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ISU Main Brochure

  1. 1. The Strength Of UnityOur firm is proud of its af filiationwith ISU, a national network ofhighly professional independentinsurance agencies. This nationalnetwork benefits you by providingaccess to over 300 i nsurancecompanies. It gives you the expertiseof more than 1000 professionalsin ISU of fices coast to coast. Itprovides resources for placement ofyour insurance risks that arenational in scope. ISU. Workingwith you to meet the challenge.
  2. 2. O UR K NOWLEDGE I S Y OUR B EST I NSURANCE TMIndependent research proves discriminating insurance buyersexpect insurance agents and brokers to have in-depth knowledgeabout their clients’ business. We have that knowledge. We insure America at work –– the people, the jobs, the companies, the tools and the products and services that keep America going strong. Real estate. Restaurants. Contractors. Florists. Physicians and dentists. Maintenance firms. Financial services institutions. Retail establishments. Drycleaners. Manufacturers. Farmers.We insure America at play...the people, places and establishmentsthat entertain, enrich and keep us active –– from actors, dancersand musicians, to golf courses, parks, travel agencies and profes-sional sports clubs.We insure America’s people. The individuals, the families, thecommunities –– the organizations that are America’s soul. From thenation’s “big business” to the business of Main Street USA, ISU hasthe experience and the resources to keep your business covered.
  3. 3. ISU...Y OUR O N E R ESPONSIBLE S OURCEISU Insurance Services is a national network of the most profes-sional, independent agencies operating coast to coast, withcombined annual premiums in excess of $1 billion dollars, a volumethat places the company consistently among the Top 10 Largest USBrokerages. The company is first –– and foremost –– focused onquality in its network of independent insurance agents.Since its founding in 1979, ISU’s national presence and unparalleledcarrier access have provided policyholders the lowest cost consis- tent with best value, the convenience of one responsible source for commercial (Property & Casualty and Employee Benefits) and personal insurance products and the status of dealing with an organization national in scope and the highest levels of personal service. At ISU, Preferred Clients shift the responsibility of securing a complete, coordinated andappropriately priced insurance program to professionals.Convenience. Strength. Resources. One agent. One broker.One responsible source.
  4. 4. B EST VALUE AVAILABLEWhen you look for insurancevalue, we invite you to takea close look at ISU InsuranceServices. As the nation’slargest insurance agencynetwork, ISU’s independentagents really do give you more. A belief that you deserve the bestservice –– at the best possible price. Consistent with the bestterms and conditions.ISU has invested considerable time and resources into creating oneof the most sophisticated, comprehensive systems to deliver onits promise of value to its clients. You can count on the advice andcounsel from our national network of insurance professionals andreap the benefits of a customized insurance program developedfor the needs of your particular business, with coverages and limitsto exposures unique to you and your firm.ISU’s vast network, insurance experience and specializedindustry knowledge –– coupled with its commitment to giving youthe best value and service –– make ISU the choice of a growingnumber of businesses across the nation.Make it your choice, too.
  5. 5. ISU O FFERS S ECURITYISU offers professionalism that gives you peace of mind. ISU’ scombination of technology, trained insurance technicians, exten-sive industry knowledge and access to the insurance marketplace provide the best value available to you in insurance. ISU is full-service, offering a thorough range of Property & Casualty, Employee Benefits and Personal Insurance products to clients. We offer timely responses to policy coverage questions, clear and understandable premium statements, prompt assistance with any claims, the expedient processing of requests for certificates of insurance and “one-call” convenience.ISU. Locally owned and staffed. Credible. ISU for your insuranceand risk management needs so that you can control this importantfinancial aspect of your business. ISU. The name to trust. Theprofessionals who care.Our knowledge is your best insurance.™