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  • Social bookmarking website services allow you to store, organize and share your browser bookmarks -- webpage addresses, or Universal Resource Locators (URLs). Social bookmarking services provide permanent storage on the web for your links to these resources, rather than storing them on your home computer. You can organize your links, create notes about them, and even share them with other subscribers to these services. The link-sharing/social function of these services allows you to see what other people engaged in your area of research across the globe are currently studying.
  • As a part of any Yahoo account (which includes email, on-line calendar and other services), My Yahoo functions as an RSS newsreader
  • As a part of any Yahoo account (which includes email, on-line calendar and other services), My Yahoo functions as an RSS newsreader
  • Web 2.0 study tools 02

    1. 1. Online Study & Research Tools To Help You Succeed!
    2. 2. Scott A. Gilbert Reference Librarian The library is on the third floor of the LSC-University Center, behind the elevators. My office is room 300a, inside the library. Phone: 936-273-7562 Email: scott.a.gilbert@lonestar.edu LSC-UC Library webpage: www.lonestar.edu/universitycenter/lrc
    3. 3. What’s Wrong With it? Searching: • Too many irrelevant results • Results in no particular order • Results in order according to paid placement • Results from any source, anywhere, no matter how lacking in credibility or authority (same is true of Wikipedia).
    4. 4. What’s Right About It? Google Documents: • Word processing, spreadsheets & presentation applications on the web • Presentations/Slide Show sharing • Email • Calendar application with email reminders • On-line Storage (no more thumb-drives)
    5. 5. Social Bookmarking Web Addresses / Resource Sharing • Save • Store • Organize • Share Delicious (owned by Yahoo) http://www.delicious.com Connotea (designed for scholars and researchers) http://www.connotea.org Diigo http://www.diigo.com/ The Awesome Highlighter http://www.awesomehighlighter.com/
    6. 6. RSS Feeds News Aggregators There are many sources of regularly updated information on the web, such as: • News websites • Blogs • Podcasts • Databases of journal articles Googlereader My Yahoo Bloglines Feedbucket
    7. 7. The HCC Bookstore http://hccs.bncollege.com • Chegg.com http://www.chegg.com • CampusBookRentals http://campusbookrentals.com • BookRenter http://www.bookrenter.com • Safari (mostly technical and computing books) http://my.safaribooksonline.com/ ‘Cause the cost of textbooks is too *&$@* high! Textbook Rentals & Ebooks
    8. 8. FEEDBACK Thank you for listening, and please let me know what you thought of this presentation. • Do you feel these tools will be helpful to you? • Do you feel like you could do more on the web that you did before? • Are there other web tools you would like to know more about? scott.a.gilbert@lonestar.edu