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A guide to launching a real estate brand page

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  1. 1. Noble Realty Facebook Business Page Launch1. Move Social Media icons in a more prominent position Move Social Media Follow us banners above the fold2. Revamp Facebook Home Page Design2. Fix logo on home page’s portrait place holder The Noble Realty Facebook Page logo needs to be resized to fit in the portrait photo holder above
  2. 2. 3. Change cover page Here is a proposed Facebook cover page with a portrait. The photo was used from Google Earth which allows Noble to pinpoint a part of its target market to the exact address4. The Facebook Home Page linkWhen clicking on the Facebook follow us icon on the Noble Website, the visitor is taken to theFacebook About Us page instead of the Facebook Home page. The Facebook Follow US Banner above takes a web site visitor to the About Us Facebook page rather than the Facebook Timeline page
  3. 3. The Facebook Follow US Banner takes a visitor to the About us Facebook page aboveNoble Realty’s Facebook Timeline page needs to be the landing page from the web site
  4. 4. 5. Populate Bulk Email provider program with contacts todrive them to your Facebook PageNoble Realty should enter all its contacts into a bulk email provider like Constant Contact andinvite everyone to like its Facebook Fan Page.A. Subject Title - When implementing an email marketing campaign, it‘s imperative to have asubject title that encourages recipients to open it. One topic copy could be: “Be in the know about Kips Bay, Turtle Bay, Murray Hill Real Estate”B. Body Copy – The first sentence is the second most important part of the email blast as it isoften seen in the auto preview of email programs like Microsoft Outlook. The body copy needs aCTA such as: “Join the Noble Realty Facebook Page for the latest news on Midtown Manhattan Living and Real Estate.”6. Stage a Facebook Photo ContestLaunching a photo contest is one tried and true method to entice fans to "like" a company‘sFacebook page. Contest participation should be tied to liking the Facebook Fan Page as aprerequisite.Expedia earned the distinction of staging the most successful Facebook promotion in theirhistory. The promotion required each contestant to like the Expedia Facebook page in order toenter their sweepstakes. The sweepstakes contest added a viral component to it by requiring theentrant to recruit five friends to like the Expedia Fan page in order to merely qualify for thecontest. This sweepstakes structure became a win-win for Expedia and the contestants byincreasing the odds for the original contestant to win the sweepstakes through the act of sharingit with friends.The photo contest can be integrated with Instagram which is also owned by Facebook to build amega promotion. Contestants can take a photo with their smartphone using Instagram, apply allthe super cool effects to it, and instantly share or upload it to the Facebook contest page.
  5. 5. 7. Analytics Analytics tools will be used on a monthly basis to determine the success of the Facebook marketing effortsFacebook Insights is a great tool that can help you figure out when to post and what kind ofcontent does well. Measuring social media success is complicated, but many brands focus onengagement. Activity on your Page is a good sign, and you can keep tabs on activity by clicking―Facebook Insights‖ on the right sidebar, just below the admins.
  6. 6. 8. Add Fresh Content - Types of PostsA. Listings Above is a great Facebook post with a photo of a listingB. TestimonialsC. Industry StatisticsD. Market ReportsE. Highlight Company Milestones – i.e. 20 year anniversaryF. Instructional Videos
  7. 7. 9. Add a custom Facebook app to the pageA. Lead based capture form in exchange for a free market report download a market report to build your listB. The app should have a share buttonC. Create Interactive Polls on Facebook Rosie’s PImPs created a Free Lyrics download using a Facebook Fan Page App
  8. 8. Rosie Pimps Free Lyrics Tab takes a visitor to a pagewhere they can enter contact information in exchange for graphical lyrics to one of their songs
  9. 9. Above is the Lyrics form download. NobleRealty could create a download for their market trends report Noble Realty can have a Facebook app created to provide Facebook Fan page visitors to download a free market recap in exchange for their contact information
  10. 10. 10. Get a Vanity URLOnce you have 25 fans on your Facebook Page, any of a Page‘s admins can reserve a vanityURL so that your Facebook URL is Go tothe Username page, select the Page name from the dropdown menu and then write in the nameyou‘d like to use. Click ―Check Availability.‖ If it‘s available, a prompt will ask, ―Are you sureyou want to set [URL] as [Facebook Page]‗s username?‖ Click confirm to lock in that URL —and keep in mind that you can‘t change the URL for a Page once you confirm. Above the url would serve Noble Realty better with a Vanity URL for branding purposes
  11. 11. 11. Join related Facebook GroupsA. Kips Bay Facebook PageB. Scan through their page and perform friend requests with their membersC. Negotiate cross promotions where you can provide your fans with value added prizes such as movie passes Just type in Kips Bay, Murray Hill, and Turtle Bay in the Facebook search tool and there will be a number of highly relevant Facebook Fan Pages to Like and cross promote with Noble Realty’s Fan Page12. Create a Micro-site on your Facebook Page ReMax created a web site which could be accessed in the tab Homes in Richmond
  12. 12. Remax’s micro-site on Facebook
  13. 13. 13. Produce a brief video and post it on Facebook The real estate company above routinely produces 30 second instructional YouTube videos
  14. 14. 14. Create Buyer’s Guide and collect contact info with form The Goodlife Team provides a buyers guide on their Facebook page The Buyer’s Guide with the lead form above
  15. 15. 15. Increase following with Build Audience Tool Use the Build Audience tool to grow your Facebook Business Page16. Initiate Facebook Business Page Like Contest throughTwitter EWM Realty promotes Facebook contest on Twitter
  16. 16. 17. New Twitter Followers should be thanked and pushed tothe Noble Realty’s Facebook Page The Twitter Auto responder should be configured to like Noble Realty’s Brand Page
  17. 17. 18. Use Opengraph Meta TagsThis technique lets you automatically attach your videos to the updates that appear on Facebookafter someone likes content on your web site. And this video is ready to be clicked and played inthe Facebook newsfeed, ticker or personal timeline of the person who liked your content.For this tactic, simply installing the Like button is only half of it; you must also insert OpenGraph meta tags into the source code of your website or blog page to optimize the sharing ofyour content on Facebook. These meta tags let you control the manner in which your web page isshared on Facebook when your visitor likes it, comments on it or sends it to friends via the Like,Comment and Send plugins provided by Facebook. By customizing each Open Graph meta tagin your content, you control the way it‘s displayed on Facebook when someone likes it! These two posts correspond to the same action: a click of the Like button on a web page for brand page. But in the first case, the action displays a 200-pixel-wide image. The second displays, within that same image, a Play button for a video.
  18. 18. 19. Use Opengraph Meta Tags
  19. 19. Additional Strategies  Decide on a Call-to-Action (CTA) to encourage fans to provide their name and email address  Create a photo contest to ask contestants to share photos of the Kips Bay, Murray Hill, and Turtle Bay neighborhoods  Negotiate cross promotion with local publication to provide free download on Noble Realty’s web site  Utilize Google Earth to find photos that promote Noble Realty’s target area and upload them to Facebook  Post photos of listings on Facebook page  Track Facebook marketing activities effectiveness with analytics programs  Store listing photos in Facebook Fan folder  Send email inviting contacts to like the Facebook page  Use Google Alerts to gather content  Make sure your company logo is 180 x 180 in dimension  Use the Build Audience feature in Facebook to invite email contacts, friends, etc.  The ideal size of the cover page is 851 x 315 pixel size and horizontal in dimension  Select compelling custom tabs  Use Google Earth to show exact views of the neighborhood in which you have listings