Umbrella in 6 months (visuals?)Complete re-vamp and expansion of product line – lots of work to do
  • One of two Product Managers sprinting with Engineering teams to deliver Umbrella in 6 monthsCreated a brand new web interface for the new Umbrella product3-4 prior to launch, I began wondering “How are we going to deliver documentation? An improved support experience?”Support had been considering replacement systems and had even trialed Zendesk a year before but found it wasn’t ready at that point
  • I knew we didn’t have enough time to build our own systems, and didn’t want to (not our core competency)After a bit of poking around, myself and our Support Manager decided to look at Zendesk & Desk.com (after a short look at MindTouch)Talked with Support Manager, pushed and prodded on whether they wanted to team up and choose a solution that solved both our problemsRisky, a lot of change right before a big launch, but we believed our processes were simple enough and the gains would be great enough to potentially take the risk, so we decided to looking into itDone an eval on assistly before, zendesk had come out as the leader but at the time got a commitment from Engineering. A year later when re-evaluating there weren’t enough changes to warrant looking seriously at desk.com
  • Aren’t fully leveraging Zendesk as well as we could (we are not power users like many of you probably are!)Still streamlining our support processesJust scratching the surface on analyticsRecently hired a full-time person to create, manage, and organize our content, and integrate it more seamlessly with the product as well as monitor the stats & intel coming out of Zendesk re content usage
  • Still early in the relationship but we are happy with things so far and are optimistic of what’s to come
  • We are an agile shop, so we do retrosWhat worked, what didn’t, what needs improvement
  • Broke reportingMight be different than what most people thing about here – it’s the presentation and linking back to the product dashboard. We want to share some content between spokes and that wasn’t possible.
  • Example: Release notes
  • Using the old integration
  • We’re planning to begin providing phone support, and are entertaining whether we can use Zendesk or not? (looking for advice here)Some anticipated shortcomings here already

Zendesk User Group - May 14 2013 - OpenDNS & Zendesk Zendesk User Group - May 14 2013 - OpenDNS & Zendesk Presentation Transcript

  • How we met, how it’s going, future plansScott Cressman, Product Manager - OpenDNS
  • Scott Cressman@scott_cressmanProduct ManagerLocated:• Vancouver, CanadaExperience:• 10+ years in security• 7+ years in ProductManagement• 3+ years in Support &Professional Services
  • Located:• Boise, Idaho, USAExperience:• 4 year @ OpenDNS• 10+ years in DNS• 15+ years inSupport/CustomerService• Hobby Programmersince QBASIC• Wrote 1stZendesk/PHP APIlibrarySenior Support Manager@tresnitresnitresni
  •  OpenDNS began as a free DNS service
  •  Who is OpenDNS…PLANNEDTODAY
  •  Who is OpenDNS…
  •  Who is OpenDNS…
  •  Umbrella is a New Cloud Security Service from OpenDNS…
  •  Umbrella secures across a distributed & mobile workforce
  • 1 year ago…The goal: Introduce• Build a new suite of products• Build a brand new management UI• Launch the new brand…in 6 months
  • • 9-5 Pacific email support only• Phone support only for a selectfew customers• Running our own homegrownforums, knowledgebase, featurerequest system (IdeaBank)• Email support using a localinstance of Cerberus – no webinterface for customers
  • NOPE!!!!
  • 1. Cloud-based Helpdesk ticketing system that:• Improves customer experience• Gives us intelligence we can manage by• Replaces Cerberus (first for Enterprise, later forConsumer).2. Cloud-based documentation & knowledgebasewith user forums & feature requests that canintegrate with our Web Dashboard.3. Deliver v1 in less than 3 months (in time for theUmbrella launch).
  • • Focused only on Umbrella (e.g. enterprise)• Support began using Zendesk for all Umbrella-related tickets and beta-tested in the weeksleading up to launch• Using SSO, integrated support portal into ourDashboard (will show you shortly)• Seeded small amount of valuabledocumentation
  • • Customers wouldn’t be able to track their tickets• We’d still have no idea how we’re doing (andhow to improve) in Support• Have no home for supporting content for theproduct (e.g. searchable documentation/KB)• No customer community• …It would NOT have been pretty
  • • Streamliningsupport processes• Scratching thesurface onanalytics• Next month:Adding a full-timeresource dedicatedto content creation& management
  • • Both Umbrella & Consumer products:– Supported through Zendesk (email & web portal)with their own custom workflows and tiers/teams– Have their own branded instances ofdocumentation, KB, feature requests– Zendesk + Good Data provide stats & metrics thatare helping us improve our products & service– Integrated into our SalesForce instance
  • Using anything but Enterprise• Multi-brand management & unlimited lightagents forced us to upgrade from Plus toEnterprise.
  • Flexible ticketing system• We’re able to define our roles and customizeour workflow accordingly to optimizecoverage and response time.
  • Multi-Brand Management• Hub-and-spoke model too restrictive andwe’ve had to do some customJavaScript/CSS to achieve multi-branding.(Looking forward to improvements here!)
  • Fast integration• We were able to integrate Zendesk with ourproduct and processes VERY quickly withlittle Engineering effort.
  • Content control• Not enough granularity to control exactlywho sees what content (it only works on aforum-level granularity).(Looking forward to improvements here as well!)
  • Branding/Customization• We were able to maintain a consistentexperience from the product into Zendeskwith a small Engineering effort.
  • Feedback Tab• Generates too many support requests• We want to funnel people through contentfirst, and understand where they are comingfrom at the same time…
  • Integration with SalesForce• We’ve successfully integrated with ourSalesForce instance; it was easy and it worksgreat!(new integration didn’t work for us though)
  • Customizing content• Currently you must log in to view Umbrellacontent, and you will only see content forproducts you are licensed for.• Considering making everything public
  • Satisfaction Ratings• Weve gone through 4 iterations ofhow/what to send & when.• We now get ~40% response rate to ourrating requests.
  • • Anxiously awaiting some of the new Zendeskfeatures:– Help Center (beta looks good!)– Improved support for multiple instances (branding)
  • Looking for guidance & experiences here:• How to beta or A/B test with select group of customers?• Settings expectations and organizing teams with respect tovoice & chat?• Impact on support load with the introduction of voice & chat?SOCIAL MEDIA