TL;DR - The Graphication of Social Networks & Impact on Marketing Strategy

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Presentation on visual social networks and content marketing given 5/18/2012 at WebVisions conference in Portland, including Pinterest and infographic marketing. Also discusses indications of where …

Presentation on visual social networks and content marketing given 5/18/2012 at WebVisions conference in Portland, including Pinterest and infographic marketing. Also discusses indications of where social visual networks are headed.

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  • Visual social networks when the presentation was pitched
  • Show all different networks
  • What’s next
  • Social bookmarks + commerce


  • 1. TL;DR The Graphication of Social Networks and Impact on Marketing StrategyScott Cowley
  • 2. TL;DR (Too long; didn’t read) Explained The Old Man and the SeaAn old man catches a fish thats too big for his boat. The fish gets eaten by sharks. Then he goes home and DIES. Dante’s Inferno Some woman puts Dante through Hell. What do we sacrifice in the pursuit of succinctness? Source
  • 3. What Next? Source
  • 4. ColourLovers.comWhy share complete pictures when you can share colors?
  • 5. 8.3 Million Users May, 2012
  • 6. How much real estate did Google devote to visual?
  • 7. Facebook Timeline.
  • 8. Will social bookmarking history repeat itself?
  • 9. Pinterest cloning w/ jQuery: Anyone can build a visual social bookmarking site.
  • 10. PrivateComprehensive The Future of the Visual Mobile Social Network Niche
  • 11. Comprehensive = a solution for saving/sharing images AND links! Which is why it may fail.
  • 12. Success on Pinterest  Source
  • 13. 10% Conversion RatePinterest Traffic zzzzzzz Average Order Value 10% Source
  • 14. 6 Optimization Areas• Image factors• Sizing factors• Description factors• Timing factors• Network size factors• Algorithm factorsHomework: Read up on each of these.
  • 15. Pinterest Tools•••••
  • 16. Consider incentives. (ZAGG’s Facebook followers were entered into a drawing for following on Pinterest)
  • 17. Content Marketing Relevancy ZAGG’s Products Screen Protectors Mobile Tech Media
  • 18. What Infographic Success Looks Like Name of Links Retweets Topic View Infographic World Cup 2010 Calendar (English) 53,538 18,000 Sports Link World Cup 2010 Calendario (Spanish) 19,044 18,000 Sports Link WTF is HTML5 and Why We Should All Care 14,200 5,846 Internet Link How Different Groups Spend Their Day 13,000 n/a Culture Link The Rip 8,517 1,500 Technology Link Left vs Right World 6,000 123 Politics Link The Billion Dollar Gram 4,000 n/a Money Link If You Printed the Internet 4,000 1,956 Office Link Coffee Drinks Illustrated 3,688 n/a Coffee LinkSource
  • 19. ResourceComparison THEMATICS State of X Progression
  • 20. GOOD
  • 21. LESSGOOD
  • 22. UGLY
  • 23. UGLY
  • 24. UseRelevantHooks &Narratives
  • 25.
  • 26. You can create an infographic with no data.Ex: We searched “next big thing” in Google, adjusted the time frame to show recent results, documented, and organized. Source
  • 27. Source
  • 28. Email Social Marketing BookmarkingBlogCommenting Content Blog Seeding RepurposingPress InfographicRelease Directories Content Social Media Refresh Home Page Sharing Banners
  • 29. Who Linked To Past Infographics? Google Image Search (Image) (infographic URL) (Image) Research Niche Infographics• Search / other infographic sites by keyword• Search Google – Intitle:keyword + “infographic” – Inurl:keyword + “infographic” – Keyword + infographic
  • 30. Social Bookmarking StumbleUpon (Consider Promoted Stumbles) Other Niche Pinterest SitesNetworks are valuable. Use your own or pay others for the use of theirs.
  • 31. Free Infographic Submission (save for the end of promotion period) m m m InfographicsGenerator.c om mIHeartInfographic s m InfographicsBin.tumblr.c InfographicsShowcase.c om
  • 32. Personal lessons from in-house infographic creation & promotion:- Get placement on sites with established followings (especially those getting scraped)- Make sure your graphic looks visually appealing from a distance (important for Pinterest)- Send your infographic to your e-mail list (standalone or packaged with other content marketing). It’s an easy way to reach a relevant audience with minimal work.- Most in-house designers have never done this. Prepare for a lot of revisions.
  • 33. Scott All major baked goods accepted.