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  • 1. G R A P HI C DE S I G N & I L L U S T R AT I O N
  • 2. 2012Folio Society& House ofIllustration FEATURED PROJECT ON BEHANCE.NETADOBE PHOTOSHOPThe Brief:Create three interiorillustrations and a book coverdesign for Angela Carter’s novel‘The Bloody Chamber’ G R A P HI C DE S I G N & I L L U S T R AT I O N But the perfume of spiced “I don’t believe you. leather always betrayed him; Besides, aren’t you afraid and after my first shock, I was of the wolves?” forced always to mimic surprise, so that he He only tapped the gleaming was not disappointed. butt of his rifle and grinned. THE BLOODY CHAMBER THE COMPANY OF WOLVES
  • 3. 2012ElmwoodPlaygroupADOBE ILLUSTRATOR /ADOBE PHOTOSHOP / WORDPRESSThe Brief:Create a brand identity, websitedesign and advertisingmerchandise for the childrensdaycare, Elmwood Playgroup.Mascot designed to be a completecharacter, to be used across thebrand.The site is now live.elmwoodplaygroup.co.ukClick to view if your pdf browser allows it.
  • 4. Secondary Character DesignsDesigned to be used alongside themain squirrel character inadvertising and in housematerials.
  • 5. ElmwoodPlaygroupPrintAdvertising
  • 6. 2012Google / YCNImaginaryPackaging.ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR/STRATA ENFOLD 3DThe Brief:Create an imaginary packagingrange for Google’s selection ofonline products and point ofsales for the products to be soldin stores.Minimalist packaging design for‘Google Packs’. Based on Googlesiconic 4 Colours.
  • 7. 2011 Google Point of Sale DesignPack dispenser designed to hold 15 Googlepacks for Poster design for Google Packs highlighting the features ofdisplay in store. Each pack has a corresponding dispenser. each pack, colour-coding them for easy identification.
  • 8. 2011Folio Society& House ofIllustrationADOBE PHOTOSHOPThe Brief:Create three interiorillustrations for Albert Camus’novel ‘The Outsider’ G R A P HI C DE S I G N & I L L U S T R AT I O N
  • 9. 2012InertProductionsADOBE ILLUSTRATOR / WORDPRESSThe Brief:Create a brand identity andwebsite for Inert Productions,an audio production companybased outside London. audio production Custom logotype and logo design, based on exploded technical drawings.
  • 10. 2012InertProductions
  • 11. 2013 French Kiss Cupcake Box & Branding ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR/ STRATA ENFOLD 3D The Brief: Self initiated project to create a cupcake box that is able to hold a single cupcake securely and allows easier access to the cake with less damage. It sometimes feels like ourcakes are just too pretty to eat ... But eat them, they are delicious We don’ t mind. We do too.
  • 12. 2012Northern Kind The Brief: Create a short animation to beADOBE AFTER EFFECTS / incorporated into Northern Kind’sPHOTOSHOP music video for ‘Dreams’
  • 13. Adobe Illustrator2012 The Brief: Create a brand identity andSilver at Yours business card design for startup jewellery company.
  • 14. Thank you Education Experience for coming 2009 ~ 2012 De Montfort University 2011 Participated in a Guru Scheme this far with me. 2008 ~ 2009 mentoring younger designers and taking them through a written brief. Cleveland College of Art and Design This was a just a 2006 ~ 2008 2009 ~ 2011small example of Stockton Sixth Form College 2001 ~ 2006 Branded several local bands, including cd covers, flyers, T-shirts and what I have to Grangefield Technology College banners. offer you. Qualifications 2008 Participated in a project for a local NHS 2:1 BA Hons. Graphic Design & Illustration surgery, designing artwork that promotes Foundation Degree Art and Design community spirit and healthy eating. If you liked 3 A Levels 2 AS Levels 10 GCSE grade A*- B including English and 2006 this then I look Maths Work experience at the Evening Gazette in their advertising and forward to graphics department, worked on print ad- vertisements with QuarkXPress and gained Skills & Software showing you • Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, experience shadowing a sales representa- tive. what else I am Illustrator and InDesign. 2009 ~ 2010 • Knowledge of Microsoft Office, capable of. applications, including Excel and Word Previous working experience includes working in retail and in customer service. Contact Me • Some familiarity of QuarkXPress • Experience in Animation using References After Effects and Stop motion. Phone Ben Archer / Head of Department 07544553521 De Montfort University • Capable in web design using Adobe Fletcher tower - floor 10 Muse, some knowledge of HTML. Email The Gateway scott.o.abbott@gmail.com Leicester • Apt at both Windows and OSX Email: barcher@dmu.ac.uk Experience in a variety of traditional Ian Newsham / Tutor media, including but not limited to: Ink, De Montfort University watercolours, charcoal, gouache, print Fletcher tower - floor 10 techniques, clay and putty modelling scottabbott.net The Gateway Interests Leicester Tel: 0116 207 829 Interests include; sculpting, psychology, Email: INewsham@dmu.ac.uk graphic novels, biking and design blogs. Behance.net/ScottAbbott Click to view if your pdf browser allows it.
  • 15. Thank You.