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Does Hiring A Realtor Cost You Money
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Does Hiring A Realtor Cost You Money


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After all said and done, I may even save you money. Even if you come out the same, think of the time you will spend trying to market your home yourself! Time is more important the money!

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Does Hiring A Realtor Cost You Money

  1. 1. quot;Yes,quot; you say? Is that your final answer? Would you like to phone a friend? Before Giving Me Your Final Answer, Please Consider The Following: When dealing directly with a homeowner, buyers expect a lower price because they believe the seller is saving commission dollars. Buyers and sellers cannot save the same commission dollars! A real estate agent often pays for his or her services by bringing a seller a higher net sales price. Sellers are restricted to a very small percentage of the available buyers. Because Realtors have access to 100% of the pool of potential buyers, including worldwide referral networks, they expose a seller's home to many more possible purchasers. This increased exposure almost always results in better, often multiple, offers and fewer inconveniences for the homeowner. The end result is usually a higher sales price and greater net profits for the homeowner. Owners, when selling by owner, spend time and money advertising, promoting, answering calls, and being available at all hours without notice. When using a Realtor's services, the real estate agent performs these expensive and inconvenient duties. Owners are taking chances when a home is viewed without a Realtor being present. There are risks with having strangers enter your home unaccompanied by a third party. Owners selling on their own assume responsibilities for activities (comparable sales, qualifying, financing, closing, title, inspections, repairs, deposit receipts, disclosures, reports, loan payoffs, etc.) that require expertise and involve tremendous legal risk. Owners selling on their own will assume responsibility for unintentional misrepresentations, incomplete disclosures, and other legal complications. If problems arise in these areas, it can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars in legal fees. A Realtor offers the expertise to help avoid these legal pitfalls.