The Business of UX - People Process and Tech - Miner, Toft


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Slides from June 24 presentation to Business Innovation Growth Council and the Charlotte Regional Technology Executives Council (CRTEC). Presented by Scott Miner and Niels Toft from Technekes.

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The Business of UX - People Process and Tech - Miner, Toft

  1. 1. Hi. Thanks for having us. What we’re covering this morning:
 Building a Lean & Mean UX Practice UX People UX Process UX Tech
  2. 2. @nitoft
 Sr. UX Dev Technekes
  3. 3. @scott_design
 Dir. UX / CS Technekes
  4. 4. Quick Poll How many have an UX team in-house? How many manage or outsource a UX team? How many are thinking about establishing a 
 UX team?
  5. 5. BIG DATA CRM & ERP Sales Force Tools / Tiny Smart Apps Marketing Automation What we’re up to at Technekes Incentive Management
  6. 6. The Lab
  7. 7. UX Team: 4 2 UX Dev ! Front end developers 1 UX Production ! Maintenance UI, workflow and email production 2 Design ! Print and variable data production / traffic CS Team: 2.5 .5 Copy ! Words 1 UXCS MGR ! IA/BA Team lead
  8. 8. How we spend a year Training & Research UX Maintenance & Iterative Enhancements Prototypes Major Releases Overhead Production Ready Launches150-300 Hours Per Concept Demos 100-150 Hours Per Micro Releases / Adds / Changes / Bugfix HR / Time Tracking New Widgets / Frameworks / Conferences Pro Bono NPO Work
  9. 9. Support 20+ Web Apps UX Maintenance & Iterative Enhancements Micro Releases / Adds / Changes / Bugfix 5-8 Net New Web Apps Major Releases Production Ready Launches 150-300 Hours Per 10 Proof of Concepts Prototype Development Concept Demos 100-150 Hours Per Volume
  10. 10. UX Trivia What year was the term User Experience created? A. 1961 B. 1979 C. 1995 D. 2001
 Who coined the term, or what company did they work at?
  11. 11. UX People Stacking the right folks 
 on the right work & 
 creating a happy team dynamic
  12. 12. Identity Crisis UX IA UI BA Usability Graphic Designer ID DEV User Researcher CD Writer Content Strategist QA FEE FED CX DEV OPS
  13. 13. University Gap What we’re not getting. Great UI Resources Great designers, not current coders Business Acumen Delivery only focus Reference Work Repeated school projects
  14. 14. CLT Capacity Good News for UX’ers, Bad News for Hiring Managers. 154Postings for UX Last 24 mos / In Charlotte 11Active Candidates Current / In Charlotte
  15. 15. ! ! UX Dev 
 UI Builder | Coder | Tester IA/BA Organization | Process Flow 
 Business Rules | Architect Graphic Design
 Brand | Print | UI Elements | Fine Art ! Sweet Spot ! Sweet Spot ! Sweet Spot ๏Highly Specialized ๏Highly Specialized Bulk of job seekers & new grads “Jack of all trades” ๏Product Manager Specialization Gap
  16. 16. From Generalist to Specialist Every time you make a hire, it affords your team members to narrow their focus and specialize. !
  17. 17. Consumer UX Enterprise UX Consumer/Enterprise Continuum Brand Social B2C Web Apps Data Visualization B2B Web Apps CRM/ERP FrontendWorkflow Lead Gen Websites Instrumentation Content Marketing Mobile Salesforce tools
  18. 18. Where to look High and Low Out of Town CLT super limited Staffing Agencies Try for a fee Meet Ups Good local networking Code Academies
  19. 19. Ratio of UX to Dev team (swag) 1:5 Minimum 2 How many to get!
  20. 20. Voracious Reader (Self-Educator) Loves client meetings (Business Acumen) Great Estimator (Planning) Whiteboarder & Doodler (Creative) Master Critiquer (Collaborator) What to look for (in an amazing candidate) Kind (non-negotiable)
  21. 21. Attract & Retain Change things that are in reach of changing. More This Less This Incentives
  22. 22. Review Examples Whiteboards and Prototypes Design Challenge Time-boxed assignment. How to Qualify Research Background Social Media is Revealing
  23. 23. Structuring The Team Scrum Team Product Focus Agency Style UX Director
  24. 24. UX Trivia What company invented the GUI - 
 Graphic User Interface. A. Apple B. Xerox PARC C. IBM D. Commodore
 What Year?
  25. 25. Evangelizing UX for Adoption
  26. 26. Monetizing UX / ROI Enhanced Customer Service Rapid Prototype Ideas Give Back Time eCom Conversion Rates Build Brand Loyalty
  27. 27. UX Maturity Model
  28. 28. Taking the Pulse of Enterprise UX Mega Corp International Blue Sky Agency Agile Continuum Dreadful approval process Team Silos Limited access to customers General lack of awareness of UX and Agile
  29. 29. UX Process Inventing things. Organizing. Getting work done on time.
  30. 30. Process Sketch-up Flow Sketch-up UI Document Flows Design UI Wireframes Build Prototype User Testing Critique UIIAConcept Critique UAT
  31. 31. Lo-Fi Refine High-Fi Wireframing
  32. 32. Critique Always
  33. 33. Agile Manifesto ! Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan February 13, 2001, at The Lodge at Snowbird ski resort in the Wasatch mountains of Utah
  34. 34. Agile Development Encourages Innovation
  35. 35. In a Nutshell…
  36. 36. The Wagile Trap (The Wagile Pit of Despair) Agile Nirvana Land of Waterfall
  37. 37. Work Blocks
  38. 38. Process TimeCode For Efficiency, Embrace Patterns
  39. 39. Jira + Agile Sprint Management Story Card Flow
  40. 40. Asana Pivotal Tracker Lightweight Tools
  41. 41. Choices Abound
  42. 42. Team Collaboration File Share
  43. 43. Non-Developer Prototyping
  44. 44. Patient Assistance Program: The 180 hour prototype
  45. 45. UX Technology
  46. 46. UX Department
 Technical Responsibility ! ! 1. Prototyping 2. Maintaining Live Apps !
  47. 47. 1. Prototyping
  48. 48. 2. Maintaining Live Apps
  49. 49. Wrapping it up… UX People UX Process UX Tech Attract & Retain specialized people — 
 know what you’re looking for patterns —
 be agile Leverage 
 frameworks — keep current
  50. 50. Thanks for joining! ! ! ! Drop us a line or hit us up on Twitter: Scott Miner | @scott_design | Niels Toft | @nitoft |