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Outdoor Traveler Destinations Member Sales Brochure

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Outdoor Traveler Destinations

  1. 1. The New Frontier in Hospitality
  2. 2. WelcomeAt the core of the North American traveler is a spirit of exploration andadventure. Virtually engrained into our very DNA, we crave the newexperiences that discovery brings and long to connect with the tranquilityand excitement that the Great Outdoors provides.It is in this spirit that we are now pleased to introduce Outdoor TravelerDestinations, a signature collection of diverse experiential vacationaccommodations—hotels, resorts, lodges, camps and the like—set withinthe scenic backdrops of North America, offering superior amenities andactivities dedicated to the outdoor-minded traveler.Outdoor Traveler Destinations offer guests more than a vacation, theyprovide unique opportunities to experience a lifestyle—part history, partpassion, part discovery, all adventure…
  3. 3. Table of Contents• Our Commitment• Outdoor Traveler Destinations Program• Powering the Brand• E-Commerce Solutions• Distribution Services• Our Alliance• Contact Us
  4. 4. Our Commitment Outdoor Traveler is committed to honoring the rich legacy of the North American adventurer. A heritage equally shared by our strategic associate Bass Pro®—recognized among outdoor enthusiasts as the number one outdoor retailer in North America. Outdoor/adventure travel is one of the fastest growing niches within the leisure travel market. It represents a nearly $300 billion industry encompassing 110 million outdoor travelers. They are individuals, couples and families alike who love the outdoors and the activities associated with the lifestyle—bird watching, backpacking, fishing, boating, hunting, mountain climbing, hiking, paddling, camping, and more. They are passionate adventurers who have a high propensity to purchase products offered by Bass Pro, and as such will have the inclination to stay at an ® Outdoor Traveler Destinations branded property. These highly engaged consumers are the singular focus of Outdoor Traveler Destinations and for this community, an Outdoor Traveler Destination distinction symbolizes a property that offers authentic outdoor experiences. The Outdoor Traveler Destinations brand represents a unique collection of properties that are dedicated to a shared lifestyle—the outdoors. Along with Bass Pro, they embrace the spirit of adventure ® and are committed to driving quality and service at all levels of customer engagement.
  5. 5. Outdoor Traveler Destinations Program Outdoor Traveler Destinations is a membership program which will afford its members the opportunity to associate with other like-minded properties while retaining their own distinct identity. Truly unique in the hospitality industry, this lifestyle program will welcome qualified properties across a mix of accommodation styles including hotels, resorts, lodges, camps and the like... all under the Outdoor Traveler Destinations banner. With our singular focus on the outdoor enthusiast traveler, Outdoor Traveler Destinations will offer a highly targeted platform by which its members can drive and capture demand, increase market share and maximize revenues. Outdoor Traveler Destinations will deliver a powerful brand backed by specialized marketing initiatives, through strategic partner alliances, advanced proprietary online distribution services, e-commerce solutions, and professional support services. Outdoor Traveler Destinations will offer a choice from three levels of membership for qualified properties. Selection of the appropriate tier is based upon a property’s individual preferences or requirements.
  6. 6. An instant alliance will be forged with the brandthat enjoys the highest consumer awarenesslevel within the outdoor enthusiasts segment. Powering the Brand The true power of the Outdoor Traveler program will lie in its members’ abilities to leverage the Bass Pro® and other strategic relationships— forging an instant alliance with the brands which enjoy some of the highest consumer awareness levels within the outdoor enthusiasts segment. Further enhancing the brand positioning, Outdoor Traveler will offer a wealth of marketing opportunities that exclusively targets the outdoor enthusiast: • Database • Direct mail • Web site • Targeted Promotions • Television & Radio • Special Events • Strategic marketing Members will also be supported by a variety of brand initiatives including a signature directory, distinctive web presence, brand collateral, national consumer and travel trade advertising, e-marketing, public relations & social media support, and consumer & travel-trade promotions/trade shows/special events. In addition, Outdoor Traveler Destinations will target the global travel agent community via a series of sales initiatives that drive revenue through the GDS platform. Travel agencies, tour operators and consortia that specialize in outdoor/adventure travel are the key target groups.
  7. 7. Outdoor Traveler Destinations members willhave access to one of the most comprehensivesets of distribution and marketing services in E-Commerce Solutionsthe hospitality industry. The Outdoor Traveler Destinations’ full-service Internet platform will be designed to expand and strengthen our Members global brand awareness. Properties within the Outdoor Traveler Destinations collection will be provided with new exposure opportunities within a highly targeted web site which notes members by geographic location, outdoor amenities/ specialties, product features and/or accommodation style. Outdoor Traveler Destination members will have access to one of the most comprehensive sets of distribution and marketing services in the hospitality industry. • Fully integrated Internet Booking Engine • Global market and hospitality expertise • Aggressive Search Engine Optimization strategy • Innovative Web Design & Development • Cutting edge technologies • Customized tools • Overall E-commerce solutions • Results and ROI Through enhanced Internet Marketing technologies, Outdoor Traveler Destinations will provide a consistent platform that improves financial performance, maximizes conversion rates and broadens a member’s scope of influence. Leveraging the full power of the Outdoor Traveler brand, these online marketing solutions will heighten a property’s value by growing its consumer reach and successfully engaging the appropriate target audience.
  8. 8. Seamless connectivity to all channels. Distribution Services Complementing Outdoor Traveler Destinations’ web/ecommerce solutions, Members will also be afforded maximum exposure through the utlization of electronic distribution channels from our leading Central Reservation System (CRS) technology provider. These easy-to-use tools will manage availability and content, and provide next-generation seamless connectivity to all channels. This includes: the IDS Channel with its online booking capability through the world’s leading hotel booking Internet sites, the GDS Channel used by over 600,000 travel agents worldwide to electronically research and book lodging over the world’s major Global Distribution Systems, and direct connections integrating the promotional and functional capabilities of an extranet and linking the CRS directly to popular third party travel sites, as well as meta-search engines. In addition, Members will be provided with a complete selection of Distribution Services support from Revenue Management solutions, full-service Call Center capabilities, a complete realtime, integrated Reporting Suite, and more.
  9. 9. Our Alliance Backed by a dedicated team of highly-skilled hospitality professionals with decades of experience, Outdoor Traveler Destinations will serve its members with an array of support services and data knowledge, both technical and practical. Each Member within the program will be directly supported by an Account Manager providing a single point of contact for immediate service and/or issue resolution, as well as branding and quality standards. Comprehensive training modules will be provided to encompass all products within the service suite to ensure the complete utilization of the program’s offerings from web site interface to distribution and revenue management. Analyzing data and recognizing trends are vital to any successful business, and with Outdoor Traveler Destinations, members will also receive a valued resource for industry knowledge and hospitality information—from the latest reports on revenue maximization or driving demand to competitive analysis, guest feedback, and demographic and psychographic modeling.
  10. 10. Contact Us Outdoor Traveler Destinations will be the premier collection of authentic outdoor lodging experiences. Set within the scenic backdrops of North America, our properties will offer superior amenities and activities and will be truly dedicated to the outdoor-minded traveler. Membership in the program will afford a one-of-a-kind consumer brand awareness allowing powerful sales, marketing and distribution support without the sacrifice of a property’s distinct identity. To learn more about the many benefits and opportunities of becoming a Outdoor Traveler Destination, please contact us at: Outdoor Traveler Destinations 4960 Conference Way North Suite 100 Boca Raton, FL 33431 P. 800.685.5583 info@OTDestinations.com www.OTDestinations.com/membership ©2010 Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc. All rights reserved. Outdoor Traveler Destinations is a product of Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc. which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bluegreen Corporation. Outdoor Traveler Destinations, Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc. and their respective logos are registered or unregistered trademarks and/or service marks of Bluegreen Corporation, and are used with permission.
  11. 11. www.OTDestinations.com/membership