ReFresh Pt 1 Vision (May 2012)


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  • 1. Yesterday we asked this question - considered it from the perspective of the Life Cycle of a Church 2. Today I want to consider it from a 2nd Perspective = What are some of the Practical Elements that help a church become a Mobilized Church? 3. NEXT SLIDE
  • 1. I’d like to focus our attention on 4 Key Elements - there are certainly more, but these are essential 2. KNOWLEDGE - we need to KNOW what the MISSION is * or what the end result we desire - we focused on that yesterday 3. ( CLICK ) Then we need to possess the PASSION to accomplish that Mission = an inner drive/desire to follow the Pattern of Jerus. & Antioch chs. - I assume you have the Passion or you wouldn’t be here! 4. ( CLICK ) We then need a clear VISION of what that might look like where we are - a clear picture of what we believe God wants us to be - we’ll take a closer look TODAY at what Vision is and how you get it 5. ( CLICK ) Finally, a PLAN for how we are going to make the dream/vision a reality - clear and effective Strategies for living the Vision 3. NEXT SLIDE
  • 1. Remember our Objective: A Mobilized Church Definition of a Mobilized Church (click) (read) 2. This definition incorporates: a. The Great COMMISSION & Great COMMANDMENT (make disciples & love one another) b. it also incorporates the N.T. PATTERN of Jerus. & Antioch chs. 5. NEXT SLIDE
  • Discovering Vision Requires a Pathway and a Process 1. The Pathway becomes a GUIDE - usually Vision doesn’t just occur - there are some strategic steps one must take - involves: * Asking the right questions * Taking time to dream again * Understanding the goal 2. The Process provides a SAFEGUARD a. It maintains balance betw. inward & outward focus * it’s not all about “us” (our church) * it’s also about “them” (non-believers) b. It engages leaders other than the pastor & board * the process involves a Vision Team 3. The result is a fresh & relevant Vision for the church - this Renews Leaders...their dreams & passion - Renews them hope & passion 4. Renewed Vision makes a huge difference - b/c the church STOPS asking, “What do we want to be?” - & STARTS asking, “What does GOD want us to be?” 4. You see, for the church, the Mission doesn’t change, - only the vision has died, grown stale, or been forgotten 5. So let’s take a closer look at VISION NEXT SLIDE NEXT SLIDE
  • 1. So what exactly is VISION? - SHARE in the large group 2. Let me offer my thoughts: NEXT SLIDE
  • 1. Vision addresses the dissatisfaction with the way things are - or it is the unwillingness to let the way things are now be the same in future - or a dream of what could be NEXT SLIDE
  • 1. Taking these (& your) statements of Vision & applying them to church... - I like this working definition of Vision: - Vision is a mental picture of what the outworking of the mission should look like in the future 2. Key ideas: a. Vision is something you can “see” in heart or mind b. Vision (that changes) is connected to Mission (unchanging) c. Vision is for a foreseeable future (not eternity!) NEXT SLIDE
  • 1. READ 2. The VISION is ultimately God’s idea, not ours - AND he reveals it to hungry hearts ready to obey * not usu. given so we can decide later to obey it 3. There are 2 impt. implications of this NEXT SLIDE
  • 1. Vision is not something we create and ask God to help a little - it’s not our idea, but seeking God’s dream for our church 2. Vision is God-size and someth. for which we are totally dependent - ILLUS : As one of ldrs. in Berlin Ch. put it: “ We’re not putting together our plan and asking God to bless it. We’re seeking God’s plan/vision that only he can accomplish thru us.” 3. So now that we have a common understanding of Vision, - where do we go fr. here? NEXT SLIDE
  • 1. We begin with a VISION TEAM - a key group of leaders who will help you/pastor discover the Vision 2. Here’s a description of the VISION TEAM - (click) READ 3. Safe to say that you/pastor cannot develop and implement a vision successfully w/o utilizing a Vision Team - you’re the coach, but you need a TEAM to compete NEXT SLIDE
  • 1. READ BULLETS & Comment 2. Selection based on: - Diversity: age, gender, nationality, longevity - Common Element: spiritual maturity - Size: 6-10 members, not more than 12 incl. pastors 3. They should be faithful, teachable and available NEXT SLIDE
  • 1. Not all Visions are created equal! - some are better/more useful than others - there are some common elements of a Good Vision 2. (click) Ties into Your Mission (comment) --gives direction (click) Expresses your Values (click) Stirs your Passion --gives significance (click) Inspires Effort --provides motivation 3. Vision is more than a cute word picture - it is the critical element to accomplishing the mission - that’s why Jesus used Vision statements NEXT PAGE
  • 1. Jesus offered several compelling Vision statements to followers - can you think of some of them? 2. Examples: (click) Fishers of men (click) my church... (click) Light of world (click) Salt of earth 3. Those vision statements directed his training of disciples - b/c he knew fulfilling the vision would accomplish mission - by all measurements, those are compelling Visions T.S. So how do we build a good Vision statement? - (I’m glad you asked!) - let’s do a little Vision Development practice NEXT SLIDE
  • 1. First define the coverage area for the Vision - what I call Spheres of Vision = the areas you want your vision to apply to 2. Of course, you want it to apply to the CHURCH ( click ) - both the people and the organism - you have a dream for what the outworking of the mission ought to look like in the church * how it would affect the people & the institution 3. ?? What other Spheres/Areas would you like the vision to apply to? 4. Certainly we want to apply Vision to the Community ( click ) - we want God’s picture of what our church can do to the Community * how we will affect the households and social entity 5. ( click ) Then we also want our Vision to apply bey. WORLD - as an Int’l Church, you have a unique oppor. to affect the World * this is both Local & Global 6. Once you identify your Spheres of Vision, - it’s time to begin to Discover the Vision - let’s assume you have the Vision Team in place * how do you begin to Explore the Vision? NEXT SLIDE
  • 1. Vision Discovery is a spiritual journey, - not a ministry project 2. There’s a significant difference - in a Ministry Project, you are the INITIATOR - in a Spiritual Journey, you are the RESPONDER 3. So begin the journey with at least a ONE DAY Prayer Retreat - take Bible, music, notebook & only 1 other related book - go to Explore and Discover what God’s dream is for the church 4. But when you return, don’t dump your discovery on the church! - you are the guide for their discovery (thru Vision Team) 5. Tomorrow we’ll explore further How the Vision Develops ?? QUESTIONS ?? NEXT SLIDE
  • ?? QUESTIONS ??
  • ReFresh Pt 1 Vision (May 2012)

    1. 1. mission ofChrist?mission ofChrist?mission ofChrist? Make Disciples Love One Another
    2. 2. 4 Key Elements Knowledge Passion Vision Plan
    3. 3. Every Church aMobilized Church……A mobilized church is one that has ashared vision and effective strategies forimpacting its community and the world byreproducing disciples, leaders andcongregations.
    4. 4. ReFresh gives you a pathway & a process… a pathway & a process…for Discovering and Developing a fresh and relevant Vision
    5. 5. What is Vision?
    6. 6. Vision is......a dream or desire for what could andshould be ...the answer to the disconnect between what is and what could be...a mental picture of what the future couldlook like
    7. 7. CHURCH VISION is a mental picture of what the outworking of the mission should look like in the future
    8. 8. Discerning VisionRequiresEyes do we see? What of FaithEyes of Faithand a Heart ofObedience How will we respond?
    9. 9. We are not seeking a person-driven desire accomplishedthrough human effort with God’shelp We are seeking a vision inspired by God & fullydependent on Him
    10. 10. Vision Team“The vision team is a diverse group of keymembers who become a committed andtrusting community in order to discernand implement God’s vision for thecongregation.” from Leading Congregational Change, by Jim Herrington, et al.
    11. 11. Why use a VisionTeam? Brings a blend of perspectives to the refocusing process Allows vision to be shaped in a climate of spiritual and relational vitality Provides the leadership core needed for implementing the vision Empowers the pastor to work with a team of people ready and willing to implement the new vision
    12. 12. What makes a goodVision? Your Mission Ties into Expresses Your Values Stirs Your Passion Inspires Your Effort
    13. 13. “I will build my churchand the gates of hellwill not prevail...” “I will make you fishers of men”“You are theSalt of theearth” “You are the light of the world”
    14. 14. What do we see happening in our community?What do we seehappening inour church? What do we see happening in our world?
    15. 15. Dream PrayGet alone with God Listen Seek Discov er